Pros and Cons of Cats and Dogs

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A list of pros and cons comparing ownership of cats to the owner ship of dogs. Which makes a better pet, and why?

There are pros and cons to each and some pets are better suited to some lifestyles. It should be noted that you should get the pet best suited to your lifestyles even though it might not be your favorite animal. This will make your life better, and the life of any animal you acquire. To make the point: I love dogs myself, however I am well aware they would not fit into my current lifestyle, nor would I be able to meet their physically, and mental needs, as such I do not own a dog at this time.

Pros of Dogs

Dogs are great companions, faithful and loyal. They bond to people.

Dogs come in many sizes, offering something for everyone.

Dogs offer protection, as many will bark to alert you of danger, some will even perform “guard” duties.

Dogs can learn tricks and commands, making them great for the person who wants to be involved with their pet.

Dogs can go for walks (some cats will do this too, but usually only in their neighbor hood), making them great for the person looking for a walking buddy.

Cons of Dogs

Dogs can be pesky, they don't leave you alone when you want them to.

Dogs require exercise and mental stimulation, some dogs more than others. Without these dogs can become very bored and destructive.

Dogs can be dangerous, biting, or knocking people over.

Dogs bark, possibly making them neighborhood problems.

Dogs should never be left home alone for more than 8 - 12 hours.

You have to pick up after them (feces).

Some breeds of dogs require regular hair brushing and trips to the groomer – which can prove expensive over time.

Dogs who are not well socialized can be problems to other people, or other animals. It must be noted that some breed where meant to hunt and kill.

Dogs are often over priced, especially by back yard breeders.

Dogs are sometimes smarter than their owners...

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Pros of Cats

Cats can be independent and can be left alone (with food and water) for 36 – 48 hours.

Cats use their litter box.

Cats do not need constant attention.

Many cats, especially short haired cats, do not require grooming and will clean themselves.

Easy to acquire, often cheap, (although it is not recommended to take free kittens since they have not been vet checked, vaccinated, etc, and its cheaper to adopt them when this is already done than to take your own kitten to the vet).

Most cats will catch mice.

Cons of Cats

Cats bond to an area rather than a person, sometimes causing problems when people move.

Cats can be moody, they tell you when to pat them, and when to stop.

Cats like to be up high, owners must train them to stay off counter tops and tables, and should provide suitable cat furniture.

Some cats, particularly kittens, are claw aggressive and can damage furniture.

When let out they can roam and become pests in the neighborhood.

If outdoors cats will try to catch, and kill, birds.

Cat food is more expensive than dog food, although cats are smaller than most dogs and would therefor eat less.

cat and dog

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Which ever pet you choose, do more research on the care it requires. Particularly for dogs it is important to do further breed research because while some dogs love to run, others need mental games, and others prefer to be couch potatoes. In fact with dogs, temperament is far more important than size when it comes to picking the right one.

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