Renalin: Herbal Dietary Supplement for the Kidneys

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A healthy kidney simply means a normal and regular urination. This is a product review about Renalin, a popular multiherb formula designed for the kidneys.

Being able to urinate regularly without any discomfort is a blessing. While kidney problems are often associated with diseases, general causes also include poor water intake, excessive consumption of salty foods and certain medication misuse.

While diseases such as urinary tract infection can be remedied by appropriate medicine, some cases may need aid from diuretics or urine inducing substances.

In hypertensive instances, diuretics help lower high blood levels as through urination pressure is also reduced. Not only diuretics remove excess water, these also eliminate toxins and therefore clean the body. There are natural diuretics and pharmaceutical types. While pharmaceutical diuretics are often employed for serious conditions as hypertension or in liver complications, there are individuals who also find relief in natural diuretics such as pineapple, cornsilk, buko juice etc.

Renalin marketed by Nattural Quality corp. is a multi-herbal dietary supplement for the kidney wellness. It contains four medicinal plants listed in the Philippine pharmacopeia and recognized in the German commission E. Monograph.

  • Cat’s whiskers

(Orthosiphon aristatus)

Also popular as balbas pusa and Java tea, Cat’s whiskers is listed in the Philippine pharmacopeia as herbal remedy for urinary tract infection due to its antibacterial components. It is grown in Southeast Asia and in Northern Australia. Used in traditional medicine, Cat’s whiskers is known as cure for rheumatism, gout, hypertension and stimulant for urine production. Only the leaves of Cat’s whiskers are utilized since the other parts of the plant are cited to be poisonous.

The German commission E. monograph that serves as a therapeutic guide to herbal medicines approves Cat’s whiskers for urinary tract infections and for kidney and bladder stones.

  • Banaba

(Lagestroemia speciosa)

In the Philippines, Banaba is more recognized as a weight lose promoter and as aid for diabetes. It’s flowers and leaves contain corosolic acid. Not only that this substance delays and reduces the absorption of carbohydrates responsible for weight gain, corosolic acid also acts as insulin that lowers the blood gulose. Used as a folkloric herbal medicine, Banaba is indicated for fever, diarrhea, for cholesterol and blood pressure control.

Banaba is also a diuretic and used for kidney disorders.

  • Sambong

(Blumea balsamifera)

Found in Southeast Asia, Sambong is an aromatic shrub popular for various medicinal uses. While its roots are also utilized, the leaves of Sambong are more recognized for fever, boils, headache and cough. Sambong is also a diuretic and is promoted by the DOH (Department of Health) Philippines as a kind of herb that can dissolve renal stones.

  • Turmeric

(Curcuma longa)

Turmeric (luyang dilaw), a relative of ginger is a herbal plant native to South East Asia. It has been used medicinally for 4000 years. Turmeric is indicated for digestive problems, inflammation and infections. It contains curcumin which was demonstrated to provide pain relief similar to ibuprofen.

Some research suggests that turmeric maybe helpful for heart problems since it has a blood thinning property similar to aspirin. More to this, there are evidence and testings in rats that Turmeric can help or prevent some cancer types.

As turmeric can prevent renal inflammation, it can also be beneficial for some kidney diseases.

Renalin recommended dose: I capsule before meal, three times daily

Renalin safety: No toxicity reported

Renalin as a dietary herbal supplement for the kidneys

With Renalin’s favorable amount and composition of the four herbs – Sambong, banaba, turmeric and Cat’s whiskers, this product may be a good option for a healthy kidney. There are testimonials that cite of Renalin’s effectiveness – mostly good news about kidney stones dissolving miraculously. In addition, Renalin is also registered with the FDA Philippines. However, Renalin as whole and similar to other dietary supplements has not enough documentation and clinical trials. Possible drug interactions and future adverse reactions should be considered. In conclusion, even if Renalin is an over-the-counter product, advice from a registered physician is still essential.

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