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When you need new bras and you want to shop from home, where do you go first? Chances are you've tried one of the top internet bra brands. We've rounded up the most well-known and up-and-coming online bra brands.

When it's time to go bra shopping, where do you head first? If you said, "The internet!", you're definitely in good company. Plenty of us prefer to "fit" ourselves for a new bra using various online tools instead of going to the physical lingerie stores these days. But which are the best online bra shops? Grab a seat and let's talk brassieres.

You've probably heard of Third Love by now, the internet's crazy popular cozy tailored bra site with styles designed to fit all breast shapes and sizes with the help of their handy online Fit Finder

online bras third love alternatives

And while they do have some gorgeous bras available, what if you really just want an alternative since everyone else already has Third Love love? We know, you like to be unique. Well, as usual, we've got you covered. Feast your eyes on our following top 8 online bra brands. We're pretty sure you'll find what you're looking for in at least one of these options - so let's get to bra shopping!


online bras third love alternatives

True&Co. started with the goal of empowering women to "understand what flatters her specific shape best", and became the first company to help them find their best fitting bra with a quiz — no dressing rooms or measuring tape necessary. 

online bras third love alternatives

Their logo was inspired by a combination of the curved female form and the mathematics involved with their algorithms - both reminiscent of Leonardo da Vinci and the Vitruvian man.

online bras third love alternatives

What flatters and fits your body the best? Do you like a balconette, a bralette, a demi? Do you prefer full coverage or have the need for a strapless? True and Co. has the perfect style for every breast shape and size.

online bras third love alternatives

Check out their Best Sellers:
online bras third love alternatives

Email with questions anytime at support@trueandco.com or fittherapy@trueandco.com for customer service or to inquire about your best fit.

Take their quick Fit Quiz to find out which bras are recommended as your Top 3:

online bras third love alternatives

Need panties? They've got those too:

online bras third love alternatives

More about True&Co.: 

Price range: Bras on True&Co. range from $34 - $68 regular priced (w/lots of deals when you buy two), with final sale prices as low as $16. They also have a line of plus size bras and styles from Calvin Klein.

Where can I buy this? True&Co. bras are available online here

Sizes offered/any maternity or nursing bras? True&Co. offers bras in sizes 32A-40DDD, and other lingerie in sizes XS-4X. They do not offer maternity or nursing bras at this time, but they are working to expand their collection. 

For bras offered without the number/letter sizing, this guide works:

  • XS suggested for bra sizes 30C-D and 32A-B
  • S suggested for bra sizes 32C-D and 34A-B
  • M suggested for bra sizes 34C-D and 36A-B
  • L suggested for bra sizes 36C-D and 38A-B
  • XL suggested for bra sizes 38C-D and 40A-B

What's so great about it? There's free shipping on orders over $75 and free returns. And don't forget to check out their line of True Collection of Bras and Underwear, which "feel like being naked, but better."

online bras third love alternatives

True&Co. pros:

  • Great fit and comfort; supportive without the underwire
  • Offered in a nice selection of colors
  • Washes well without much/any shrinking
  • Some styles are so comfortable, you'll forget your wearing a bra (esp. the True Collection - which sold out 7 times after it's debut)
  • Good prices

True&Co. cons:

  • Some felt certain styles weren't flattering, although they were comfy

Bottom Line:

The fabrics are described on more than one review site as "buttery soft" and many feel True&Co. bras feel like wearing nothing. At reasonable prices with great deals on two, we think there's not much to hold us back from buying a bra here. Might as well get two and save on shipping.

Second on our tour of Third Love alternatives in the online bra game is:


online bras third love alternatives

Lively is one of the best online bra companies, a spirited brand offering lots of cute bra styles for all the sizes.

online bras third love alternatives

Bras available on the Lively site include push-ups, strapless, no-wires, bralettes, t-shirt styles, DD/DDD-fitting options, active, and maternity.

online bras third love alternatives

online bras third love alternatives

If you need panties, you can choose bikinis, briefs, or thongs, while bodysuits feature regular and maternity styles.

online bras third love alternatives

Swimsuits cover a variety of tops,  bottoms, and one-pieces. Finally, if you like to smell sweet, they also have a Fragrance selection: Eau de parfum, roller balls, candles, and more.

online bras third love alternatives

Want to visit the Lively store? They have one in NYC. You can book a real life bra fitting there too. Go here for details.

online bras third love alternatives

More about Lively:

Price range: Most bras are priced at $35 for one single bra, 2 bras for $55, 3 for $75.

