School Project Entertaining Advertisement

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Don't know what kind you are going to do for your school project? This article will guide you on how to create an entertaining advertisement for a school project.

Making an advertisement for a school project need not be complicated. A simple yet entertaining ad can catch the eyes of your teacher and of your audience. This article will guide you on how to create an entertaining advertisement for a school project.

Choosing an Advertisement

First and foremost, you need to decide what kind of advertisement you are going to create. Whether it is a video commercial or in a form of a poster, you must make it catchy and with a sense of humor to make it more appealing. You should also decide what kind of product you are going to advertise. It is better if you invent the name of your product than copying something from an already existing advertisement. Or, a parody of an interesting commercial would also do the trick. Just use your creative imagination in making the ad. The more unique and creative your ideas are, the better the chances of getting a high grade.

As a sample, we will make an entertaining poster-like advertisement.


1. A product to advertise - In this case, you can invent a product (we will use a hair gel for this sample ad and you can make a brand name of your choice).

2. Computer program like Photoshop, Corel Draw or similar applications.

3. Photo paper

4. Printer


The idea is to create a poster or a slogan type advertisement about the benefits of a hair gel product to you hair or about how it works. In this project, we will portray that through the hair gel, you can style your hair in any way you want. As a model, we will use a lion and we will show what it looks like before and after the application. Here are the steps on how make an entertaining advertisement for a school project using this sample ad:

1. Search for a picture a hair gel product on the internet. Using a chosen computer application like Photoshop or Corel Draw, edit the image and label it according to your brand name choice.

2. Then look for a lion image that you think would be perfect as a model for the product. Make two copies of the same image. Retain the first picture in its original form and edit the other one using computer application. Style the lions hair in a way you want (just make sure to make it look better. Your creativity is needed on this part.) Style the hair like it has been combed or straightened.

3. Then lay out the advertisement (still using the computer application) and put all the elements like the product and other images together in its proper perspective. Your better judgment is vital on this area. Be sure to show what the lion looks like before and after the application of the hair gel product.

4. Add some text that will make the idea more visible. Make it sound funnier and entertaining.

5. Print the finished product and now you are ready for your school project.


Posted on Nov 19, 2011
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