Spin City TV Show Guest Stars Trivia: Feat. Jennifer Garner, Kim Raver, Carla Gugino, Christopher Llyod & More

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Trivia for guest actors of Spin City feat. Jennifer Garner, Carla Gugino, Christopher Lllyof, Luke Perry, Amy Irving & Courtney Thorne Smith

This article is a sequel to Spin City TV Show Guest Stars Trivia: Amanda Peet, Gabriel Macht, Paula Marshall & Tracy Pollan. This article features Carla Gugino, Kim Raver, Christopher Lloyd, Luke Perry, Amy Irving& Courtney Thorne-Smith and their guest appearances in Spin City.

- Carla Gugino as Mike’s girlfriend/journalist Ashley

image: nresimler.com

Carla Gugino guest-starred in 13 episodes as Mike’s live-in girlfriend Ashley. She eventually dumped him to take a job in Los Angeles. Mike was pretty devastated.

Carla Gugino’s movie credits include Watchmen, Miami Rhapsody, Sin City, Spy Kids series and more. Her TV credits include Chicago Hope, Entourage, Californication and other series.

- Courtney Thorne- Smith

image: courtneythornesmith.net

Courtney Thorne-Smith appeared in two episodes of Spin City. She went on a date with Mike but Mike wasn’t ready for a real date so they had a lot of fun by acting it wasn’t a date.

Courtney Thorne Smith is best known for her roles in Melrose Place and Ally McBeal. Melrose Place star Heather Locklear joined the Spin City cast full-time from the 4th season.

- Christopher Llyod in the episode Back to the Future 4 – Judgment Day, season 3

When Michael J. Fox’s three-times co-star Christopher Llyod, a.k.a Doc. Emmett Brownn from Back to the Future trilogy appeared on Spin City, Michael J. Fox and Lloyd exchanged back- to- the -future jokes.

- Jennifer Garner- as james’ girlfriend from Wisconsin

AliasJennifer Garner made a guest appearance on Spin City as an old girl friend of James (Alexander Chaplin) who couldn’t he break up from.

- Kim Raver as City Hall co-worker

Lipstick Jungle’s Nico and Grey’s Antomy’s Teddy Kim Raver played in one episode. In the episode, Stuart (Alan Ruck)’s picture was published in the newspaper along with Carter’s and everybody thought he was gay, including City Hall co-worker Kim Raver’s character. She thought Stuart was a stalker (which he was) but since she found out he was “gay”, she hung out with him. Stuart played this to his advantage by pretending to be confused by his sexuality. In the morning he told her that it was a great night but he was unfortunately, completely gay. Of course he pulled the same stunt with another co-worker right away.

- Luke Perry

image: hotgossip.com

The original Beverly Hills 902010 (1990-2000)’s Dylan, Luke Perry played Spence – Carter (Michael Boatman)’s ex-boyfriend and the love of his love. Unfortunately when Spence showed up, he introduced his fiancée and confessed he was actually straight. A shocked Carter kissed Mike and claimed that he was his boyfriend and they were in love. Mike was uncomfortable but went along to help out Carter anyway.

- Amy Irving as the unwanted campaign sponsor

image via:nresimleri.com

Amy Irving came to the picture as a potential campaign sponsor who prove to be more trouble than she was worth. Amy Irving also guest-starred in Alias as Emily Sloane, Irvin Sloane’s wife.

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