Where can I buy this? You can purchase Lively products here.

Sizes offered/any maternity or nursing bras? Most bras come in sizes 32A-38DD, with the Busty Bralettes coming in DDD sizes and others (including the maternity bras) available in XS (30A-B, 32AA-B), S (32C-D, 34AA-B), M (32DD, 34C-DD, 36A-B), L (36C-DD, 38A-D). Check your size here.

What's so great about it? Larger breasted ladies will love the 'Busty Bralettes', fitting sizes 34D - 38 DDD, with a super soft fabric that lifts and supports without any uncomfortable underwire. There's also a whole section devoted to the DD/DDD gals.

online bras third love alternatives

If you like shopping on the Lively site, you can earn points toward Lively purchases when you create an account, refer a friend, or buy something.

Lively pros:

  • Free shipping over $40 and free returns
  • Very affordable
  • Loads of styles for bras as well as underwear and swimsuits
  • One of the only spots to buy cheap bras online, including plus size, and also buy nursing bras online

Lively cons:

  • Some feel they might not last as long as some other brands

Bottom Line:

Lively boasts plenty of styles for most sizes, with a section for actives, swimwear, the larger sizes, and a fragrance collection. You'll probably find these bras extra comfy.

If you'd like to contribute to a better world while you buy bras online, you're going to love our next stop:


online bras third love alternatives

Naja makes the world better by empowering women and caring for the environment while making above the grade products — including 7 types of bras, bralettes, and bustiers, 7 types of underwear, bodysuits, and bottoms, as well as jackets and tops. 

You're sure to fall in love with at least one of their unique collections, from the Noir De Noirs, the Borneo, or the Comfy Lace, to the Nude for All, Colorful Lace, and Secret Life of Sparrows (one of their best-selling collections).

online bras third love alternatives

online bras third love alternatives

Since Naja's beginning with co-founders Catalina Girard and Gina Rodriguez (aka TV's Jane the Virgin), the company has strived for excellence alongside fair trade, women's empowerment, and eco-consciousness. 

Particularly important to Girard was women's empowerment. Since earning her MBA from Stanford and her Juris Doctorate from Boston College Law, she found it "impossible to identify with many big-name lingerie brands" which focused more on sexualizing the lingerie than providing comfort to the wearer. Out of that frustration, Naja was born.

Their popular Classic Nudes are created to match a variety of skin tones:

online bras third love alternatives

Create an account, refer a friend, or make a purchase to earn Naja points toward future buys.

online bras third love alternatives

The best part? By purchasing your bras and underwear from Naja, you're contributing to the Underwear for Hope program. Underwear for Hope employs marginalized women in the poorest regions of Colombia, offering them a chance to become micro-entrepreneurs and work from home. Additionally, 2% of Naja's profits are devoted to charities that provide continuing education to these women.

online bras third love alternatives

Empowering women is important to Naja, so their garment factories employ primarily single mothers and females heads of households, where they're paid above market wages and given healthcare benefits. Additionally, every child of a Naja worker receives books, school uniforms and supplies, as well as all school meals paid by Naja. Now that rocks!

More about Naja:

Price range: Most bras range from $38 - $75, but on sale they can get quite a bit lower - even down to $18. (So pssst: don't miss out on the sale section, girls.)

Where can I buy this? Right here on their site.

Sizes offered/any maternity or nursing bras? Bras are available in 32A - 40DDD and
S, M, L XL in Bralettes, Active Wear, and Swimwear. No maternity or nursing bras are available.

What's so great about it? In addition to empowering women, when you buy Naja, you're also supporting their eco-conscious endeavors to limit their carbon footprint. Using digital and sublimation printing technologies, Naja is able to avoid wasting water. They also use fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles

Naja pros:

  • Wide selection of products
  • Fun and comfy products, esp. the 'Cheeky Knickers'
  • Some bras feature memory foam cups and interior bra prints
  • A socially conscious brand
  • Sale prices are excellent
  • Female empowerment-themed quotes are sewn into each panty - to remind you you're awesome at all the right moments

Naja cons:

  • Some felt the intended empowerment of the Colombian women was diminished by their being limited to only sewing lingerie bags and not the whole line of products
  • Some items are pricey when not on sale

Bottom Line:

Give the Naja selection a gander. The nudes are nice, the knickers are funny, and the sale pages are inspiring — check those first if you're on a budget. We think Naja's attempted socially conscious efforts are worthwhile, even if they don't meet some folks' expectations.


