New Jersey Gold

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Other then coins washed up onto the beach there is no gold reported in New Jersey

Other than some old coins made of gold found on the beaches after a heavy storm or high tide there is no record of gold ever having been found in New Jersey. The geology of the state suggests otherwise since the northwestern corner of the state is a continuation of the Appalachian Mountain's holding the rocks of the Reading prong.

Some very significant zinc mining activity went on in Sussex County around the towns of Franklin and sterling Hill that themselves are a mineral collectors paradise for collecting zinc minerals from the don'ts left behind these old mines. The same deposit in New Jersey are found in a canoe shaped mass of metamorphosed limestone. The zinc deposits are also metamorphosed indicating they were deposit prior to the event that caused the metamorphism.

Not only is a founded this metamorphosed limestone but there are a number of other valuable minerals chiefly of which is corundum of the variety sapphire and ruby. These latter minerals are very rare in the limestone but indicate that when it was originally deposited considerable amount of clay minerals that were deposited with it.

The most likely place to find any gold in New Jersey is like handing this streams and rivers of Sussex and Warren counties. It should also be remembered that a good part of New Jersey that is about the 40th parallel has been glaciated several times in the past million years. The glacier is a covert New Jersey could have carried gold down from Canada particularly so since they are in the glacier covered before getting to New Jersey was in the Abitibi gold province of Canada. A likely place to look for gold would be in the terminal moraine of these glaciers.

New Jersey has a rich history of mining that lasted until the mid-20th century when the last mind closed at Sterling Hill in the town of Sterling. The New Jersey zinc company produced a great deal of zinc in the area around Franklin. There is a miners Museum located in Franklin.

Some of the finest specimens of fluorescent minerals in the world are associated with the zinc deposits of Franklin and Sterling. It is even been reported that they have found corundum crystals in the limestone of the Franklin area.

Even though there may not be much gold to be found in New Jersey there are plenty of other mineral localities scattered across the state. A good many of these deposits produced iron ore back in the days of the American Revolution. Another commodity that was mined in New Jersey was green sand that is used as a fertilizer because of its high content of phosphates.

The state is also world-famous for its Cape May diamonds that are in reality quartz crystals That are found on the beaches of Cape May. It is supposed by many geologists that the actual rock that these quirks crystals come from lies just off the coast and the diamonds are washed ashore during storms. Other geologists believe that they started their journey at the headwaters of the Delaware River.

A great many minerals are associated with the basalt quarries of the Watchung Mountains in northern New Jersey. These include an assortment of zeolites, calcite, datolite and prenite. Some of these crystals found in the trap quarries are capable of being faceted into gemstones.

Although you may not find gold in New Jersey there are plenty of other minerals worth looking for that are found in the state. Good luck and good hunting!

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