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Summer Wedding Theme Ideas

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Beach and tropical themes are perfect for a summer wedding. Ideas on how to accomplish these summer themes in wedding decor.

Summer is the most popular season for weddings and there are several themes suited perfectly for a sunny summer event. From a bold and vibrant tropical design to a more subtle and traditional beach theme theme, summer wedding themes are elegant, vivacious and can be easy to accomplish.

Beach Theme

A beach theme is one of the most popular summer designs for weddings. Soft blues and greens combine with accents of ivory and earthy tans to great a timeless and elegant color palette. To add a touch of whimsical fun to a beach themed wedding design subtle themed accent pieces can be used in favors, centerpieces and other details.

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Both online and in stores brides and planners can find a wealth of beach themed wedding décor and printed materials. Invitations, place cards and menus can be found in most printer collections, like those found from Invitations by Dawn and Exclusively Weddings. The most popular beach themed accents on printed wedding items are seashells and starfish. More subtle and grown up than a beach umbrella or sunglasses, shells and starfish express the beach theme without coming off as tacky or adolescent thanks to their muted shades and artistic shapes.

Favors appropriate for a beach theme are also easy to find online and from retailers. One of the most popular wedding favors for a beach theme are small bottles of real beach sand and seashells accented with blue, green or ivory ribbon and personalized with a message from the bride and groom. These favors are also easy to accomplish for DIY savvy brides who have access to a beach, just make sure to thoroughly wash and dry the shells before adding them to the bottles.

Tropical Theme

Tropical wedding themes are a lot like a beach theme with the volume turned way up. For brides and groom with an adventurous love of color, tropical décor is perfect for a summer wedding design. The best part of choosing a tropical theme for a summer wedding is that it can be put together by combining plenty of fresh tropical flowers with a strong color story.

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Shades of pink, yellow, orange and purple are the best colors for a tropical theme and combine well when used in the right amounts. Tropical blooms, like birds of paradise flowers and hibiscus grow in those stand-out shades and should be used in as many places as possible to give the impression of an island oasis. Combine these impressive floral options with palm ferns and beach grass as accent pieces.

Theme weddings can sometimes look a little forced when too many overtly themed items are combined in table settings and décor. A huge advantage of choosing a tropical themed summer wedding is that it can be accomplished without carrying the same shape of item or exact color pairing across the entire design. A tropical atmosphere can be accomplished through strong use of color and flower arrangements.

Summer wedding themes are all about combining bright colors with earthy accents and incorporating plenty of fresh flowers.



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