online bras third love alternatives

As we continue our quest for the best place to buy bras online, we can't get past this one:

online bras third love alternatives

Aerie, made by American Eagle Outfitters, creates 19 styles of bras and bralettes in 4 distinct collections. 

online bras third love alternatives

From push-ups bras to backless, strapless, racerback, t-shirt style, and sports bras, on top of high neck bralettes, halter bralettes, classic, strappy, longline, padded, and more, Aerie has everything you need in a brassiere, my dear.

online bras third love alternatives

See what suits you among their collections, starting with the Real Sunnie Collection, an assortment of soft, stretchy and supportive t-shirt bras:

online bras third love alternatives

Then comes their Real Happy Collection, offered with free shipping for a temporary time:

online bras third love alternatives

Their Real Me Collection fits so well, you'll think it's your second skin, and lastly, there's their Real Power Collection, with a little more push and lift than the rest:

online bras third love alternatives

See something you like but not for the right price? Check their 50% off selection here:

online bras third love alternatives

More about Aerie: 

Price range: Some items are marked below $10, while the highest priced bra is $50.

Get exclusive deals when you download the Aerie app. 

online bras third love alternatives

Where can I buy this? Aerie is sold online here, in American Eagle Outfitters stores, and in some stand-alone Aerie retail stores. Only this selection is online only.

Sizes offered/any maternity or nursing bras? Bras come in 30A - 40DD. Go here for bralette, underwear, bottoms, international sizes, and more.

What's so great about it? At the bottom of the website, it mentions that Aerie is all about "girl power. Body positivity. No retouching." 

Aerie pros:

  • Large selection available in a variety of eye-pleasing colors
  • Great prices, including a 50% off section
  • Comfortable, stretchable fabrics
  • Pretty, yet practical

Aerie cons:

  • Some disliked certain types without adjustable straps

Bottom Line:

At Aerie, the price is right, the styles are cozy and soft, and there's plenty to choose from. If you don't like your product, you can return it free of charge at any American Eagle Outfitters, Aerie, AEO Factory, or Tailgate store no matter where you purchased it (or return by mail, if you prefer, but you pay return postage).

Adore Me

online bras third love alternatives

Still wondering where to buy bras online that fit you, flatter you, and come in a large selection of styles and colors? You'll find all of this and more when you explore the Adore Me site.

When you arrive on the Adore Me site, you'll have two choices right off the bat: Shop all categories, on the left, to browse the site and buy whatever you like, or Get Styled, on the right — meaning you'll sign up to receive a new bra or lingerie set mailed to you free every month, and you only pay for what you keep.

online bras third love alternatives

Shopping all categories begins with these lovely new fall collections in lots of blue and violet lace, marked down to super affordable introductory prices.

online bras third love alternatives

You can also search through numerous bra and panties sets in a wide range of sizes, colors, and styles. Or you can look through their super cozy t-shirt bras and panties sets for everyday comfort.

Need a corset? They've got lots. And there's a section with plus sizes too, where you can buy one bra (mostly marked down to $29.95), or mix it up and sign up for a 3-pack surprise bra mix, all in your size, for the same price!

online bras third love alternatives

They've got a selection of soft and flirty sleepwear in sizes XS-4X, lingerie to fit the same range of sizes, and activewear sets that can be mixed and matched for your ideal set, all marked down currently between $24.95 and $40.00.

The AM Collection has scores of sets as well, also in plenty of colors and sizes.

Need underwear? Get thongs, cheekies, hipsters, shorties, and briefs, all 5 for 20.

Still want more? Browse the swimwear selection, bralettes section, petite bras, loungewear, bridal sets, the Bijou Collection, gifts, and best sellers. There's absolutely something for everyone on this site!

And if you chose the Elite Box?

online bras third love alternatives

You'll get a fun surprise box at your doorstep every month full of personalized lingerie in over 500 unique styles, sizes 30A - 46G. Check them out, try them on at home, and only pay for what you keep. Get started here, and you can skip a box or cancel at anytime. A $20 styling fee will be credited towards any item you choose to keep.

online bras third love alternatives

Here are a few of the successfully packed Elite Boxes which were adored and kept by their happy recipients.

More about Adore Me:

Price range: Most bras are $29.95, and come with matching panties as a set. Some in the AM Collection are slightly less, marked down to $19.95, while some in the Bijou Collection are slight more, up to $69.95.

Where can I buy this? Make your selection right here

Sizes offered/any maternity or nursing bras? Adore Me provides bras in sizes 30A-46G. No maternity or nursing bras were offered.

