15 Workouts You Can Do Literally Anywhere (& the Equipment to Help You Do Them)

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Are you traveling but need to stay in shape? No time for the gym, but you've got a little extra space in your office or bedroom? Take a peek at these exercises and get some ideas ? you can probably get a full body workout in right where you're standing.

Need to get a workout in but won't be near a gym? We've got you covered! Whether you're staying in a hotel for a week, stuck in the office all day every day, or soaking up as much sun as you can at the beach this summer, we've got some great exercises you can do anywhere and keep that fine physique! Come check it out.

Leg workouts you can do anywhere


The higher your step, the harder your workout. This video shows the proper way to do them, in case you need a refresher. You can do these workouts just about anywhere there's a step — or bring your own! Step-ups can be done in the office (just keep your step hidden in the closet and bust it out at break time!), the beach, the bedroom, or even in a hotel if you're traveling. 8 sets of 8 steps on each side should be good for this exercise!

Need a step? Grab a super lightweight one off Amazon like this:

portable gym workout ideas

Image Credit to Amazon

Or try Stamina's portable step:

portable gym workout ideas

Donkey Kicks

All you need for Donkey Kicks is a soft place to put your knees and enough room to kick up behind you! (Yeah, you'll want to check behind you before you start) Here's a video showing how to do them. Seems pretty easy, right? 

Now add some Booty LYFT portable gym equipment to the mix! Things just got little more hectic around here, didn't they? 8 sets of 8 on each side works here as well.

portable gym workout ideas

The Booty LYFT specializes in firming up the glutes, but you can do other exercises with it, too — and bring it anywhere! Here's one of their own videos to demonstrate, and here's where you can buy one for yourself.

Leg Lifts

These can be done lying down on your side to work the outer thigh, standing up or lying on your back to work the quads, or with one leg crossed over the other on your side to work the adductor, or inner thigh, of the bottom leg. For the backs of the thighs, lie on your stomach or simply lean forward on the wall and lift to the back (this would be using a straight leg rather than bent, like in the Donkey Kicks).

portable gym workout ideas

Whenever you think you've got it down, add some of HyFit's portable exercise equipment to your life! You'll feel that added resistance right away, we suspect. With a system created by soldiers from the Israeli Defense Forces, these bands 'oughta whip you into peak shape fast. Buy them here; they ship again in late August.


Lunges are fairly easy and pretty self-explanatory, but if you've never done them before you should definitely observe the proper form here. You'll want to make sure you're on a non-slip surface before starting.

Want to kick it up a notch? Follow Fleur as she adds the entire weight of her portable W8 gym to her lunges for extra difficulty. First one leg:

portable gym workout ideas

and then the other leg lunges:

portable gym workout ideas

You can follow 2 full workouts with Fleur here, or just cut to the 19:00 minute mark on the first one to get to the lunges part. Also, you can buy the W8 gym here.

Arm workouts you can do anywhere

Bicep Curls

Keep your arms ripped when you're away from home by doing some bicep curls with weights. For those especially far away from home — or even deployed in the military — you can take Mobell Muscle portable gym equipment along and load them with the desired amount of weight by adding sand or water for the extra challenge. I'd just do a few sets of 8, then rest your muscles and stretch — but the heavy lifters can probably do a bit more than my usual sets!

portable gym workout ideas

Their site's video shows how the bicep curl is done with the weight added to the barbell. If you need more detail, this video shows proper form for a barbell bicep curl as well. Happy lifting!

Shoulder Press

This is similar to the Chest Press, but you're pressing toward the ceiling instead of forward. Check the form out in this video.

portable gym workout ideas

It's nearly the same with Suzanne Somers' EZ Gym, but she adds resistance bands to the press. And, of course, the EZ Gym lets you do this one anywhere you have access to a door. Here's the video of all the exercises you can do with her EZ Gym - the Shoulder Press starts around the 10:30 minute mark.

portable gym workout ideas

You can buy the EZ Gym here.

Standing Row

If you've never done a standing row, otherwise known as an upright row, here's a video showing the proper form. She's using weights in the video, but you can also replicate the exercise using handles and resistance bands braced under the feet, or with a home gym like the Flobody Yoga Flexer.

The Flobody Yoga Flexer allows you to do the Standing Row by attaching the barbell and resistance bands, as well as several other exercises shown in this video.

portable gym workout ideas

The Flobody Yoga Flexer is still in Indiegogo mode, but you can pre-order one for yourself here.

Core workouts you can do anywhere

Mountain Climbers

Take your traditional plank up a notch when you add the challenge of pulling each knee in to your chest repeatedly. If you've got a Lynx Board, you can make it even more difficult!

portable gym workout ideas

The Lynx site has numerous video demonstrations of their recommended exercises, designed specifically for the portable gym equipment that Lynx makes. This one is featuring Mountain Climbers, on this page. For this exercise, we'd probably set a timer rather than count reps. 

