Singers Whose Surname Is Brown That Have Had Hits In The UK Chart

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A look at all the musicians whose surname is Brown that have had hits in the UK charts. From famous names like James Brown and Bobby Brown to random ones like Howard Brown and Diana Brown, all you will ever need to know about singes whose surname is Brown

The number of artists with the surname Brown that have had hits in the UK charts is rather large compared to many other surnames. Granted, some of them have had limited chart success but some have scored plenty of hits. Here we will look at all the artists with the surname Brown that have charted in the UK charts.

First up in the list is Bobby Brown. The ex New Edition singer first hit the UK charts in August 1988 with the song Don't Be Cruel, but it failed to make the top 40, peaking at number 42. The follow up single from Bobby Brown, My Prerogative, did much better, climbing to a peak of number 6 in late 1988 and spending at total of 10 weeks on the UK charts - it hit the number one spot in the US. Over the next 8 years, Bobby Brown had a further 17 chart hits in the UK including 10 top 10 hits. 

If Bobby Brown had a rather long chart career in the UK then the next Brown on our list was the polar opposite. Arthur Brown, under the name of The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, scored his one and only chart hit in the summer of 1968 with the song Fire. It was a great example of a proper one hit wonder as it hit the number one spot and was the only chart hit from Arthur Brown.

In more recent years Chris Brown, former beau of Rihanna, has been racking up the chart hits in both the US and the UK. His debut chart appearance in the UK happened in February 2006 when Run It, featuring Julez Santana, reached a peak of number 2, it remains his highest ever chart hit in the UK. Run It did hit the number one spot in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

In 1979 Dennis Brown, a Jamaican singer, scored a UK number 14 hit with the song Money In My Pocket, but he found follow up chart hits hard to come by. His song Love Has Found Its Way only managed to make it number 47 in July 1982 and Halfway Up And Halfway Down only made it to number 56 in September 1982.

Next up on the list of Browns is Diana Brown who released songs with Barrie K. Sharpe in the early 1990's. Their debut single was the highest chart hit they would enjoy and it was The Masterplan which reached a peak of number 39 in June 1990. Their 3 follow up singles (Sun Worshippers (Positive Thinking), Love Or Nothing and Eating Me Alive) all failed to make the top 40 in the UK charts.

Lead singer of Hot Chocolate, Errol Brown, launched his solo career in the Summer of 1987 with the release of the song Personal Touch which hit a peak of number 25 in the UK charts. Later that same year, follow up single Body Rockin' only made it to number 51. 

US singer Foxy Brown has had a number of chart hits in the UK but they are normally as a featured singer on someone else's hit or one of his with another featured artist. The only time that Foxy Brown has broken in to the top in the UK charts was in June 1997 when he teamed up with Jay-Z for the number 9 hit I'll Be.

If Arthur Brown had a proper one hit wonder then Gloria D Brown had anything but! Well it was one and only one song that she charted with but it didn't chart very high. Released in the Summer of 1985, Gloria D Brown scored a number 57 hit with a song called The More They Knock, The More I Love You.

In 1995 Horace Brown released the song Taste Your Love which only made it to number 58 in the UK charts. The following year he managed to take the song One For The Money to number 12 and Things We Do For Love to number 27, but he was to have no more chart hits in the UK.

Howard Brown may not be a familiar name to many, but, for those of you reading this in the UK, if I told you that Howard Brown was the Howard from the Halifax adverts you will know exactly who it is. He managed to bank a number 13 hit in March 2005 with his version of the Barry White song You're The First The Last My Everything.

Ex Stone Roses front man Ian Brown launched his solo career in early 1998 with the song My Star which reached a peak of number 5 in the UK charts and a decent chart career followed. Having said that, he only made it back in to the top 10 twice with the songs Be There and Dolphins Were Monkeys.

Next up is the Brown that is arguably most famous - James Brown. In a UK chart career that has spanned 5 decades (with re-releases) big hits have been rather hard to come by. In fact, the only top 10 hit that James Brown has enjoyed in the UK was Living In America in early 1986.

Swedish singer Jennifer Brown had her one and only UK chart hit in May 1999 with the number 57 hit Tuesday Afternoon.

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If James Brown is the most famous Brown on this list, it is Jocelyn Brown who has had the best UK chart career of all the Browns. She first hit the UK charts in 1984 with the number 13 hit Somebody Else's Guy. Two more singles followed in 1984 and 1986 that failed to make the top 40. Fast forward to 1991 and Jocelyn Brown's chart career in the UK really got going as guest vocalist on the Incognito song Always There which hit number 6 in the UK charts. Since then she has appeared as guest vocalist on a large number of tracks, many of them going top 10.

Joe Brown was a UK singer who, between 1960 and 1963, scored 9 top 40 hits in the UK charts. The highest placing song was A Picture Of You which reached number 2 in early 1962. In the summer of 1967 he scored a number 32 hit with his version of the Beatles song With A Little Help From My Friends, and in April 73 scored his final UK chart hit with the number 33 hit Hey Mama.

The chart career of Kathy Brown has been somewhat hit and miss. Of her first 5 chart hits only 2 broke in to the top 40, but her last chart hit, as guest vocalist on the Soul Central track Strings Of Life (Stronger On My Own), hit a peak of number 6 in January 2005.

US singer Mark Brown teamed up with Sarah Cracknell to score a number 11 UK chart hit in early 2008 with the song The Journey Continues.

Miquel Brown released two songs in the UK that managed to only reach numbers 68 and 63 respectively!

Another US singer who only charted twice in the UK was Peter Brown but his ones did slightly better than those from Miquel Brown, hitting number 43 and 57 respectively.

In September 1974 Polly Brown had her one and only UK chart hit when Up In A Puff Of Smoke hit number 43.

UK comedian Roy Chubby Brown teamed up with Smokie to score a number 3 hit in August 1995 with the song Living Next Door To Alice (Who The F**k Is Alice). He did attempt a follow up single the following year with Rockin' Good Christmas but it stalled at number 51.

The early chart career of Sam Brown showed much promise when his debut song Stop evenutally hit a peak of number 4 in the UK charts in Feburary 1989. But later releases failed to live up to the early promise and his chart career soon petered out.

In April 1982 Sharon Brown scored a number 38 hit in the UK charts with the song I Specialize In Love. It was her only chart hit, but it did get remixed in early 1994 and hit number 62 in the charts.

And that concludes the list of all the artists whose surname is Brown that have charted in the UK charts.