Soft Skill Requisites for a Team Player

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Here are the essential soft skills needed for every individual to become a better team player. Soft skills helps to attain success at personal and organization levels.

Almost every working individual belongs to one organization or the other, unless he is running some handyman business. While working with fellow members the concept of becoming a better team player gains remarkable significance. There are certain factors that would help a person to grow as a better team player. These can be referred to as the soft skills. Adaptability, communication skills, collaboration, tenacity are just a few of them. Let’s briefly go through them.

The Soft Skill Requisites for a Team Player are:

Team Spirit

A person may be subjected to work with a diverse workforce with varying demographic characteristics. In such a situation he should be able to cooperate with the other team members. Team members may include peers as well as subordinates and seniors. For delivering better performance every one should focus on the motto 'All for one and one for all'. There is no 'I' in the team. The entire team is considered to be one entity. Successes and pitfalls should be conferred to the team as a whole, not to individual members.

Inter-Personal Skills

Good employee relations and courtesy are the two importance gestures that have to be maintained at any cost. Disputations and differences in opinions are quite common in work related groups. But one should be flexible enough to accept and admit the disagreements and continuously strive towards the goal. An open mind-set would help in maintaining better professional relations and a positive attitude.

Communication Skills

Better communication skills play a crucial role here. One should express himself loud and clear in order to eliminate any communication gaps. And these should be communicated well through proper channels. There are basic etiquettes to be followed and kept in mind. Lack of proper communication would turn out to be counter-productive.

Problem Solving Skills

A person needs to constantly hone their problem solving skill for increasing the performance and efficiency. A good team player should be agile and responsive. Certain situations may occur where a need arises to take an out-of-box decision. Handling such delicate situation wisely would not only help the team as such attain success, but also improve the recognition and reputation of oneself.

Time Management

Time management also contributes its share to the success of an organization. Today the changing trends and environment demands every professional to manage everything efficiently and instantly by gaining more expertise. Thus, it forms the key management skill for every organization to achieve success at every level. The person should know the basics of time management. The knowledge of time management software comes handy in such cases.