1-3 minute sets with a 30 second rest between for a total of 5 should be the most you would ideally start with — but stop whenever you feel it's time, and listen to your body. When you're ready, visit the Lynx video page and the one with this exercise shown:

portable gym workout ideas

Next, you can try some of these other do-anywhere exercises with the Lynx Board:

portable gym workout ideas

Then when you're done, you can just slide the Lynx Board right under the bed for safe storage in your hotel room — or behind your desk in the office!

Ab Crunches & V-Ups

Whip that belly into the 6-pack of yesteryear with some ab crunches! They're pretty simple, but you'll definitely start to feel it after the first few sets. Here's an easy demo to refresh you on the form.

Now if those are way too easy for you, check out Laura's version (it's more like a V-Up than a crunch, as demonstrated here) using her portable gym equipment from OYO Fitness:

portable gym workout ideas

portable gym workout ideas

She's stretched the exercise out a bit and added the elegance of pilates movements to the DoubleFlex from OYO Fitness for a complete ab workout. You'll find the full video here. And as you can see, these exercises can be done anywhere there's a floor on which you can feel comfortable lying down.

Glute workouts you can do anywhere


Classic squats get your thighs and glutes in order while taking up almost no space and making zero noise — perfect for your evening or early morning hotel room workout! We recommend 8 sets of 8 if you can handle it — and add some resistance weight with a BodyBoss portable gym if you've got one. 

portable gym workout ideas

This video demonstrates how it works with the bar. Shorten or add bands to increase resistance as you feel stronger. In fact, squatting with the bar is the BodyBoss customers' favorite exercise to do with their portable gym. What's yours?

Chest & back workout moves you can do anywhere

Chest Press

You're probably accustomed to doing this exercise (or in my case, seeing others do it) on a machine. But you can do the Chest Press with BodyGym portable equipment at home, too — or anywhere you need a workout! All you need is the BodyGym and a sturdy chair and you're good to go!

Here's Marie Osmond demonstrating:

portable gym workout ideas

and if you forget how to do it, the BodyGym has stickers you can place on it to remind you at a glance. Pretty cool:

portable gym workout ideas

You can get the BodyGym here.

Reverse Fly

Get that upper back in sundress shape with some Reverse Fly reps! Here's a demo for the basic form you can use for practice. And when you've mastered that? That's right — we're gonna add some resistance, here with the Lifeline Chest Expander. Here's a demo for the form you'll need for what's coming next:

portable gym workout ideas

Here's a Lifeline video demonstrating the Reverse Fly with the Chest Expander. But you don't have to use that one. Grab your favorite resistance band kit from Lifeline! You'll have plenty to choose from — and all you'll need is a sturdy wall surface to attach the equipment to or wrap it around. Something like this could even do the trick for as little as $15 if you have a sturdy pillar available (or something similar) like in the first video. You can also buy other resistance bands and cable bands (super portable) of various types here.

Full-body workout moves you can do anywhere


All you need for a good old-fashioned push-up is your body and the floor. But what if you wanted to take things up a notch while on the road — or maybe the floor isn't really so clean in the hotel room you've got?

Check out the added feature of some Monkii brand's ultra-portable exercise bars and bands. 

portable gym workout ideas

This video is of Monkii Dan, showing you how it's done with his favorite set of Monkii bars. The first few exercises are his take on the push-up, beginning with Clock Push-ups. And for these, you'll just need a sturdy door and a set of Monkiis — which you can buy here.


You've got to be in decent shape to attempt a burpee, let's just keep it real. But if you think you're ready, here's a demo on the proper form. Do a few of those to get the blood pumping - then when you think you're really great, add the challenge of some X-Bands!

Some recommend tucking them under your feet inside your shoes if you're trying them this way so you don't trip or slip on them mid-burpee - but you do what feels comfortable for you. Here's a video of a burpee with resistance bands to show us the way. Oh, and if you're interested, you can buy them here.

Really want to spice up your burpees? Try them with the Stackable Resistance Bands from Bodylastics! Here's a video of their creator demonstrating how he does them.

portable gym workout ideas

And you can buy his go-anywhere Bodylastics resistance band system here.

Well, are you sore yet? Don't worry, you will be tomorrow! Let us know which portable gyms or equipment you have, or what you plan to get. We'd love to hear about your workouts and where you normally do them, too. Good luck to all, and happy stretching!

Prone Plank Reverse Curls (with the Exercise Ball)

You didn't think we were gonna end with something easy, did you? Not today! Let's first watch a nice demonstration before anyone attempts this — and make sure you know what you're doing on the floor before you add the resistance ball to the mix, please! Here's the video.

portable gym workout ideas

You can get the Iron Gym exercise ball, used in this demo by an Iron Gym pro, for a decent deal on their site. As you're probably aware, countless exercises can be done using the exercise ball - and they're great for strengthening your core just by sitting on them throughout the day instead of a regular chair, too!

*Please consult your physician before starting any exercise routine to be sure it's right for your body

*All images used are credited to their respective websites or otherwise as noted above