The 10 Safest Fixed Gear Bicycles for Big City Commuters

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Cycling in a city can be tough. Luckily, these 10 brands have mastered the safest fixies for urban commuters.

Considering getting a fixed gear bike for your ride to and from work? You definitely aren’t alone. Fixed gear bikes, or ‘fixies,’ are gaining popularity both within and outside the big cities due to their sharp appearance, low cost, and ease of upkeep. But how safe are they?

On a fixed gear bicycle, riders often claim to be “one with the bike.” When they pedal forward, the bike moves forward. When they pedal backward, the bike moves backward. And with fewer parts to it, the fixie is lighter than other bikes, which means optimal maneuverability and the highest mechanical efficiency — requiring less energy from the rider to get the bike to move.

Some insist they’re as safe as any other bike used for commuting if you observe the basic safety standards, like riding in bike lanes whenever they’re available, leaving the headphones off for the ride, and wearing a helmet. But what about the safety of the bike itself? We’ve gone in for some safe fixies and found 10 you’ll be wise to explore when making your purchase. 

Check these out:

Pure Cycles 

Prominently displayed on the Pure Cycles website is the statement that, “As safety is our fundamental priority, all of our models meet the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s bicycle standards, and are assembled using the most trusted materials in the industry.”

So, we felt confident searching their site for a fixie. We found the right section:

And chose the Glow — since any amount of riding at night requires optimal visibility to be safe. That’s why most bikes have reflectors and other such eye-catching adornments to keep their riders visible. 

But a bike covered in solar-activated glow-in-the-dark paint? Brilliant!

Like the description explains, an hour of exposure to sunlight equals an hour of nighttime glowing. Excellent innovation and stellar for safety.

Get a Glow here for $399 and you’ll qualify for free shipping (offered on all orders over $50). 

Consider these options for your ideal delivery/assembly method. (Keep in mind that to activate your warranty, professional assembly is required):

Their return policy is explained in detail here.

Pure Cycles specs:

Price:  Fixed gear and single speeds range from $249-449

Does Pure Cycles offer delivery? Assembly? Yes, 'do it yourself' delivery is free (the bike arrives mostly assembled, you do the rest). Fully assembled bike shop pickup is available (for my order, it was $99), and they'll pick the shop nearest to you.

Does Pure Cycles offer customization options? Yes, size and color.

Does Pure Cycles have any physical showrooms? Yes, in Burbank, CA.

Is there a trial offered on Pure Cycles bikes? Warranty? Refunds will be provided within 14 days of purchase. Otherwise, you'll receive store credit up to 100 days. There's a lifetime warranty for manufacturer defects on frames, 1 year on components, and 2 years on electric components. See details here.


  • Glow in the dark paint is bright at night for rider visibility
  • Unique design can flip from fixed gear to single speed with one rear adjustment
  • Sturdy
  • Affordable


  • Brake can be attached on either front or back, which some consider convenient and others risky
  • Paint glows when exposed to sunlight during the day; wears off over time once exposure ends
  • Only one brake, but you can buy another if you need to

Bottom Line:

This is a unique bike with study construction. Well-performing with adjustments you can make to personalize it and make your ride more comfortable. Great deal.

Solé Bicycles

Solé makes a few different types of bicycles, but for our purposes, we skipped right to the fixed gears:

And we took a ride through their selection, stopping for a second glance at the Fresh Prince:

The Fresh Prince is known for its lightweight construction and ease of maneuverability, perfect for a commute requiring quick reflexes and a bike that responds to your every lean. At only 26 pounds, this bike is as easy to carry as it is to ride. 

And the best part:

Buy the Fresh Prince here for $359, where you’ll select your size and optional extras like lights and a lock (we’d opt for the lights as a safety measure). You’ll get a 30-day test ride to see if you like it, too — if you don’t, they’ll take it back for a refund.

Solé Bicycle specs:

Price:  $300-500.

Does Solé Bicycles offer delivery? Assembly? They offer free shipping anywhere in the U.S., and ship the bike 90% assembled to your door with tools and instructions on assembling the rest.

