Tallest Buildings in Minneapolis

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The tallest buildings and skyscrapers located in the lovely city of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

These are the tallest buildings in Minneapolis, Minnesota. All of these buildings are at least 550 feet in height and the tallest building in the city is the 47th tallest building in the United States. Minneapolis is a great place to live and has a very pretty skyline and to combat the cold and snow of winter most of the downtown area including these tall skyscrapers are linked by enclosed pedestrian footbridges.

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The system of enclosed footbridges which link the tallest buildings in Minneapolis with shopping centers, stores, hotels, restaurants, banks and movie theaters is called the Minneapolis Skyway System which stretches some 7 miles through the city. At the heart of the system is the Minneapolis Convention Center along with these tallest buildings.

1) IDS Tower - 792 feet

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At 792 feet in height the 57 floor IDS Tower is the tallest building in Minneapolis and in the state of Minnesota, the 47th tallest building in the United States and 194th tallest building in the world. Located at 80 8th Street South the IDS Tower was built from 1968-1972 and is known for its sleek modern design and the Crystal Court lobby and shopping area at the base which is connected to hotels and restaurants in the area.

2) Capella Tower - 775 feet

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Located at 225 South 6th Street the 775 foot high Capella Tower is the 2nd tallest building in Minneapolis and Minnesota and the 58th tallest building in the United States. Built from 1989-1992 the 56 story Capella Tower has a distinctive halo on top and used to be known as 225 South Sixth Street but changed its name in 2008 as part of a lease agreement with Capella Education Company which runs the online Capella University which made Capella the largest tenant in the building.

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3) Wells Fargo Center - 774 feet

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Looking more like a skyscraper one might see in Manhattan, New York the art deco style Wells Fargo Center located at 90 South 7th Street is the 3rd tallest building in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the 59th tallest building in the United States. Built from 1986-1988 the 57 story Wells Fargo Center is a well known landmark in the city due to the building being brilliantly lit up at night.

4) 33 South Sixth Street - 668 feet

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33 South Sixth Street is the 4th tallest building in Minneapolis and was completed in 1983. The 50 floor 33 South Sixth Street building is part of the Minneapolis City Center complex which is built on the site of the old Hotel Dyckman and contains the 584 room Minneapolis Marriott hotel. Like all the other skyscrapers listed here 33 South Sixth Street is connected to the Minneapolis Skyway System and the Minneapolis Convention Center.

5) Campbell Mithun Tower - 579 feet

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Though just the 5th tallest building in the city at 579 feet the Campbell Mithun Tower located at 222 9th Street South has a distinctive sleek look and chop block appearance at the top. Built in 1985 as the headquarters of investment firm Piper Jaffray the 42 story Campbell Mithun Tower was originally called the Piper Jaffray Tower but the name was changed in 2002 when Piper Jaffray was bought out by US Bank and moved out of the skyscraper.

6) US Bank Plaza 1 - 561 feet

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Located at 200 6th Street South the US Bank Plaza 1 building is the last building in the city that is at least 550 feet in height. Completed in 1981 the 40 story US Bank Plaza 1 building is connected to the much smaller and shorter US Bank Plaza 2 building both of which used to house the headquarters of Pillsbury until the company was bought out by General Mills in 2001.

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