Sports Apparel Comparison: Adidas vs Puma

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This is a comparison between two German sportswear brands: Adidas and Puma. Both brands are world-renowned but Adidas have the edge over their market rivals Puma with better quality and more stylish products.

Adidas and Puma are two German brands specializing in sports apparel. They are both well-known brands and this is shown by the huge amount of sports club and sportspeople who trust their services to ensure the best performance during their respective sports type. They also supply a vast range of leisure wear and leisure footwear for men, women and kids alike. Especially by the younger generation, wearing branded items from Adidas and Puma is perceived as a status symbol. Even though their headquarters are in Germany, both companies have a widespread reach throughout the globe, with heavy marketing and continuous product research and development.


Adidas is one of the world's best brands when it comes to sports apparel and this is shown by the large number of football clubs using the expertise of the German brand. Among these clubs, to mention a few, there are European Cup/UEFA Champions League record-breaking winner club Real Madrid, Italian giants AC Milan, English clubs Liverpool and Chelsea, and the German national football team.

In conjunction with designer Stella McCartney, Adidas were entrusted with the supply of the Great Britain sportswear for the 2012 Olympics. What makes Adidas one of the best brands is the quality of its products. Sports apparel is lightweight, specially designed and is well-insulated. The range of Adidas is extremely vast and basically caters for all the needs of sportspeople. It provides most types of equipment, playing gear for players as well as leisurewear. Its products cater for tennis, cycling, yoga, football, soccer, baseball, skateboarding and several other types of sports.

One main drawback of Adidas is the relatively high price of its sports apparel. However, such high prices are reflected in the quality of the products and it’s also includes part of the price which is due to the very popular brand name. As an idea of the prices of Adidas we can look at: Men's Football Shirts (based on prices of AC Milan, Germany and Real Madrid Shirts) - $80.00 Women's Tennis T-Shirt (based on BARRICADE and AdiZero shirts) - $50 Kids' Leisure Track Top (based on Originals Firebird Track Tops) - $40


Puma is another German brand in the sports apparel industry. The brand has bases in more than 80 countries. Puma has less top clubs in its ranks than Adidas, sponsoring the shirts of clubs like Newcastle and Tottenham, as well as most of the African countries' national football shirts and the shirts of Italy, amongst others.

The German company supplies everything from sports apparel, like jackets, t-shirts and tracksuits, to footwear and sports accessories. The strength of Puma is found in the brand name and in the quality of its products. It promotes the African continent in Europe and in the USA, giving it a touch of corporate social responsibility. The shoes are optimized for better comfort, grip, fitting and ventilation.

The clothing and accessories make use of the best new techniques out of the company's research and development department to make sure that it keeps up with the harsh competition it faces in the sector. The prices of Puma, like those of Adidas, reflect the fact that sportspeople are buying a world-renowned brand which strives for better-than-average quality. Below are three prices which help make comparison with the Adidas brand: Men's Italy Away Shirt - $75 Men's Tennis Polo Shirt - $40 Women's Golf Polo Shirt - $60 Kids' (Boys) Logo T-Shirt - $20

The Bottom Line

When it comes to image and brand name, Adidas has the edge over Puma. Adidas has wider recognition worldwide through sponsorship of some of the best clubs in the world, like AC Milan and Real Madrid.

Puma also reaches out through sponsorships but these are not as prestigious as Adidas. Sports items carrying the brand name of Adidas are generally of a higher quality than those of Puma. This applies with respect to the material and also to the techniques used in manufacturing them to optimize performance.

For those who have a preference for the quality as well as the aesthetic aspect of their sports apparel, Adidas are recommended as the brand to go for. Their products are of greater quality and look more stylish.


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