Sorority Rush Terminology

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These are some basic sorority rush terms that you will want to know. Your Recruitment Counselors may use them or a sorority sister may say them.

These are some basic sorority rush terms that you will want to know. Your Recruitment Counselors may use them or a sorority sister may say them. There are some words that are absolutely not to be said during recruitment. The worst ones are the three B's: boys, booze or bars or sometimes called boys, booze or bad mouthing (other sororities that is).

Sorority sisters will not say negative things about another sorority (or else that qualifies as dirty rushing) but they may also not say anything positive about other sororities either, for obvious reasons. And you shouldn't either (duh). Don't talk about boyfriends, drinking or drugs. I will talk more about the Do's and Don'ts of recruitment later, but for now here are some basic terms to get you introduced to sorority rush!

Potential New Members (PNMs): also called "rushees". These are the girls who have signed up to go through recruitment, and are in the process of rush week. Sorority Sisters are not allowed to talk to rushees outside of the parties so that they are not influenced.

Dirty Rushing: This means when a sorority house or one sorority sister breaks a rule and does something to have influence over rushees. For example promising a girl a bid, telling her she will be her little sister, giving a rushee a gift, etc. Other the recruitment counselors can have contact with rushees outside of the house.

Recruitment Counselors: Also called Pi Chis, Rho Chis, or Rho Gammas. These are the girls that take PNMs to each house, guide the girls through the week, and make phone calls and such. It is a secret which sorority these girls are in until they reveal it at the bid ceremony.

Rush Chair: also called recruitment chair, Vice President of Recruitment, New Member Chair, etc. This is a sister in each house who is in charge of recruitment. The rush chair and the President are usually the girls who are talking when you go in a house or the ones who will open the door or say thank you for coming. The rush chair will probably carry a clip board and look very stressed. The rush chair and the President probably won't talk to any rushees.

Fall Recruitment: also called "formal recruitment". This is the formal, 5 day long rush week that happens around Labor Day weekend.

Spring Recruitment: also called "open recruitment" or "continuous open recruitment (CORs)". This is a more informal rush week in January where sororities take smaller pledge classes and girls are free to stop any house. There are no recruitment counselors during spring rush.

Snap Bid: When a girl doesn't get a bid from any house, she goes on a snap bid list which means a sorority can pick her off the list to include on the bid list. These are girls that have been dropped or are about to be.

Dropped: When a girl is not invited back to visit a house, and also when a girl turns down an invitation to visit a house. When a girl drops out of sorority recruitment that means she has completely withdrawn from the recruitment process and is ineligible for a bid.

Ranking: How girls are sorted into houses is based on ranking. Rush is all about how a house ranks a girl and how a girl ranks a house. A sorority can only invite a maximum number of girls back each day and a girl can only visit a certain number of houses each day. Each day the process becomes more selective and how each house ranks is their own secret. But if a house invites a girl back and she does not want to, the house will go down their list to the next girl.

Rotation Groups: The groups that a sorority puts together. These are the 4 girls you will talk to in the house. Rotation groups are complicated, but they are used to prevent girls from talking to the same girl more than once and make remembering PNMs much easier. I will explain rotation group in more detail later on.

Quota: The goal number of pledges each house wants as their future pledge class.

Hotboxing: When more than one sorority sister talks to a PNM. This can be intimidating since a PNM would not want to have 5 sorority girls grilling her with questions.

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