Does Solé Bicycles offer customization options? This one can be ridden either fixed gear or single speed with the adjustment on the rear flip flop hub.

Does Solé Bicycles have any physical showrooms? Yes, one at Venice Beach and another on USC campus.

Is there a trial offered? Warranty? There's a 30-day test ride free of charge for every bike.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy assembly for most
  • Great looking bike


  • Some felt the product was not as durable as indicated
  • Some received the wrong color, etc., and did not realize it until box to return ship in was already broken

Bottom Line: 

It's a great-looking bike at a decent price, but give it a test spin before you decide to keep it. Make sure the box remains in good shape in case you need to send it back  


On the Brilliant site, you start off with choices. Being one of the first direct-to-consumer bike brands in the world, they keep things simple and to the point. When you get on their site, you’re first asked what kind of riding you’ll be doing. Then you make other choices about where/what type of terrain you’ll be riding on, etc., and they suggest a bike based upon your answers.

Obviously, we chose ‘versatile’.

Then we chose Chicago, a favorite city:

And then it asked my height:

And the result was:

The Astor. 

As the site explains, although a single fixed gear is cheaper, more gears can help with pedaling up hills. Since we don’t anticipate many hills along our Chicago commute, however, this option will do just fine. And since it’s customized to our type of riding and height, it’s prime for safety too.

Get the Astor for $300 here, where you’ll enter your address to calculate shipping (mine was $30). And do please examine your delivery options as well:

Brilliant specs:

Price:  Starts at $299.

Does Brilliant offer delivery? Assembly? 2 choices: You can get it delivered to your door 95% assembled with tools for you to do the rest for $30, or have Velofix do it for $100.

Does Brilliant offer customization options? Yes, color, size and speeds.

Does Brilliant have any physical showrooms? They have a workshop at 174 Hudson Street, NYC, available by appointment only, but no showrooms.

Is there a trial offered? Warranty? Try your bike free for 30 days.


  • Good price
  • Excellent bike for basic riders who just want to get from one place to another
  • Simple ordering process


  • Text and video tutorials on assembling the bicycles were easier for some than others
  • Buying online means customers miss out on the service and attention bike shops offer

Bottom Line:

Cheap, decent bikes with all the basics you need to get riding. Just make sure you've got everything tightened on correctly if you're a newbie, (especially those brakes!) and then - off you go!

Critical Cycles

Rated as perfect for commuters, the Harper Fixed Gear Bike from Critical Cycles has top shelf safety. Both the front and the rear brakes are über-sensitive, while the rims have machined braking surfaces, allowing you to stop quickly when you need to. It also has wider tires for enhanced stability and balance. 

Now let’s see how our online shopping went with the Critical Cycles Harper Fixed Gear:

We found it here for $199.99 - and qualified for free shipping (all orders over $25 offer it):

Refunds are available within 50 days of purchase from this dealer. Check yours at time of purchase. Easy peasy purchase, and now we wait for delivery!

Critical Cycles specs:

Price:  Ranges from $168 to $189 to $235 or higher.

Does Critical Cycles offer delivery? Assembly? Delivers with tools and simple instructions for final steps of assembly.

Does Critical Cycles offer customization options? There are several colors and sizes available, although not specifically 'customizable'.

Does Critical Cycles have any physical showrooms? You can find stores near you which feature Critical Cycles by entering your zip code here.

Is there a trial offered? Warranty? Check dealer specifics on some of this. Westridge's return policy is 50 days, for example, and Critical Cycles' warranty info is here.


  • Affordable
  • Comes equipped with two brakes for optimal safety
  • Flip-flop rear hub lets riders switch from fixed gear to single speed whenever they wish
  • Easy to maneuver or carry if needed at a light 25 pounds


  • High wheels may not get you far if you stumble upon rough terrain
  • Some had trouble with components arriving cracked or falling off after assembly; for best results — have a professional check your assembly before riding in heavy traffic or otherwise dangerous terrain

Bottom Line:

The two brakes allow both front and rear braking for better control of the bike, while the stable Kenda tires give it superior balance for an easier ride. This is a high quality, safe bicycle with great bang for the buck, an excellent value.

