Rhode Island Gold

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Gold is found in Rhode Island as both placer and hard rock deposits. Gold also be found as pirate treasure and possibly in the industrial waste sludge from jewelry manufacturing plants.

Gold is found in Rhode Island as both alluvial gold and gold in hard rock. A very good place for any prospector to look in Rhode Island for gold is the many rivers and streams flowing across the state. Virtually any river in the world contains gold associated with its sand and gravel deposits found in it's bed. Hard rock gold is apt to be found in virtually any of the state’s rocks.

Just about any river or stream in the world will carry some gold in its associated sand and gravel. Just about anywhere that you would look for trout is also a good place to look for gold. It is usually found on the inside of bends, in a plunge pool at the bottom of a waterfall or any other place where the velocity of the running water suddenly slows down.

The kind of stream for gold panning is one that has a rapid flow with many rapids and Small waterfalls. A mature river is not a good place to prospect because the gold has been ground to small particles by the action of running water.

The thing about a rich deposit like this is very spotty in some places could be worth several hundred dollars a ton and in other places in absolutely worthless. Gold has always had a fascination about it, but the truth is there are more mines that can be richer in metal deposits than a gold mine, but they don't have the aura gold does. You probably could make more money with a sand and gravel pit if it was close to a market.

This is also true of placer mining for gold, the richest deposits are often spotty. There are also times when it is possible to find placer gold along an river or stream in a deposit you could measure several miles. Even if $.15 of gold per ton this could be a fabulously rich mine just by processing a large amount of gravel rapidly with a large dredge.

There are plenty of reports in the neighboring state of Massachusetts of gold one of which is right in the town of Douglas that enjoys a common border with northern Rhode Island. Since there is no state line fault it has be assumed that the deposits of gold extend into Rhode Island.

There are plenty of reports of gold being found in the vicinity of Diamond Hill in Providence County. There has even been an active gold mine at Durfee Hill in the town of Gloucester in Providence County.

Natural gold isn't the only gold that is found in Rhode Island for many years Narragansett Bay is known to house some rather unsavory pirates used to bury their treasure somewhere near the coast of Rhode Island. For many years Providence was the jewelry The United States. Some of these jewelry plants were doing gold plating and from observing other plating plant waste streams as an environmental analyst and how they dispose of their waste there are probably some industrial sludge around Providence that are rich in gold and silver.

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