Tallest Hotels in Europe

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The tallest hotels located in Europe which are all taller than 500 feet and all highly rated and great places to stay.

These are the tallest hotels in Europe. All of the hotels are at least 500 feet in height and the tallest hotel in Europe is the 20th tallest hotel in the world. Most of these hotels are highly rated and two of them are located right along the Mediterranean while two more are located near some of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe. All of these hotels offer fantastic beautiful views due to their heights and all are great places for tourists and visitors to stay.

1) Gran Hotel Bali in Spain - 689 feet

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The Gran Hotel Bali located in Benidorm, Spain is the tallest hotel in Europe with a total height of 689 feet. Near the Mediterranean Sea the four star 52 floor Gran Hotel Bali was the tallest building in Spain when it was completed in 2002 but was surpassed by the buildings in the buildings in the Cuatro Torres Business Area in Madrid in 2006 including the Torre Caja Madrid which is now the tallest building in Spain. The Gran Hotel Bali is a popular hotel due to its excellent location along the Mediterranean which affords its guest fantastic views from its great heights.

2) Hotel Ukrainia or Radisson Royal Hotel in Moscow - 650 feet

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The Hotel Ukrainia or Radisson Royal Hotel located on a bend of the Moskva River in Moscow, Russia is the 2nd tallest hotel in Europe. Originally completed in 1953 as the Hotel Ukrainia the Radisson Royal Hotel was the tallest hotel in the world from 1953 until 1973 when the Westin Peachtree was completed in Atlanta. The hotel was renovated by Radisson in 2010 and is a popular place to stay in Moscow for both foreigners and Russians.

3) InterContinental Warsaw in Poland - 537 feet

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The 45 floor InterContinental Warsaw is the 3rd tallest tallest hotel in Europe at 537 feet. Located in Warsaw, Poland the InterContinental Warsaw is often referred to as the "razor blade" due to its appearance and is lit up at night with a bright stripe running up its side and contains the highest indoor swimming pool in Europe which thrills guests to this 5 star luxury hotel.

4) Swissotel Krasnye Holmy in Moscow - 532 feet

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The 4th tallest hotel in Europe and 2nd tallest hotel in Moscow, Russia is the 35 floor 532 foot high Swissotel Krasnye Holmy. Completed in 2005 the Swissotel Krasnye Holmy is owned by the Fairmont Raffles Hotel International group and managed by the luxury hotel group Swissotel Hotels & Resorts. The Swissotel Krasnye is popular with tourists due to its location near the Kremlin and Red Square.

5) Hotel Arts Barcelona - 505 feet

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Located along the seafront in Barcelona, Spain the Hotel Arts Barcelona is the 5th tallest hotel in Europe and the last hotel on the continent that is at least 500 feet in height. Built from 1991-1994 the Hotel Arts Barcelona has 482 rooms and offers guests fantastic views of the city of Barcelona and the surrounding Mediterranean Sea. Operated by the upscale Ritz-Carlton Hotel chain the Hotel Arts Barcelona is a luxury hotel that was named the third best hotel in the world by the tourism Conde Nast Traveler magazine in 2003.

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