19 Gift Ideas Under $25 for Your Office Holiday Gift Exchange

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Stumped on what to get your co-worker for the office gift exchange this year? We've got you covered. Come check our finds for every type of coworker, and get yours the perfect gift for under $25.

Tired of giving your office mates the same old mug or standard box of chocolates every single year at office gift exchange time? We hear you. 

To save you from yet another year of eye-rolling white elephant exchanges & Secret Santa boredom, we've rounded up the most interesting and fun gift exchange ideas you can give your cubicle cronies this holiday season. Gather 'round for our best gift exchange ideas under $25 for your office gift exchange:

Gift ideas for the quiet coworker

Oh great. You got that one coworker in the draw you know nothing about. What do you get them? Here are some generic gifts that any co-worker would love. 


office gift ideas under 25Image Credit to The Strategist

This gift should work for any co-worker you see typing at their computer all day. Chances are, they're feeling it, whether they've said so out loud or not.

For those of us who type all day and feel it in our elbows later, never fear — Jelbows are here for a Christmas gift exchange idea! Available in 4 colors (black, blue, clear, and pink), Jelbows are lightweight, pressure-relieving, and come in two sizes (6 inches and 4 inches). 

They're so incognito on your desk that after you've used them for a while, you'll likely forget they're there, and what's more, according to The Strategist, "They almost completely ease the pain of repetitive work strain that can start at the elbow and radiate all the way down to your wrists and fingers." 

Buy it: Jelbow Ergonomic Gel Wrist Rests Elbow Pads, 2-pack: $21.99.


office gift ideas under 25

office gift ideas under 25

If your co-worker has a phone or tablet, chances are they'd like a PopSocket. These superb office gift ideas just attach to the back of any device to give users an easier time holding it steady while watching videos, reading lengthy emails, etc. Pop it out to use it; collapse to lay it flat. View the introductory video here.

Launched officially out of owner David Barnett's Colorado garage in 2014, this now-booming business grew out of a previously successful Kickstarter campaign. With hundreds of colors, styles, and designs to choose from, PopSockets has sold over 40 million units worldwide.

Buy it: PopSockets start as low as $10, but you can save 20% on your purchase with one of these PopSockets promo codes.

Keychain phone charger

office gift ideas under 25

Image Credit to Amazon

Anyone who owns a phone needs to charge it, and this gadget makes that easy and convenient, even for the most forgetful among us. 

You can't possibly forget your phone charger with this gadget. As long as it's attached to your car keys and you're driving your car to work, you'll be bringing your charger to work, too. 

Just recharge the keychain using a USB when needed and maintain power all day. This one's from Merkury Innovations, and is also available on Amazon. Make sure to check these Merkury Innovations promo codes, too.

Buy it: Merkury Innovations' POWERLOOP Lightning to USB Keychain: $16.99.

Cell phone speaker amplifier

office gift ideas under 25

Probably one of the best office gifts for a low price, this Bluetooth speaker is perfect for anyone who needs a little extra volume to enjoy their music, apps, games, movies, podcasts, etc on their cell phone. Connects quickly over Bluetooth to any Smartphone, iPhone, and Tablet. 

Available in 5 sizes, the OontZ Angle solo Super Portable Bluetooth Speaker is the smallest (but still powerfully loud) cell phone speaker amplifier by Cambridge SoundWorks. The OontZ Angle solo brings the audio in nice and clear up to 100 feet from your device, is rain-proof, splash-proof, shower-proof, and super lightweight, all for an amazingly low price. 

Buy it: OontZ Angle solo Super Portable Bluetooth Speaker: $23.99.

You can get free delivery with one of these Cambridge SoundWorks promo codes, or check out all of our best audio product picks here.

Sweater Mug Huggers

office gift ideas under 25

office gift ideas under 25

These handmade mug cozies will amuse anyone who enjoys hot drinks at the office — and one of them even has a pocket for a tea drinker's teabag (or an extra pack of raw sugar?). Handcrafted by artisans in the Andean villages of Huancavelica and Huancayo of Peru exclusively for Uncommon Goods, the Sweater Mug Huggers are each sold individually.

These cozies fit mugs 3.25 inches in diameter or larger. Each one is unique and may vary slightly due to their handmade quality.

Buy it: Sweater Mug Huggers: $4.99/each from Uncommon Goods. You can also save 10 - 30% on select items with these Uncommon Goods promo codes.

