Sir Winston Churchill, Honours Awards and Accolades

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Sir Winston Churchill, a list of the honours, decorations, medals and citations awarded to the greatest Britain of all time

The Right Honourable Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, Sir Winston Churchill as he is known, is most famous for his role as Prime Minister of Great Britain during World War Two. His life is a remarkable journey through some of the most turbulent times the world has ever known, the late Nineteenth and the first half of the Twentieth Century.

Here is Part 1 of a series of articles which focus on the great man, his life and achievements. The first article looks at some numerous quotes and speeches that Churchill is famous for which will give you an insight into the man’s personality. It is available by following this link, Winston Churchill Famous and Historical Quotations. Subsequent articles will involve a more in-depth biography of Churchill; whereas this article will detail the decorations, commendations and honours that Churchill was awarded both in life and posthumously. The intention is to give you a picture of how highly regarded this great leader of men really was by other leaders and the general public themselves and still is to this day.

Honours Awarded

Knight Companion of the most noble order of the Garter

UK, appointed 24/04/1953, installed 14/06/1954.


Shame Upon Him Who Thinks Evil Upon It

This is the highest award that can be bestowed by Great Britain and is dedicated to the patron saint of England, St George. Originating in Medieval times, it is usually appointed to those showing great chivalry and bravery worthy of a Knight. Membership of the Order of the Garter is only available to the Sovereign of Great Britain, the Prince of Wales, and 24 members or companions and is still completely in the hands of the Sovereign to bestow, not the Prime Minister as with other honours.

Order of Merit

UK, installed 01/01/1946, invested 08/01/1946

As a Commonwealth Honour, this is again only awarded personally by the Sovereign of Great Britain, as that person is also the Sovereign of the Commonwealth realms. It is limited to only 24 living recipients at one time from any of the Commonwealth countries. 

Order of the Companions of Honour

UK, appointed 19/10/1922, invested 16/06/1923


In Action Faithful and In Honour Clear

A Commonwealth honour consisting of the Sovereign and no more than 65 living companions; foreigners may be awarded an honorary membership. Awarded for achievements in science, politics, arts, industry, religion, literature and music.

Other Honours

• Territorial Decoration

• Fellow of the Royal Society

• Queen's Privy Council for Canada (1941)

• Privy Councillor (1907)

• Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 1914-1915

• Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports (1941)

Medals and Citations Awarded

• India Medal, 1895, Punjab Frontier 1897-98, UK, authorized 10/12/1898

• Queen's Sudan Medal, 1896-98, UK, authorized 27/03/1899

• Victory Medal, UK, authorized 04/06/1920

• Africa Star, UK, authorized 09/10/1945

• British War Medal, 1914-1918, UK, authorized 13O/10/1919

• France and Germany Star, UK, authorized 9/10/1945

• Italy Star, UK, authorized, 02/07/1945

• 1939-1945 Star, UK, authorized, 09/10/1945

• 1914-1915 Star, UK, authorized, 10/10/1919

• Queen's South Africa Medal, 1899-1902, Diamond Hill, Johannesburg, Relief of Ladysmith, Orange Free State, Tugela Heights, Cape Colony, UK, authorized 15/07/1901

• Defence Medal, 1939-45, UK, authorized 09/10/1945

• War Medal, 1939-45, UK, authorized 11/12/1946

• King George V Coronation Medal, UK, 1911

• King George V Silver Jubilee Medal, UK, 1935

• King George VI Coronation Medal, UK, 1937

• Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal, UK, 1953

• Territorial Decoration, King George V, UK, 31/10/1924

• Cross of the Order of Military Merit, Red Ribbon, First Class, Spain, granted 06/12/1895, ratified 25/01/1896

• Grand Cordon of the Order of Leopold with Palm, Belgium, 15Nov45

• Knight Grand Cross, Order of the Lion of the Netherlands, Holland, 15/05/1946

• Grand Cross, Order of the Oaken Crown, Luxembourg, 14/07/1946

• Grand Cross with Chain, Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav, Norway, 11/05/1948

• Order of the Elephant, Denmark, 09/10/50

• Order of Liberation, France, awarded 06/11/1958

• Most Refulgent Order of the Star of Nepal, First Class, Nepal, 29/06/1961

• Grand Sash of the High Order of Sayyid Mohammed bin Ali el Senoussi, Kingdom of Libya, awarded 14/04/62

• Army Distinguished Service Medal, United States, authorized 10/05/1919, awarded 16/05/1919

• War Cross with Palm, Belgium, 15/11/1945

• Military Medal 1940-45, Luxembourg, 14/05/1946

• Military Medal, France, 08/05/1947

• War Cross with palm, France, 08/05/1947

• Cuban Campaign Medal, 1895-98, Spain, awarded 1914

• Khedive's Sudan Medal, Khartoum, Egypt, 1899

• King Christian X's Liberty Medal, Denmark, 10/09/1946

Other Achievements and Accolades

• Sir Winston Churchill won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953

• A BBC poll named Sir Winston Churchill as the greatest British Prime Minister of the Twentieth Century

• A Later BBC poll named him The Greatest Britain of All Time

• Sir Winston Churchill has too many buildings, city/town squares, schools and colleges named after him all around the world, to possibly mention them all. Notable examples are the statue of him in Parliament Square, The Winston Churchill Square located behind the main train station in Prague, and numerous high schools in Canada and the US

• Sir Winston Churchill was made an Honorary Citizen of the United States of America, a rare honour bestowed on few people.

• He appears on the 1965 British Crown Coin, the only person other than the Monarch ever to appear on a British coin, an extremely rare honour.

• The US named a destroyer class ship the USS Winston S Churchill in 2001.

• The Sir Winston Churchill Range of the Rocky Mountains in Canada was named in his honour.

• He was the Chancellor of the University of Bristol.

• He was appointed a Kentucky General in the US

• In 1964, Civitan International presented Churchill its first World Citizenship Award for service to the world community.

• In 1939, Churchill was made an Honorary Air Commodore of 615 Squadron RAF. In March 1943, the Air Council awarded Churchill honorary wings.

There are so many awards accredited to Sir Winston Churchill that there are bound to be some, perhaps, obscure ones missing from this list, please leave any comments below if you believe any others should be added to it.


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