What's so great about it? The Elite Box option delivers a new bra or lingerie set each month, and the Adore Me mobile app gets you the best deals first. If you'd like to visit an Adore Me showroom, they have some here in NYC and Toronto.

Adore Me pros:

  • They maintain over 7,100 5-star reviews on SiteJabber
  • Huge selection of every type of bra, panty, lingerie, loungewear, and activewear
  • High quality, comfortable, true to size products

Adore Me cons:

  • Reviews on Trustpilot were less flattering than SiteJabber; some were upset they got signed up for the monthly subscription box when all they wanted was a one-time purchase
  • Some indicated the wait for a refund was lengthy

Bottom Line:

Most were happy with the quality and selection at Adore Me, especially with their plus sizes and numerous collections; the only problems seemed to be confusion with whether they were signing up for the subscription box or only shopping for one-time items. Get clarity on this in writing up front, and you should be good to go.


online bras third love alternatives

If you're more interested in finding cheap bras online, give PACT a glance. Prices are low, like racerback bras and pullover lounge bralettes for $25 or 2 for $40.

online bras third love alternatives

The crossover bralette is only $30.

On days when you're lounging at home and don't really want a bra on, but you'd still like a little support, there's a shelf bra camisole for a super low $18, offered in 5 subtle hues.

On that same note, there's the stretch-fit tank for $16 or 3 for $30. Super comfy by itself or underneath a cardigan or hoodie.

online bras third love alternatives

Need some undies or socks? PACT has those for great prices, too - like boy shorts and bikinis for $12 each or 3 for $27. Socks are $10 - $12/pair.

They also have leggings, sweats, sleep and loungewear, tops, shirt, pants, shorts, and even dresses, shown below, some as low as $15.

online bras third love alternatives

What's more, with PACT you can spend $79.00 selecting your favorite cozy cheap cotton bras online and get Free Shipping — and if you're done bra-shopping and want to grab a few items for the partner or kiddos, PACT has all that, too. 

The men's section has undies, socks, tees, and more, and the kids' category has stuff for babies, toddlers, and kids, including onesies, hoodies, training pants, long-sleeve tees, and girls' under shorts.

online bras third love alternatives

online bras third love alternatives

PACT makes 100% organic fair trade cotton products using eco-friendly materials and practices wherever humanly possible.

online bras third love alternatives

They never use toxic dyes or pesticides, either.

More about PACT:

Price range: Bras are $18 - $30 with lots of 2 for $40 deals.

Where can I buy this? You can purchase PACT products here.

Sizes offered/any maternity or nursing bras? Racerback bras are offered in XS, S, M, L, and XL fitting A-D cups, and pullover bralettes are also offered in XS, S, M, L, and XL, but fit smaller cup sizes better. The strappy black sports bra is offered in XS-XL sizes as well, with the best fit being for A-D cups. Nursing or maternity bras were not found.

What's so great about it? PACT makes GOTS-certified organic and fair trade cotton bras and other clothing for men, women, and children.

PACT pros:

  • PACT maintains a solid 5 stars on Trustpilot after 443 reviews
  • Comfy, quality products
  • Great customer service

PACT cons:

  • Some found the size guide didn't hold true for them, so returns were necessary

Bottom Line:

PACT offers organic fair trade cotton basics at reasonable prices. Bras, bralettes, undies, and socks, even tees, activewear, swimwear, etc, Wear all of these guilt-free.

NEGATIVE Underwear

online bras third love alternatives

First up when you get to the Negative Underwear site, you'll need to get fitted. Here's their link to do that; your results will be emailed to you instantly. Next up...shop!

NEGATIVE Underwear makes bras that feel as good as they look. In sheer, lightweight, smooth, and soft fabrics, these wireless bras may surprise you with their supportiveness.

online bras third love alternatives

Here's a story for ya: the Sieve Non-Wire Bra (pictured above in a few different colors) was re-stocked by the company on June 28, 2018. The weekend following saw $40,000 in sales, almost directly 100% of it linked to this bra. Why is it so popular? It's that micromesh material creating the perfect fit and just the right amount of lift, and the superior softness of the straps. You've gotta try one out to believe it.

online bras third love alternatives

NEGATIVE Underwear doesn't make as many styles as other brands, but their popularity is through the roof. The proof: they've restocked over ten times since the company's initial launch appx 2 years ago - and they usually have hundreds, if not thousands, on a variety of waitlists, anticipating their next brassiere re-stocking.

online bras third love alternatives

And, of course, they've got undies too:

online bras third love alternatives

As well as sleepwear:online bras third love alternatives

More about NEGATIVE Underwear:

Price range: $55 - $85. Everyone's favorite Sieve Non-Wire Bra is $55. Save between $18 and $38 when you purchase a set here.

