Precautionary Measures Before, During, and After Volcanic Eruptions

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Volcanic eruptions have early warning signs that help residents around a volcano prepare before the actual eruptions occur.

Volcanic eruptions happen with early warnings unlike earthquakes that are sudden. There are early warning signs before a volcano erupts so there is at least time for residents around the volcano to prepare before the actual eruption occurs. People should know that before a volcano erupts there are warning signs such as rumbling sounds, continuous emissions of steam, increasing temperature around the volcano that results to withering of plants around and unusual behaviors of animals and earthquakes.

There are dangers that volcanic eruptions pose to people so it is important that they know how to handle situations before, during and after volcanic eruptions to avoid serious problems. The government has agencies that take care of reporting information about a certain volcano and its activities in order for people to be warned and avoid unpleasant incidents from happening.

Here are precautionary measures before volcanic eruptions:

1. Each one should be aware of the dangers that volcanic eruptions pose to lives and be prepared to face whatever circumstances the eruption may bring.

2. Prepare all necessary things to bring once evacuation is needed. Those in danger zones are warned when to evacuate. Once given the signal refrain from saying you will be all right. Refusing to evacuate will pose more serious problems.

3. Store as much food, water, light sources and batteries that are very useful in case of emergency.

4. Volcanic eruptions have ash falls so be prepared for masks or anything to cover nose and mouth.

5. Prioritize the safety of kids before other things. If you have relatives or friends who are far from the volcano, take your children there until such time that your place is safe.

Here are precautionary measures during volcanic eruptions:

1. Avoid all low-lying places because lava flows and mudflows are more likely to pass here.

2. Seek cover in case of ash falls rock falls.

3. Use masks and cover your mouth and nose to avoid breathing in ashes.

4. If you are inside a house; close all doors and windows to avoid ashes from getting inside.

5. Always stay indoors.

6. Stay in the evacuation center until further instructions. Do not attempt to leave the place unless told to do.

7. Keep a watchful eye on the kids because they might be tempted to go out and see what’s going on outside.

Here are precautionary measures after volcanic eruptions:

1. Go back to your house but leave the kids behind someone who can take care of them while you check your house.

2. Clean everything around and check all damages incurred.

3. Use masks while cleaning ash and other debris.

4. Wait for further announcements related to the volcano activities.

5. Make sure that your house is still safe for all of you.

Volcanic eruptions could be handled easier than earthquakes because there are early signs before the actual eruption so you are already prepared at the time of eruption. Always take precautionary measures in order to avoid serious problems.


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