An Ode to the Top Sheet: A Review of Primary Goods

Updated November 22, 2019
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As one of the up-and-coming brands in the bedding and linen space, Primary Goods was founded with a promise to shake up the bedding world once and for all, reimagining one key piece of the puzzle: the top sheet.

The (Primary) Goods

For the purpose of this review, Primary Goods was lovely enough to send us the 100% percale cotton top sheet & duvet cover set in White Tile, one of their limited edition colors, along with a fitted sheet and pillow shams. I slept with the set for about a month before writing this review.

primary goods review

(Notice how the pattern works quite nicely with the morning sun through my bedroom windowpanes. Just call me Annie Leibovitz.)

Also, since we're going through the boring stuff now, my duvet is a down duvet from Macy's — just wanted to throw that out there. Now, back to the fun sheet.

Top sheet realness

One of Primary Goods' claims to fame is their complete reimagining of your bed's top sheet.

The fitted bottom sheet, while notoriously hard to fold, is ol' faithful when it comes to making your bed. Just stretch it to the corners of your mattress, and let the elastic do it's thang.

But the top sheet? That's a different story.

Since the first time I was tasked with making my bed (a chore I so passionately abhor), my least favorite part was always the top sheet. It's basically the less cooperative brother of the fitted sheet, and you have to fumble with tucking the ends under your mattress. And if your bed's up against a wall? Forget it.

I'm going to be completely honest with you here. Since moving out of my parents' house a few years ago, I've never once made my bed with a top sheet. It's always seemed like an added step in the bed-making process, and it always ends up down by your feet anyway. I've found top sheets to be so unhelpful in the past, that I even used one of mine for a Halloween costume once.

primary goods review

So, my top sheets have always stayed safe (and unused) in my linen closet.

Snaps for Primary

Primary Goods has made a case for the top sheet, however, and I'm here for it — not the top sheet of yore, but their new, 21st century imagining of what the top sheet should be.

Why is the top sheet wider and longer than the duvet? And isn't there a better way to keep it from falling down throughout the night? 

Those are the questions Primary asked themselves when creating their top sheet & duvet cover set. The solution?


I'll admit, I was majorly skeptical when I first saw that there were snaps on both the top sheet and duvet cover. I was already a major opponent of the top sheet, so it was against all my better judgement to begin to snap on the sheet to my duvet.

primary goods review

However, once complete, I had only to do one thing to completely make my bed: pull the duvet / sheet combo up into place. It's like the top sheet and duvet cover were joined in holy matrimony, and I didn't even have to sit through a long ceremony — I just got to enjoy the reception.

What are Primary Goods' sheet sets made of? 

Primary Goods offers two main types of materials for their bedsheets — percale cotton and French linen. Both are highly breathable and soft to the touch, and get softer with each wash. Since we were sent a percale cotton set, I'll go into that a little deeper now.

According to Primary's site, percale cotton was once used as a currency in ancient Persia by high-ranking officials and emperors. Now, it's what they use in their premium bedlinens.

primary goods review

After sleeping on the sheets for almost a month, I've come to the conclusion that percale cotton is, without a doubt, a magical material. Maybe it's some of the leftover juju from the emperors of centuries past. Maybe it's because the nicest sheets I've had before this were from TJ Maxx. Either way, I have never felt more comfortable while sleeping than in the past month on these percale cotton sheets.

For starters, it's one of the most temperature regulating fabrics I've ever interacted with. You know when you're laying in bed with your laptop, and suddenly the laptop decides to have a full-on meltdown that sounds like an industrial fan and feels like the fiery depths of Hell? This happened one night while I was wrapped in my new duvet cover/top-sheet fusion.

Naturally, I lifted my computer off the bed to avoid the inevitable laptop fire my mom has sent me countless chain emails about. But the surface of the sheet? It was barely even warm.

Another great thing about the percale weave is that it has a silky smooth feel when I'm inevitably tossing and turning before falling asleep each night. It's basically the softness of cotton, but with a lighter, almost satin feel to it.


  • You can make your bed in literally 3 seconds flat — just pull the duvet / top sheet combo up and voila!
  • The material is very high quality for the price
  • You will feel like you're waking up on a cloud


  • From what I saw, the cover collects some dust particles and lint with just regular use. Here's an example: 

primary goods review

  • It took a while for the wrinkles to come out of the duvet, and after each night's sleep more wrinkles would form. However after speaking to our contact at the company, "the cotton can get wrinkly due to its durability. It's made to last and to hold up to anything you can throw at it, which means that it can be super responsive to movement and wrinkling." 

More about Primary Goods

Still not convinced on Primary Goods? Maybe you're still letting your FOTS (fear of top sheet) keeping you from trying them out? Here are a few more selling points for you:

  • Their bedding is STeP OEKO-TEX certified, which is the highest certification level of safety and environmental protection available — which means that their products don't contain any of several hundred harmful substances. 
  • Although it's nice fabric, it's simple to care for — just read their care instructions here.
  • If all else fails, just try out a set — they have a 100-night home trial!
  • Right now for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Primary is having a huge sale — you can get $20 off $100, $50 off $200, $100 off $300, $275 off $700, and $400 off your order of $1,000+ with these Primary Goods promo codes.

Bottom line

Primary Goods' sheets have turned my old sleeping surface into a silky smooth bed-cloud hybrid that makes falling asleep feel like I'm already dreaming, and waking up feel like my Grandma just told me I'm Princess of Genovia. What is Beyoncé sleeping on? If it's not this percale cotton sheet set, someone direct me to her management. I need to tell them about Primary Goods.