Where can I buy this? Right here.

Sizes offered/any maternity or nursing bras? They have numbered sizes on the Negative site, none of which offer maternity or nursing bras, which break down to:

  • 0 fits bra sizes: 30B, 30C, 32AA, 32A 
  • 1 fits bra sizes: 30C, 32B, 34A
  • 2 fits bra sizes: 30D, 30DD, 32C, 34B, 32C
  • 3 fits bra sizes: 32D, 32DD, 34C, 34D, 36B

What's so great about it? The thing that makes NEGATIVE bras unique is what they DON'T have. No padding, no wires, no tags, and no cups. Just straight sheer, soft, supportive material cradling your breasts.

NEGATIVE Underwear pros:

  • Beautiful, simple, comfortable styles, namely the Sieve Non-Wire, that sell out quickly and often
  • Free shipping over $100
  • Ships in no-frills packaging
  • No itchy tags are attached or stitched onto the bands of NEGATIVE bras or panties; the tag info is printed directly onto the fabric for greater comfort

NEGATIVE Underwear cons:

  • NEGATIVE bras are only returnable within 21 days of purchase if still unworn with tags on - read their try-on tips to make sure yours will still be refundable if you want to try it on

Bottom Line:

NEGATIVE Underwear, similar to Aerie and Naja, put the comfort of the wearer over the sexiness of the products while still creating beautiful bras - and in doing so, they've created some of the most popular bras on the market. Get your NEGATIVE now or get on the waiting list for one.

La Senza

online bras third love alternatives

Looks like we've concluded the 'comfort-over-sexiness' part of the tour. Canadian retailer La Senza brings sexy back with lots of reasonably priced styles and sizes up to 34E.

online bras third love alternatives

Try out their #1 top-selling bra in any of 3 styles above, The Classic Plunge, The Ultimate Plunge, or the Deep Plunge, each available up to a size DDD.

online bras third love alternatives

Or do some browsing through their numerous other styles, some of which are very basic, others more ornate, while still more are quite jaw-dropping in a 'Frederick's of Hollywood' kind of way.

online bras third love alternatives

Bra styles come in push-ups, lightly-lined and unlined, bralettes, bra tops, and wireless bras, balconettes, demis, backless, full coverage, sports bras, and bra accessories. There are also 8 different bra collections to browse!

Looking for panties? They've got hipsters, hiphuggers, bikinis,  boyshorts, Brazilians, cheekies, thongs, G-strings, open back, and more,  as well as 7 panty collections.

online bras third love alternatives

But wait — there's LOTS more. There's heaps of lingerie, like these silky chemises:

online bras third love alternatives

Then there's a few different 'After Hours' styles, and a few pajamas and short sets for sleepwear. There's also activewear and sports bras:

online bras third love alternatives

And there's a section of accessories, the mildest of which is the hosiery selection, lip gloss, and lotion.

Finally, don't forget to visit the Clearance section for some great deals on everything:

online bras third love alternatives

More about La Senza:

Price range:  $19.95 - $59.00, with most bras on sale 40% off right now; plus free shipping on orders over $50.

Where can I buy this? Right on their site here.

Sizes offered/any maternity or nursing bras? Sizes 30A-34E. No nursing or maternity bras offered. Size chart is here.

What's so great about it? You can click in and hover over the fabric to see detail up close and different perspectives on any bra or bra/panty set that interests you, like this one

online bras third love alternatives

La Senza pros:

  • Massive selection of bras, panties, lingerie, hosiery, sleepwear, and much more
  • Lots of choices for different body types
  • Great sales and discounts
  • Like Victoria's Secret, but much, much cheaper

La Senza cons:

  • Although they have 4.5 - 5 star reviews on at least 3 review sites, they only have one star on Trustpilot
  • No plus sizes, no maternity or nursing bras

Bottom Line:

If you like feeling sexy under your work clothes, La Senza has got the goods. Referred to as "the poor girl's Victoria's Secret", they have a lot of steamy styles for cheap. Sadly, they overlooked the plus size girls (sizes only go up to a 16/18). But with what they do have, you'll save a buck and look hot. Advice? Stick with the sales items over the full price and hand wash these whenever possible - they're really not made for the washing machine.


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