Big Shot Bikes

With dealers across the country, and looking to expand internationally, you can find Big Shot Bikes at a wide range of locations. Big Shot makes plenty of fixies, and lets you customize your own as well. Need some inspiration? Check out their gallery for unique design ideas. 

Let’s see how our shopping adventure goes with Big Shot online:

You can select colors on various bike parts, the size of your bike, handlebar type, and yes or no on decals. 

We went for an eye-popping combo of yellow and lime, along with easy-to-grab straight handlebars (personal preference):

A chat box opened up to give me a promo code for free shipping (thanks, chatbot dude!), so yes we shall make use of it here:

And that will keep my bill where it is then. Simple, and now we wait for delivery. Fantastic!

Big Shot Bikes specs: 

Price:  With most models starting at approximately $299, prices range with customization features up to $400 or more.

Does Big Shot Bikes offer delivery? Assembly? Yes, your bike will arrive 80% assembled. Remaining assembly details can be read here.

Does Big Shot Bikes offer customization options? Yes, see the Build Your Bike section we used above.

Does Big Shot Bikes have any physical showrooms? There are numerous dealers featuring Big Shot bikes across the country. See their locator for a shop near you.

Is there a trial offered? Warranty? The bike comes with a 1-year warranty. Warranty specifics are downloadable from their FAQ.


  • Flip flop hub lets you ride fixed gear or single speed as you wish
  • High quality components
  • Suitable for both newbies and seasoned riders
  • Affordable


  • Only accepts major credit cards
  • 1 year warranty seems short

Bottom Line:

This is a durable, high quality bike for new or advanced riders wanting to save a buck. Keep the price low by keeping your customized features few. 

State Bicycle Co.

With State Bicycle Co., you can select the best model for you based on the kind of riding you do. In our case, we need a sturdy commuter bike for our ride to work and back. 

Although a City Bike might be a good choice for commuting, designed to reflect the once-prominent ‘Dutch Style’ bikes of old Europe, known for their sturdy comfort,

We went in for the Black Label fixie, ideal for both road or track riding.

And you can purchase it here with customizations like size, style, etc.:

With my selected personalizations and free shipping (on all orders over $50), our total is here:

Not bad for all those customized options and a nice, sturdy bike!

Refunds are discussed here, and warranty info is here. Want to visit a State Bicycle shop in person? Search for your location here

State Bicycle Co. specs:

Price:  Starting at $299 can range to over $1000 depending upon model and customizations.

Does State Bicycle Co. offer delivery? Assembly? Yes, shipping is free within the continental U.S. for orders over $50, and proof of professional assembly is required to activate warranty — so is highly advised.

Does State Bicycle Co. offer customization options? Yes numerous — size, color, wheel upgrades, chaining upgrades, saddle types, etc.

Does State Bicycle Co. have any physical showrooms? Many dealers feature State Bicycles; find one near you with their Locator.

Is there a trial offered? Warranty? They offer a 5-year warranty on frames and forks - details here. Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase, details here.


  • High reliability; low maintenance
  • Feels really light, easy to ride. fast and fun
  • Chic design
  • Durable, sturdy construction


  • Expensive compared to other similar options

Bottom Line:

This is a high end fixie for those who've decided fixed gear is definitely for them. Professional assembly is advised to be sure it's safe and ready for the road


Founded in 2009 by the Ginster brothers with an emphasis on building affordable, high quality products and a passion for all types of riding, Fyxation makes a variety of bikes — from fixed gear to several speeds, adventure bikes and even electric bikes. 

For our safe fixie, we opted for the Olive Green Pixel:

For $329, this model offers a flip flop hub so you can switch to single speed or back to fixed gear as you wish. “Fast, fun, and affordable,” it comes with a durable steel frame, comfortable upright design, and reliable for an easy ride through traffic to and from work.

Fyxation specs:

Price:  Starting at $329.

Do they offer delivery? Assembly? They'll ship free for orders over $50. Likely best bet is to ship to bike shop near you for professional assembly; professional assembly is required to activate warranty.

Do they offer customization options? You choose your size and the Pixels come in 5 different colors.

