Techniques Used by Casinos to Attract Guests

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Techniques casinos use to attracts guests.

Casinos are amusement places where people go and have fun but most people go to the casino in order to play and win money to bring home. Despite many stories of people going bankrupt for being addicted to casinos; many people still want to go to casinos in the hope that they will win and have money.

Why do people love going back to the casino?

Casinos offer lots of ways to attract players and have them hooked to the place. They use methods that will keep players stay longer so that they could bet more and lose more money. This is not surprising given that casinos are built to earn money and not to give away money.

Here are the tricks and ways that casinos use to keep guests longer in the premises to spend more money.

Giving away Prizes

Casinos give raffles to players and set a date for the raffle tickets to be drawn. The prices are usually very tempting so players play more for more raffles. Cash money and cars are usually displayed at the entrance of the casino to encourage guests to stay for the prizes.

Free Refreshments

Casinos give free refreshments. There are free coffee and drinks. Food is served to players and you can order anything you want from the food attendants.

Car Jockeys

Casinos employ people to get your keys and park your car so that you will not waste your time trying to find a place to park your car. You will be better off sitting and playing while they will take care of your car.


Some casinos have live bands and even live concerts of popular singers so that the guests will be encouraged to go to the casino. Different entertainment strategies could lure people to go to the casino and get curious.

Amazing Jackpot Money

If you go to casinos the first thing that attracts you is not the place but the flashing lights above the slot machines. The jackpot money flashing above your head will lure you to try and play the machine in the hope of winning the jackpot money. With the huge amount flashing, you cannot avoid the urge to try your luck in order to win it.

Casinos have different methods of attracting guests but they all have one aim and that is to keep the guests playing and betting more. Casinos are places of entertainment but at the same time they are places to spend money. If you allow yourself to be hooked to the place you might become addicted. Self control and discipline is needed in order to reject the tempting offers.


Felisa Daskeo
Posted on Jan 30, 2011
Rae Morvay
Posted on Jan 30, 2011