Striding: The Most Natural Way To Exercise And Stay Healthy

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Striding is the most natural exercise to remain fit and healthy. Brisk walking, and not strolling, is beneficial for our body even if we grow old.

Famous people were firm believers in the values of walking. Thomas Jefferson called it “the best of all exercises”. Abraham Lincoln also was great walker himself.

When doctors make assertions about the benefits of brisk walking, these have a sound basis in medical fact. It is not mere walking they are talking about. It is brisk walking which brings the human stride into play. Walking briskly, not just strolling is the simplest and also one of the best forms of exercise. For most people, and for me, brisk walking is the easiest exercise because it can be done without equipment except good shoes in almost any terrain and weather and into very old age. Window shopping, sauntering and ambling do not bring the stride into action because they are just often tiring. 

A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world.  Here are the reasons why striding is very beneficial:

  1. Striding improves the blood circulation. All of the benefits from daily striding are closely keyed to the increased oxygen intake, greater heart exercise and better blood circulation that this natural exercise provides. Since the leg muscles are the largest and most powerful muscles in the body, their work is enormously important. But if they are not being used much then they are not squeezing the blood back toward the heart with any force. Brisk walking is also important as it affects the human capillary system. Striding will not only awaken dormant capillaries but apparently increase the number of these vessels that nourish the muscles.
  2. Striding clears the mind and improves the disposition. When you take a walk, you can discover that your mind is clearer because walking keeps you moving which brings more blood to the head and more oxygen to the blood. Walking also helps dispel a temper. When you feel mad or frustrated, try going off down the block to cool off your head. After a few minutes, you will find out that you are less explosive. Striding has tranquilizing effects during bad days and I have proved this to be true.
  3. Striding cuts fatigue. Once striding has been one of your daily habits, you also get yourself in good shape. Lower-back muscles, which benefit from striding, are likely to resist ache, even in old age, and to permit easier bending movement. Striding makes our body not so easily fatigued. Even when pushed hard, our body is able to call on special reserves and keep from being overwhelmed by weariness.

The good thing about brisk walking is that you don’t have to schedule it. You can just incorporate it in your daily lifestyle. If you have a few blocks to go on an errand, walk them briskly. Walk the short distance between transportation point and office, or take a long brisk walk in the evening.

By striding and doing it daily, you will become aware that your mind is clearer. You will know you are adding to your body’s resources. Not bad benefits, and they are all within walking distance.


Daniel de Villiers
Posted on Jan 21, 2011
Rae Morvay
Posted on Jan 12, 2011