Do they have any physical showrooms? Their headquarters is in Milwaukee and numerous dealers feature Fyxnation bikes in their stores. Find one near you here.

Is there a trial offered? Warranty? Refunds are offered within 7 business days while a lifetime warranty is offered on frames and forks. A limited one-year warranty is offered on some other parts; details here.


  • Sturdy construction in lightweight steel
  • Flip flop hub lets rider switch between fixed gear or single speed
  • Neat, sleek design
  • Superior tire grip


  • Handlebar grips feel every bump in the road
  • Steering response is OK, could be quicker

Bottom Line: 

This is a decent, eye-catching bike, of good quality. Performs as indicated but you'll feel the ride in your palms. If possible, give it a test ride first to see how much this bothers you.

Wabi Cycles

When you look around on the Wabi Cycles site, one thing pops out at you right away — and it’s like they knew we were coming! With riser bars, durable tires, and a cozy saddle, the Wabi Commute bicycle is built for those with a ride in store. The best part of this design is the flip flop hub, allowing our fixie to turn into a single speed whenever we like!

Here’s how easily we purchased the Wabi Commute online:

With these specifications:

So we know we’re in good shape for commuting with a fixie specially designed for it. The price? Not cheap, but we think it’s probably worth it. And although these extras sound tempting, we decided to pass on them to save a few bucks:


And then Wabi asks if I have any special instructions...I can’t think of any, so I pass on this form.

Then when I factor in the $40 flat rate fee on shipping for orders over $800, my total is:

Wabi Cycles specs:

Price:  Starting at $895.

Does Wabi Cycles offer delivery? Assembly? Yes, delivery is available with a shipping fee. Mine was $40 flat rate for orders over $800. Light final assembly is required, and professional assembly at a bike shop is recommended.

Does Wabi Cycles offer customization options? Available in two colors, choose size and racks/no racks.

Does Wabi Cycles have any physical showrooms? They are primarily online with a headquarters in Tulsa, OK.

Is there a trial offered? Warranty? Refunds are available only within 24 hours of ordering on customized bikes. Otherwise, only available if defective.


  • Sturdy tires grip the road well
  • Flip flop hub lets rider switch between fixed gear or single speed
  • Neat, classic appearance


  • Some found the saddle too firm
  • Check your brake setup upon delivery; some have needed to reverse theirs
  • Expensive

Bottom Line: 

This is a well-built, classic design for commuting and can be either fixed gear or single speed with a simple adjustment. Riser bars allow for good posture while riding. If the price isn’t too high for you, go for it.

Republic Bike

With bikes designed for sharing and the optimal durability that requires, it’s no wonder that Republic offers a state-of-the-art fixie that can be transformed into a non-fixie by simply rotating its rear tire. 

The Aristotle it is, as it’s perfect for our purposes, and even better — it’s customizable!

We chose the most eye-catching color combo we could find. You can design your own here:

Our total wasn’t bad at all with the $49 shipping fee:

So it wouldn’t be out of the question to add in Wabi’s suggested light and lock:

For added safety, we chose the light and left the lock (we already have a lock), so now we’re paying a total of:

$469.00 — not bad!

We couldn’t find any refund info posted, but you can contact them here with pre-purchase questions.

Republic Bike specs:

Price:  Starting at $399.

Do they offer delivery? Assembly? They arrive 90% assembled and it's recommended you involve a professional in the remaining assembly if possible.

Will they have my products in-stock, or will I need to wait for them to build my order before shipping? They operate on a first come, first serve basis, but the bikes and components featured on their website should likely be in stock unless otherwise noted. They estimate bikes will be built within 7 days if customized, but this is just an estimate.

Do they offer customization options? Choose the colors on several bike features, frame size, handle bar type, etc.

Do they have any physical showrooms? Primarily online, they headquarter in Dania Beach, FL.

Is there a trial offered? Warranty? Returns are accepted within 30 days but you need to contact them via email for a return authorization number. Warranties on frames are covered for one year; other parts 60 days.


