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Review of ResumeRabbit.com

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A review of resumerabbit.com and a few other resume distribution sites.

Resume Rabbit.com promises that they will post your resume on (up to – means may be less) 84 job sites, where more than "1.5 million employers & recruiters" will see it. Other benefits include: a list of the job sites where your resume was posted, confidentiality, emails announcing matching jobs from many job sites, spam protection, and more. It claims to be able to "save 60 hours off your job search," with no explanation of how they will accomplish this.

Resume Rabbit wants all your information, your contact information, etc., and promises that filling out all their forms will take 5 minutes. It took me 15. If you don't have a form filling program it may take you hours. The only thing they don't ask for is your height, weight and best friend's name. You have to wade through about 6 pages to get to the end, where you find out it will cost you $60 – a one-time fee -- to distribute your resume to "up to" 84 job sites.

At http://www.jobgoround.com/services/resume-distribution-reviews/ you can compare resume distribution sites. There you will discover that:

ResumeSpider is reported as the most popular. For $49 you get a "targeted network." Cindy A. reported:

"Resume Spider sent my resume to recruiters in my field that I didnt [sic] even know about. I’ve gotten two calls and two email inquiries about my resume. No new job yet but at least the service seems to be working."

Kevin G. said, " Thank you. I couldn’t believe all the contacts I found through you guys!! The Recruiter list alone is huge!" Only 4 comments proved rather thin for "the most popular" resume distribution site. I suspect all these sites

Jobsbyfax guarantees "…that 10+ Employers will call you within 72 hours." You can't access their database of jobs unless you (again) fill out all the information they want, and pay. Jerry D. had this to say about jobsbyfax:

"Used this service and it appears that they faxed my resume to everything and everyone with a fax number. The only response that I received was from a prison that told me that it was illegal to be sending faxes to that number. When I contacted them about this I got no response and the 29.95 they advertise became almost 100 bucks. Totally a rip off."

Hmmm. ResumeSpider is looking better all the time.

The third most popular is emailmyresume.com. For $50 they say they will fax your resume to over 7500 recruiters and 1400 employers confidentially. You are given complete list of recipients with the service. Though there is a button click to read reviews, there are none. If and when they do get a positive review, I'm sure they will post it.

You would be well advised to research the resume distribution sites you visit, before you spend your money. Make sure your resume is updated, and good luck to you!


Posted on Nov 22, 2012
Chris Stonecipher
Posted on Jan 4, 2012

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