6 Smart Breast Pumps and Devices To Make Life Easier for New Moms

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Smart breast pumps and devices mean that breastfeeding can be a little bit easier for all the new moms out there. Convenient, discreet, and useful, these tools all help to simplify feeding time.

Did you know the first electric breast pump came out in 1991? These were a huge upgrade from manual breast pumps, which took much, much longer to operate.

Thanks to electric breast pumps, new moms can pump at home and at work to efficiently maintain their milk supply for their baby. 

Now, as with everything else, there are smart breast pumps. These take electric breast pumps to a whole new level. They sync with smartphone apps to track how much you pump, remind you to pump, and more. 

Below we review the best smart breast pumps for new moms by several trusted baby product brands, and all the exciting features you have to choose from.

  • Best traditional-style smart breast pump: Medela Sonata or Lasinoh 
  • Best smart breastfeeding monitor: Momsense
  • Best quiet smart breast pump: Elvie Pump
  • Best wearable smart breast pump: Willow Pump 2.0
  • Best smart breast pump for travel: Babyation

The Pump by Babyation

The Pump by Babyation is designed for comfort and efficiency. The breast shields and tubes are discreet and low-profile enough that you can use The Pump with your shirt on. For added comfort, their soft material and shape mimics the feel and shape of a baby’s mouth.

One standout feature is The Pump’s quietness. A breast pump can have a discreet design but it’s still obvious to everyone what’s going on when they hear that recognizable suction sound. The Pump’s whisper-soft operation takes care of that issue.

The carrier itself is designed to look like a handbag or purse, albeit a slightly oddly shaped one made of hard plastic. Even so, the design removes the need for you to carry around additional bags. The carrier has space for a hard ice pack, milk bottles, and all the parts you need to pump.

With the Babyation smart phone app and LED screen on the carrier, you can control your pumping schedule and make sure you never miss a beat with pumping reminders and lactation logs.



  • Discreet shields allow for pumping with your shirt on
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • All-in-one container with storage space for everything
  • Smartphone app available for iOS and Android


  • Only available for pre-order
  • Expensive

Bottom Line:

The Pump by Babyation promises convenience, efficiency, and a discreet design that makes it easy for new moms to pump on the go with minimal hassle. However, it comes with a hefty price tag and it hasn’t yet been vetted by consumer reviews.