  • Affordable
  • Fun customization online
  • You'll probably get it quickly


  • A new company, there isn't much info out there about them
  • Short warranty terms
  • Steel fixtures make these a heavier ride than some similar options

Bottom Line: 

These fixies are some of the cheapest available with lots of customization features. Although some feel they ride heavier than others, if a durable, safe ride is your goal, these are great buy.

Mango Bikes

British-made Mango Bikes has designs for every purpose, and for our commute, we figured speed couldn’t hurt as long as the bike could handle itself well.

So then, feast your eyes on the Point Blank:

Great for catching up on errands, hurrying along to last minute meet-ups, and commuting to and from your place of livelihood. The Point Blank is ‘track-inspired’ and can effortlessly work with the speed you need to get to where you need to be. 

Available in several colors, we opted for the orange to keep us visible in grey weather or during evening commutes.

We also opted for the puncture-resistant tires (available for an extra 45 pounds — which converts to appx $59 USD).

This brings my total to $747.40 with a flat shipping rate of $135. Not bad at all for a high quality, durable commute bike!

I’ll place my order! Warranty and return information is here.

Mango Bikes specs:

Price:  $673.65.

Do they offer delivery? Assembly? Bikes are hand built and fully assembled in the shop before shipping. Then they are quality checked and dissembled for shipping, so you'll need to complete assembly with enclosed tools and instructions upon receipt.

Will they have my products in-stock, or will I need to wait for them to build my order before shipping? If certain items are not in stock at time of order, you may be given the option to place a deposit to hold the item once it becomes available. Otherwise, most items should be in stock unless otherwise specified at time of order.

Do they offer customization options? The Point Blank comes in several color choices, and you also choose your frame size, handle bar type and tire type.

Do they have any physical showrooms?  No.

Is there a trial offered? Warranty? 3-year warranty on frame; 1-year warranty on components. Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase minus a restocking fee. Details here.


  • Flip flop hub switches from fixed gear to single speed as riders wish
  • Very fashionable color options
  • The company designs and tests their own parts before assembling the bikes
  • Excellent customer service


  • Newish company
  • Some disliked the saddle

Bottom Line:  

Customers are a top priority for this new company, and creating quality products seem to be as well. We think you'll be happy with this product; otherwise, refunds are an option.

Funked Up

Dublin-born Funked Up Bicycles keeps it funky with bright colors and bold designs, with fun names like the Purple Rain, RumpOfSteelSkin 2.0, Give Up The Funk, and Da Funk 2.0

For a safe commute, we opted for the Street model, offering the best of design in strength, durability and lightweight responsiveness — ideal for city riding. 

Here’s what our online shopping experience was like (it may be noteworthy to share that I was unable to get back on the site a couple of days after this initial visit, although other sites worked perfectly fine) 

Always wanting to remain visible, I chose the Chameleon design for it’s eye-popping color scheme:

And I added an upgrade on the tires and and some yellow pedal straps — making my total $754.24.

And a grand total including a shipping fee of $119.72 from Dublin isn’t so bad I suppose:


Refunds are mentioned here and warranties are discussed here.

Live in Ireland and want to find out about the Cycle to Work Scheme? Check it out here.

Funked Up specs:

Price:  Starting at $658.

Do they offer delivery? Assembly? Ships partially assembled, it's recommended the final assembly be overseen by a local professional bike shop for safety reasons.

Do they offer customization options? Yes, colors, frame size, pedals, saddles, etc. Lots of choices.

Do they have any physical showrooms? Their headquarters is in Dublin, predominantly online otherwise.

Is there a trial offered? Warranty? Refunds are offered within 7 business days while a lifetime warranty is offered on frames and forks. A limited one-year warranty is offered on some other parts; details here.


  • Well-built, sturdy design
  • Flip flop hub lets rider switch between fixed gear or single speed
  • Revised geometry lets you ride faster with slimmer tubing and new fork design


  • Rides "heavier" than some prefer
  • May be less quality than others for similar prices

Bottom Line:  

These are decent bikes, but you may find better for the same price at a local bike shop. Look around.

Well, there you have it. The top 10 safest models we could find of current fixed gear bikes you can use for commuting to work. Did you find another kind we should know about? Tell us in the comments below! We look forward to hearing from you.