Top 16 Easy-to-Use Tech Gifts and Gadgets for Seniors this Holiday Season

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Get a glimpse of the season's best tech gadgets for the seniors in your life with our 2018 Holiday Tech Guide for Seniors

Not sure what to get for your favorite senior this holiday season? If you haven't checked out the tech selection yet, you definitely need to get in here! We've gone in for the best, most useful, and easiest to use tech gifts for 2018 seniors, and came out with a bunch of goodies (and discounts!). Come check out our finds in our 2018 holiday tech gift guide for seniors (and check out a full list of senior discounts here). 

Wearable tech gifts for seniors

Apple Watch Series 4

senior tech gift guide

This version of the Apple Watch adds on health, safety, and emergency features to calm the worries of anyone with a senior on their gift list. This wearable not only monitors the wearer's heart rate, distance traveled, and calories burned, but adds on fall detection, Emergency SOS, and an all-new ECG app capable of generating an ECG just like a single-lead electrocardiogram. 

If you've fallen, the watch delivers a hard fall alert to its screen so you can opt to call emergency services or dismiss the alert. If the alert goes unresponsive for 60 seconds, the emergency call is placed automatically and a message with your location attached will go out to all your emergency contacts. The Emergency SOS notifies 911, your emergency contacts, and also displays your Medical ID badge on its screen for any emergency personnel arriving. What's more? It works even when you're not near your phone.

Buy it: Apple Watch Series 4, starting at $399.00. Double check for deals with our Apple promo codes here and save up to $15.00.

Fitbit AltaHR

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Help your senior loved one stay fit with the Fitbit AltaHR. Having won the Wearable Tech Awards' 'Fitness Tracker of the Year' in 2017, Fitbit's slimmest heart rate wristband yet comes with activity and exercise tracking, notifications and reminders to move, as well as call, text, and calendar alerts, step-counting, calories burned and distance traveled measurements, a clock, and SmartTrack Auto Exercise Recognition.

Sleep stage tracking will be available soon via an app update as well — and interchangeable wristbands are available now.

Available in 5 colors and 3 sizes with 4 additional accessory band options, the Fitbit AltaHR has a battery life of up to 7 days without the need for a recharge.

Buy it: Fitbit AltaHR, starting at $99.95. Check out our Fitbit deals and promo codes, too - you might qualify for free shipping on Fitbit orders of $50 or more.

Voice assistant gifts for seniors

Amazon Echo

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All jokes aside, the Amazon Echo is one of the best tech gifts for seniors you could buy this year.

With new skills being added constantly, the Echo voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant can already do numerous things once you've awakened it by calling the name "Alexa." Ask Alexa to order you a pizza, hail you an Uber, ask her a wide assortment of questions, make calls to loved ones, send and receive messages, gets sports updates, hear daily weather forecasts, and play your favorite music on demand. 

Echo has seven microphones and additional beamforming technology which allows it to hear you from across the room, even if music is playing.

Buy it:  Amazon Echo, 2nd Generation, $69.99. Be sure to browse our Amazon promo codes for your best deal; you could save up to $25.00.

  • Want Alexa to do even more with home automation, like control compatible smart lights, door locks, etc? Check out the Echo Plus for $149.99.
  • Want a display screen with your Echo? Check out the Echo Show (similar to the Google Home Hub, shown below), for $179.99.
  • Want a slightly more incognito look to your Echo? Try the minimalist-chic and very affordable Echo Dot, 2nd Generation, for $19.99 and add a bevy of Alexa functions to any room in your home.

Google Home Hub

senior tech gift guide

Connect all compatible smart home devices in your home with the Google Home Hub, and get answers from Google Assistant on weather, recipes, sports, businesses, etc. You can also enjoy music and videos from Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pandora, and YouTube Music — all free. Want to share your family photos with just the sound of your voice? Google Photos pulls them up for you instantly upon request, and best of all, this lightweight, space-saving screen with simple speaker fits conveniently on any countertop in any room of your home.

This sleek device has a display of 7 inch-diameter, comes in a range of colors, and has a resolution of 1,024 x 600 pixels. Just download the app onto your device and follow the instructions provided to set up. Easy!

While there's no camera, and thus, no video calling, there's also no worry about visual privacy with the Google Home Hub.

Buy it: Google Home Hub, $129.00 (marked down from $149.00). Check around for Google's holiday deals right now - there are many! Our Google Store promo codes could even help you get up to 30% off your Google Store purchase.

Facebook Portal

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Like FaceTime, but better. If you haven't seen the commercials for this treasure yet, you probably don't watch TV. No worries, this introductory video will catch you up on the Portal by Facebook

Connect with your Facebook and Messenger contacts either one-on-one or in a group chat with your Portal - in any room of your home, at any time. With Amazon Alexa built in, you can ask Portal a question, check the time, or update your calendar all while planning your next Portal call to Grandma's living room.

Portal's smart camera keeps you in the frame as you move about the room, and its smart sound minimizes distracting noises in the room by keeping its focus on your voice. Do you have new people popping into and out of the conversation? Portal keeps them all in view for the call. 

