Facts About Saudi Arabia (Geography).

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facts about Saudi Arabia. Geograpy, topography and demography of Saudi Arabia.Facts about Saudi Arabia. The capital city of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh.Saudi Arabia is situated between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. Saudi Arabia facts.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is situated between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, and with a land mass of approximately 2,150,000 is the largest country on the Arabian Peninsular.

A mostly uninhabited land, most of the country consists of arid desert, having less than 2% of arable land, that is situated in it's south east mountain region, which hosts peaks of over 3000 metres.

Most of the country's 28.7 million population live along the country's 2,640 km eastern and western coastline, where there is a population density of 31per sq km.

There are five cities with a population of over one million, with it's capital Riyadh being the most populace at 4.7 million.The capital grew up around the Riyadh Wadi, or Orchard Oasis, which was for many decades the world's largest producer of dates. The oasis has since dried up, leaving the inhabitants of Riyadh relying on an extensive de- salination plant for their water needs.

The country has no rivers or lakes, due to it's extreme climate that often sees Summer temperatures of over 50 degrees, and an annual rainfall of only 100mm, although Summertime flashfloods can occur in it's desert interior.

On it's mainly undefined southern border between yemen- and Omar, the Rub al Khali desert region harbours no life at all.

In its mountainous northwest; live it's small native animal population of Ibex, wolves, hyenas and baboon.

Its northeastern area, at the An Nafud desert is arid sand and rock, stretching all the way down to the shoreline of the Arabian Sea.

It has two large mountain ranges, the Jebbel Al Hejaz in the north, and the Asir in the south.

The country's only natural resource is petroleum, and Saudi Arabia is the largest exporter of it, in the world.

The country is ruled by an Islamic Monarchy, with a consultative assembly, and is appointed and presided over by a King of the Al Saud royal family, which has ruled the country since 1902.

The country's law is decreed by Islamic Sharia law, which implements capital and corporal punishment, including amputation and public floggings.


The religion of the country is strictly Islamic, with all other religions prohibited.

The country hosts two of Islam's holiest sites, Mecca and Madinah, both siuated on it's Red Sea western coast.

You can read about these mosques on this page -  the-worlds-ten-largest-mosques


It's Red Sea area at the Gulf of Aqaba, hosts a first class coral reef with a rich marine life, making this area a haven for divers.

Every Saudi is provided with free education and books, with the study of Islam being at the core of its education system. 


                                                       An Arabic keyboard. 

The country is divided into 13 regions or Emirates;

Al Bahah.                         Al Jawf.

Al Madinah.                      Al Qasim.

Ha'il.                                 Asir.

Al Riyadh.                       Tabuk.

Najran.                            Makkah.

Jizan.                              Northern Border.

Eastern Province.


                                                        The Saudi capital, Riyadh.

Its major cities are large, modern cosmopolitan areas, with superb infrastructures, all paid for from it's oil revenue.

Its interior has a small populace of Nomadic people, who travel between it's many oasis, or Wadi.

There are also small desert communities that have built up around the many oil fields there, housing a large, temporary migrant work force from all over the world.

Most of Saudi Arabia's permanent, unskilled, migrant workforce of 5.5 million comes from the Indian Sub Continent or South East Asia.


Position of Saudi Arabia within the Arabian Peninsula.Map shows location of the countries major cities.

currency is the Riyal.

Time zone UTC + 3.


Telephone code. +966.

Language. Arabic.



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