Tallest Buildings in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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The tallest buildings located in Philadelphia including the Comcast Center which has become a big tourist attraction in the City of Brotherly Love.

As anyone who has ever driven along the I-95 corridor knows the city of Philadelphia has a beautiful and very much underrated skyline along the Delaware River. These are the five tallest buildings in the city of Brotherly Love and the only buildings in the city that top 700 feet in height. The tallest building in the world from 1901-1908 was the Philadelphia City Hall but today its height of 548 feet falls well short of this list.

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Most of these buildings are with easy walking distance of Philadelphia's best hotels and restaurants and one of these buildings is a top tourist attraction in the city.

1) Comcast Center - 975 feet

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The Comcast Center located at 1751 John F. Kennedy Boulevard is the tallest building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the 15th tallest building in the United States and 55th tallest building in the world. Though cable giant Comcast has its headquarters in the building and is the main tenant it does not own the Comcast Center which was built from 2005-2008.

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The Comcast Center has become a huge tourist attraction in Philadelphia due to its many restaurants, retail stores, a public plaza with a beautiful fountain display, an eight-story winter garden, an interactive technology lab and The Comcast Experience which a giant 2,000 square foot LED screen that has 500% more resolution than a regular HD TV and makes images jump right out at the viewing public.

2) One Liberty Place - 945 feet

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One Liberty Place is located at 1650 Market Street and is the second tallest building in Philadelphia and 62nd tallest building in the world. Built from 1984-1987 One Liberty Place has 63 floors and is a mixed commercial building with office and retail tenants as well as a hotel. One Liberty Place was the first building to exceed the height of the William Penn Statue on top of Philadelphia City Hall which is 548 feet and was built in 1901. One Liberty Place is located right in the heart of Philadelphia within walking distance of the first class hotels and restaurants in the city.

3) Two Liberty Place - 848 feet

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Two Liberty Place is located right behind One Liberty Place at 1601 Chestnut Street and this sister building is 58 stories high. Built in 1990 Two Liberty Place is an office building with retail stores, restaurants and the top 20 floors are luxury condominiums known as The Residences at Two Liberty Place with Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels owning a penthouse suite.

4) Mellon Bank Center - 792 feet

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Mellon Bank Center is located at 1735 Market Street and due to a corporate merger is technically called the BNY Mellon Center today and used to be called Nine Penn Center. The building has 54 floors and is mainly an office building but also has a shopping concourse underneath that leads to the Penn Center Railroad Station. The BNY Mellon Center is located in the heart of Philadelphia near first class hotels and restaurants.

5) Bell Atlantic Tower or Verizon Tower - 739 feet

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The 5th tallest building in the city of Brotherly love is the Bell Atlantic Tower also known as the Verizon Tower. Located at 1717 Arch Street the Bell Atlantic Tower is 53 floors high and is mainly an office building though the top floor is a banquet hall called the Top of the Tower which is available for public rentals for weddings, parties and special occasions.

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