Privacy concerns? Disable the camera and microphone anytime you wish or cover the camera lens with the included plastic cover.

Buy it: Portal, $149.00, or Portal Plus, $299.00. Facebook is running a 25% off sale until December 24th. Keep an eye on our Facebook promo codes as well to make sure you're getting your best deal possible.

Smart home gift ideas for seniors

Zmodo Smart Security Cameras 

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Help keep your seniors' home safe and sound with a Zmodo Indoor/Outdoor WiFi Security Camera. Compatible with Google Assistant, these offer 720p HD video, 65 feet of night vision, and optional 7 and 30-day cloud recording plans.

After downloading the Zmodo app, you can view your home remotely anytime day or night and receive motion detection alerts to your phone.

Available for iOS 9.0 and up; Android 4.0 and up. All pictures and videos taken are AES 256-bit symmetric-key encryption-secured so that nobody besides you or your family can view the footage. All video and pictures are secured with AES 256-bit symmetric-key encryption, so nobody but you is able to access your footage.

Buy it: The4-pack of Zmodo Indoor/Outdoor WiFi cameras shown is marked down to $99.00. Scan our Zmodo promo codes for up to 25% off original prices, too.

Additionally, the basic cloud recording/storage plan is $0/month and stores video alert clips for up to 12 hours; 7 days' storage is $4.99/month, and 30 days' is $9.99/month.

Want a few more features in a little pricier version? Check out Logitech's Circle 2 Indoor/Outdoor Home Security Camera for $179.99 - 499.99 here. Logitech promo codes might help you out here as well.

Lutron Motion Sensor Light 

senior tech gift guide

These helpful sensors aren't only an excellent way to conserve energy, but they also identify motion and turn lights on automatically - a great solution for rooms our elders may often enter with full arms, such as a laundry room or kitchen, or rooms where it's easy to forget to turn the light off (i.e. anywhere) when they leave - ranking high among top tech gifts this year. Lutron offers a variety of hands-free lighting options, including hands-free fans and dimmer switches, for customers to consider as well.

Find a local retailer near you using Lutron's store locator here, or check Lowe's, Home Depot, Amazon, and Menards. You can easily replace your regular light switch following this video guide.

Buy it: Lutron Maestro 2 Amp Motion Sensor Switch, $19.97, Home Depot. Find Lutron promo codes here.

Sharper Image towel warmer

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Indulge your senior friends in luxury with this compact white Towel Warmer from Sharper Image, perfect for any bathroom or bedroom. Who wouldn't love to wrap up in toasty warmth as soon as they step out of the bath? This handy gadget ranks high among gifts for older people, a popular choice in several holiday gifts guides of 2018. 

It ensures you will if you simply plug it in and fill with your favorite towels - or if you prefer, your pajamas, gloves, socks, mittens, or anything else you'd like to keep warm. For safety, it shuts off automatically once a certain temperature is reached.

Buy it:  Towel Warmer, $119.99. Get 20% off your order with our Sharper Image promo codes, or enter your email on the Sharper Image website to receive other special deals and offers. 

Tech gifts for seniors on the go

Tile Mate

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Give your beloved seniors (or any other forgetful folks in the family) a hand in keeping track of their keys, wallet, purse, umbrella, or anything else easily misplaced with the helpful Tile Mate.

Voted Best Key Finder Value by Tom's Guide, the Tile Mate rings loudly enough to be heard at the highest end of a reasonable search range (80 - 150 feet) and comes with a replaceable battery (the first one is good for a year). You can probably skip the $3 per month fee for Premium Service (includes location history, unlimited sharing, smart alerts, and free battery replacements) as you get the gist of what you'll need without it.

Buy it: New Tile Mate, $25.00. 

SABRE Personal Alarm

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If you're looking at gifts for older folks, check out SABRE's Personal Safety Products, like their Personal Alarm with Motion Detector, Magnet,  and Key Ring, above. Pull the pin to activate the alarm, slide the side button to use Motion Detection mode and scan up to 120 degrees 15 feet away. Amplify your alarm in an emergency to be heard up to 600 feet away. The back of the unit acts as a magnet, allowing the user to place it securely against anything metal for safekeeping.

(Although most popular with women, these devices could work for men, too.)

Buy it: SABRE Personal Alarm with Motion Detector, Magnet, and Key Ring, $14.99. Available in black or turquoise.

Need extra security? Try the SABRE Door Knob Alarm for $11.99 or the SABRE Door Stop Alarm for $12.99.

Plus, check out our Sabre promo codes here.

MindMe GPS Personal Alarm

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Ideal for loved ones with dementia, or anyone who spends a large part of their day alone, the MindMe Alarm is a small personal alarm which incorporates GPS tracking and allows two-way conversation, offering peace of mind to caregivers. The size of an electric car key, the MindMe alarm is easily worn as a pendant, on a keychain, or kept in the pocket or purse. 

The wearer's location is updated every 4 minutes via GPS with an accuracy of appx 10 meters, and battery charges last up to 48 hours. If the wearer gets confused, scared, or feels ill, they can hit the SOS button and help is on the way - whether they know where they are or not.

