Qualities of a Model Employee

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In the absence of bosses, a smart employee is quick to act and think on things or issues that needs immediate decision making.

What is a model employee? In most boss’s eyes, the model employee never complains about everything that is asked of him or her to do. A model employee should and usually does get very good reviews each year and if all is right with the company, this model employee should be able to move up in the company and get raises.

Being a model employee might or not be someone that is very outgoing. Sometimes a model employee will keep to themselves and their work, which helps them concentrate on the job at hand. But at the same time, the model employee will not hesitate to help a fellow employee or pick up slack if an employee had to call in sick.

• A model employee has the initiative in organizing and performing his task well. He does not wait for his supervisors to instruct him of the specifics of his work. He is resourceful and inventive in making sure that he accomplishes what is expected of him.

• He is punctual in reporting to his work everyday. Never late and never absent as possible. If, however, he is due to a valid reason, he has the initiative to call and inform his boss of his absence.

• Shows enthusiasm and eagerness in doing his task not only when the bosses are around and watching him.

• He is respectful to everyone not only to his superiors but to his fellow employees and company’s clients as well.

• He shows loyalty to his company by patronizing the company’s products and by not disclosing any confidential information to other people who are not connected to the company.

• He loves the company that he works for and he sees to it that all his efforts in doing his part are helping the company realize its goals and missions.

• He exhibits honesty in all his business dealings and in performing his function. He never takes advantage of the company’s time, machinery and office supplies.

• He never hesitates to render overtime work if needed, even on weekend or holidays.

• He gives credits to his fellow employees for a well done job and doesn’t claim that credit as his own.


• He takes responsibility for all his actions and never blames others for his mistakes or wrongdoings.

• He is dependable and his bosses can always count on him most of the time especially on critical cases.

• He is attentive to instructions and can easily grasp and understand directions.

• He delivers and performs work more than what is expected of him.

• He shows cooperation and works with the team well towards the fulfillment of the company’s goals.

• He never minds other people’s business by ignoring gossips and rumors within the workplace.

• He inspires others by his work ethics and professionalism.

• Regardless of his busy schedule and huge volume of work, he always makes sure and finds ways to meet deadlines on time.

• He is smart and intelligent. In the absence of bosses, he is quick to act and think on things or issues that needs immediate decision making.

With all of that being said about being a model employee, it actually takes more than just a model employee to make a business an exceptional business. Owners, bosses and supervisors also have to show appreciation of the model employee, or the model employee might start to feel as if all their hard work is for naught.

Like many things in life, it is a two-way street. The model employee should be recognized for their work. This recognition can come in the form as rewards, bonuses, and a pay raise if possible or at the very least a thank you from the boss.