Lunch Packin' Pals

office gift ideas under 25

Everybody who packs their lunch for work will love these. Top notch containers for leftovers, keeping your homemade hummus or chopped fruits and veggies fresh, and bringing it all with you for lunch the next day. 

Reusable glassware is an eco-friendly alternative to plastics and disposables. This glassware is safe to use in the freezer, dishwasher, microwave, and oven. Lids fit snugly. This set of 6 includes 3 sizes for optimal storage and organization.

Buy it: Round Glass Storage Containers, Set of 6: $19.99 from Sur La Table. You can get 20% off your purchase with these Sur La Table promo codes, or sign up for their email list, and get 15% off your first purchase.

See all of our top kitchenware brands here.

Tile Mate Key Finder 

office gift ideas under 25

Anyone who misplaces stuff a lot will be thrilled with the Tile Mate Key Finder. Attach a 'Mate' to anything you need to keep better track of — keys, your phone, wallet, whatever. Then just sync it with the app on your phone and track your desired objects by ringing within 150 sq. feet or checking the map for its last known location. You can also ask the Tile community to help you find a lost item. Tile even provides a replaceable battery to make sure your Mate keeps working for you.

Buy it: Tile Mate Key Finder: $25.00 on the Tile website. Also, check for Tile promo codes here.

Gift ideas for the movie-loving coworker

100 Movies scratch-off movie poster

office gift ideas under 25

For the hardcore movie lover in your office, this scratch-off poster from Uncommon Goods encourages bucket list viewing of 100 well-known films including Rocky, Jaws, Jurassic Park, Casablanca, Dirty Dancing, and many more.

Scratch off the titles as you watch each flick to reveal the movie-related artwork beneath. Measures 23.2" high x 16.5" wide, and arrives rolled in a poster tube (but you can opt to add a frame on the site at time of order too). There's also a partial list of top directors included as well.

Buy it: 100 Movies Scratch-Off Poster: $15.00 from Uncommon Goods. You can also save 10 - 30% on select items with these Uncommon Goods promo codes.

Peanuts holiday DVD set

office gift ideas under 25

Who among us doesn't still get excited with the Charlie Brown Christmas music comes on? Now you can own the whole wholesome Peanuts Holiday Series DVD set for a super low price — and we're pretty sure any movie-loving office gift exchange recipient would love this as well.

This series includes A Charlie Brown Christmas, It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. It maintains a 4.5 star rating after 1.096 reviews on Amazon, so we're thinking it's probably not too shabby. 

Buy it: Peanuts Holiday Series DVD Set: 17.99 on Amazon. Be sure to check for Amazon promo codes here.

Gift ideas for office game night enthusiasts

Any gamers in the office? Here are some ideas for them. Check out all of our top board game brands as well.

The '80s and '90s trivia game

office gift ideas under 25

If you've talked about being close to the same age or having grown up in the '80s or '90s, this might be a great gift for your coworker. A broad range of ages will surely have a blast with this '80s and '90s trivia game from Outset.

Can you (or your coworker) answer any of these?

  • Belinda Carlisle was a member of what all-girl band?
  • What is Indiana Jones' first name: James, Walter, or Henry?
  • What shoes did Michael Jordan introduce in 1985?

Get the answers when you play the game! Ages 12 and up work best with this game, and at least 2 players are required to play.

Buy it: '80s and '90s Trivia Game: $9.99 at Walmart. Find Walmart promo codes here.  

Bob's Burgers Monopoly

office gift ideas under 25

Bob, Linda and the kids want to know if you're ready to play Monopoly — Belcher-style! In this version, you'll buy and sell the shops and locales from the show. Ever wanted to own Wonder Wharf? Jimmy Pesto's place? How about Wagstaff School? Pick a character token (I call dibs on Louise!) and make your way around the board just like the regular Monopoly.

This game suits players ages 8 and up, and requires two to six players to play.

Buy it: Bob's Burgers Monopoly Board Game: $25 (marked down from $42.90) at Hot Topic. You can get 30% off your next purchase with these Hot Topic promo codes.

Golden Girls Trivial Pursuit game

office gift ideas under 25

Cue the 'Thank You for Being a Friend' opening theme song. Any Golden Girls fans in the house? You may be surprised how many people loved (and still love) that show! And thanks to Hot Topic, you can now get right back into the antics of Sophia, Blanche, Dorothy, and Rose. 