Buy it: Those in the UK can purchase the MindMe GPS Personal Alarm, £85.00 with a monthly subscription cost of £16.50, or the MindMe Locate, £80.00 with a monthly subscription of £16.50 or £14.50. Currently, the United States can only purchase the MindMe Locate, $140.00, with a $20.00 monthly subscription. This model has all the features mentioned except for the SOS button and two-way conversation. 

Want a slight variation on this idea? Check out GPS SmartSoles, $299.00 with $25.00/month subscription, easily placed into the shoes of your loved one, making it harder to forget to bring them along if they set foot outdoors. In the works is the same thing in a sock - which notifies caregivers anytime the loved one steps out of bed to wander. Check it out here.

Owl Car Cam 

senior tech gift guide

Keep your dearest folks safe by installing this HD camera so you can view them and even speak to them in Live View when they're driving. Similar to a dash cam, this device is another widely touted top tech gifts for seniors, as has cameras which can check both inside and outside your vehicle, even when you've walked away after parking. See intro video here

Did your car get dinged while parked in the grocery store parking lot? View the Owl Cam recording to see which car did it. Did someone try to break into your car? Check the Owl Cam to see what they looked like. And what's more: according to GearBrain, the Owl Car Cam has been known to come in helpful after accidents occurred to show exactly what happened as well.

The first year of video footage is completely free. After that, it's $99 yearly or $10 per month.

Buy it: Owl Car Cam, offered through Amazon's Deal of the Day for $244.30. Want two of them? Get Owl's deal on two for $671.00.  Check our Amazon promo codes for any additional deals you can take advantage of too.

Other home tech gifts for seniors

Reminder Rosie

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If your loved one is having trouble remembering to take their meds or complete other daily tasks on time, give Reminder Rosie a try. A popular element in numerous holiday gifts guides, Reminder Rosie ranks high among gifts for our elderly loved ones.

With state-of-the-art voice-activated technology, Reminder Rosie can be programmed in any language for up to 25 reminders per day. Set daily, weekly, or random reminders, and review reminders for the day ahead with a single command anytime you need a review. Reminders can be heard up to 100 feet away.

The best part? Rosie's reminders are played back in your (or any loved one's) voice. Bonus? Rosie comes equipped with a backup battery and will continue to work even if the power goes out.

Buy it: Reminder Rosie, SRP is $119.95.


  • In the USA- Veterans Administration: Reminder Rosie is available through VA Medical Centers under ‘Medical Appropriations’.
  • In Canada- Veterans Associations: Reminder Rosie is available by recommendation from any Healthcare Practitioner as a Signalling  Device/Clock #320413.

Sunbeam Microplush Heated Throw

senior tech gift guide

Constructed of the coziest fabric you'll find, this super soft heated throw is sure to comfort your loved one whenever there's a chill in the air. Toss it over the couch or recliner for napping, reading, or TV/movie-watching bliss. Some have even noted it soothes the aches associated with minor muscle pain and/or arthritis, making it ideal among gifts for many seniors.

Machine-washable, dryer-safe, and equipped with 3 settings, the Sunbeam Microplush Heated Throw comes with a 3-hour auto off setting to give extra peace of mind. 50" by 60" and warrantied for 5 years, this throw has the benefit of Sunbeam's cutting-edge ThermoFine technology.

Buy it: Sunbeam Microplush Heated Throw, $49.99 or try Amazon for $39.99. Keep our promo codes in mind for top deals on both Sunbeam and Amazon as you browse. 

Long Distance Friendship Touch Lamps

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Let your beloved seniors know you're thinking of them with just the touch of a lantern — whether they're down the street, on the other side of town, or across the country. 

Touch the lamp gently to turn the lamp's partner the same color and let their owner know you've thought of them. One of the season's more fun tech gifts for seniors, this Uncommon Goods treasure lets you set up your lamp via Wi-Fi and choose your preference of either a cycle of rainbow colors or assigning each family member a color so that when they touch their lamp, yours will emit their designated shade.

Buy it: Long Distance Friendship Touch Lamps, a set of two lamps with one-step setup is $170.00. Hold onto our Uncommon Goods promo codes while you shop; they could save you up to 30% off original prices.

Herbal Warming Slippers

senior tech gift guide

Although not extremely 'high tech', these are widely loved by all ages, especially in the colder months. Keep your dear ones' toes toasty and their senses replenished with these super soft and cozy Herbal Warming Slippers from Uncommon Goods.

Soles are filled with real aromatic dried lavender buds for relaxation and warming flax seeds for heat. Wearers can enjoy them as-is for an everyday treat, or place them in the microwave (but only for 30 seconds or less please) for some added luxury on a cold winter's day. Is it particularly hot outside? Toss them in the fridge for a while and cool those tootsies down! 

Insoles are made in the USA, while slippers are handmade in Argentina. Follow care instructions carefully here.

Buy it: Get Ladies' Ballerina Herbal Warming Slippers, or Men's Herbal Warming Slippers, both $48.00. Check out our Uncommon Goods promo codes for discounts - you can save up to 30%.

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