Questions from 6 categories will test your memory of the cast's hilarious adventures across 7 seasons. Ages 12 and up work best with this game, and 2 or more players are required to play.

Buy it: Golden Girls Trivia Game: $15 at Hot Topic. You can get 30% off your next purchase with these Hot Topic promo codes.

'Bob Ross: The Art of Chill' board game

office gift ideas under 25

Can you finish a Bob Ross painting before he does, and suck up all the remaining "chill" points?

Earn 'chill' status as you complete landscape paintings, including Bob's beloved 'Happy Little Trees,' using the colors and brushes provided in your hand of cards. Use a little strategy as you observe how the other artists are coming along with their masterpieces and be sure to follow Bob's chill guidance along the way. 

2 - 4 players are required to play. Ages 12 and up are ideal for this game.

Bob Ross: Art of Chill Board Game: $21.49 at Target. Find Target promo codes here.

Gift ideas for your funniest co-worker

If you're more interested in getting funny gifts for coworkers, some of these should suffice. Just take care to give each one some thought beforehand to make sure you don't end up with a misunderstanding lingering in the office.

This very true mug

office gift ideas under 25

Let's face it - most of them should have been. All torturous meetings aside, this beverage-holding brilliance comes in a pack of two, (one for you, one for your Secret Santa recipient, perhaps?), is dishwasher and microwave safe, comprised of high quality ceramic, and has printing on both sides. 

We think this will be one of this year's great funny Christmas gift exchange ideas if given to the right person.

Buy it: Get this mug on Amazon in a 2-pack for $13.99. Check our Amazon promo codes for deals.

One pound of pink Starbursts

You know the age-old adage: "Don't let anyone treat you like a yellow Starburst. You are a pink Starburst."

office gift ideas under 25
Get a pound of just the pink Starbursts for your friends; a pound of just the yellow Starbursts for your enemies.

Arrives in a one-pound resealable, heat sealed bag, with about 90 individually wrapped candies. You'll have all of the flavors you want and none that you don't.

Buy it: This 1 pound bag of pink Starbursts (or red, or even yellow if that's your favorite) is available on Amazon for $13.95. Check out our Amazon promo codes here.            

Dunder Mifflin mug

office gift ideas under 25

Who doesn't love The Office? This quality mug is sure to encourage reminiscing on everyone's favorite episodes and funniest moments from the well-loved NBC comedy — from The Dundies to Prison Mike to Angela's cat-cam to Jim's Secret Santa teapot gift (full of all the extras) to Pam. 

Buy it: Dunder Mifflin mug: $15.60 at RedBubble. You can get 20% off your order with these RedBubble promo codes.

Got more Office-lovers to buy for? May as well grab a few of these. RedBubble has a Buy 2 mugs, get 15% off deal going - as well as a Buy 4, get 20% off deal.

Dunder Mifflin t-shirt             

office gift ideas under 25

If you'd rather give a clothing gift, RedBubble has plenty of Dunder Mifflin-related t-shirts available, many under $25.

Give them a browse here to make your final selection, and be sure to keep our promo codes on hand just in case they can make your deals even sweeter.

Buy it: Dunder Miffin t-shirt: $19.00 - $25.00 at RedBubble. You can get 20% off your order with these RedBubble promo codes.

Office Violation sticky notes

office gift ideas under 25

For the Dwight Schrute in every office. Does your coworker need to be put on notice? Give out some violation stickers to get people back in line! Messy desks, stinky lunches, crazy outfits, and too much "borrowing" of others' supplies can get you a ticket from the office police.

Just fill out the violation deets and slap one of these official-looking notices on the offending person's desk. (Be sure to mark the "Just Kidding" box on the bottom right and try not to hit too close to home in case anyone is highly sensitive.) 50 sheets per pad, 4 inches x 6 inches.

Buy it: Office Violation Sticky Notes: $6.99 on Amazon. Check out our Amazon promo codes here.

Desktop cornhole game

office gift ideas under 25

Need a break from the Monday morning doldrums? On hold with a client for a long time? Go ahead and toss a few bean bags in. Nobody will mind!

If they like to play it at backyard barbecues, they'll love it on their desk. Comes with 2 raised platforms, 8 miniature bean bags, and a 32-page book brimming with illustrations and guidance on the popular game.

Buy it: Desktop Cornhole Game: $9.95 from Walmart. Find Walmart promo codes here.

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