Names of Walmart Stores Located Around the World

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These are the most common names of Walmart owned stores located in different countries around the world.

Walmart is the largest company in the world with some $420 billion dollars in total sales. Though most of Walmart's sales are generated in the United States where the company is headquartered Walmart does operate retail stores in other countries around the world.

These are the countries around the the world where Walmart operates outside the United States and the most common names of the stores in each country Walmart operates in. Listed are the countries with the year Walmart started selling goods in the country in parenthesis as well as the most common store names in each country.

Walmart Store Names in Countries Around the World

1. Mexico (1991) - 1,664 stores

Walmart operates in Mexico under the Walmex name. Common names for stores in Mexico include Bodega Aurrera Express and Bodega Aurrera.

2. Brazil (1995) - 461 stores

Walmart has 461 total stores in Brazil with Toda Dia (117 stores) being the most used name. Other names used include Maxxi Atacado (48 stores), Nacional (71 stores), BIG (32 stores) and Mercadorama (23 stores).

3. Japan (2002) - 413 stores

Walmart operates in Japan operate under the Seiyu name. Common store names include Supermarket and Wakana.

4. United Kingdom (1999) - 385 stores

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Walmart operates 385 stores in the United Kingdom under the Asda name.

5. Canada (1994) - 323 stores

Walmart Canada operates 323 stores in Canada under the Supercentre and Discount Store names.

6. China (1996) - 311 stores

Walmart operates in China under primarily the Trust-Mart (104 stores) and Supercenter (197 stores) names.

7. Chile (2009) - 270 stores

Walmart operates 270 stores in Chile with Econo (116 stores) being the largest name used. Other names include Lider Hiper (68), Lider Express (48) and Acuenta (36).

8. Costa Rica (2005) - 179 stores

Walmart operates in Costa Rica under primarily the Pali (133 stores) name. The company also owns 25 Max X Menos stores and 15 Maxi Bodega stores.

9. Guatemala (2005) - 175 stores

Dispensa Familiar is the most common Walmart store in Guatemala with 121 stores. Other names include Paiz with 30 stores and Maxi Bodega with 15.

10. El Salvador (2005) - 78 stores

Walmart operates 78 stores in El Salvador under the Dispensa Familiar (51), La Despensa Don Juan (25) and Hiper Paiz (2) stores.

11. Nicaragua - (2005) - 59 stores

Walmart operates 52 Pali stores in Nicaragua and 7 La Union stores.

12. Honduras (2005) - 56 stores

Walmart operates 42 Dispensa Familiar stores in Honduras and 7 Paiz stores and Maxi Bodega stores.

13. Argentina (1995) - 55 stores

Walmart operates in Argentina under the Changomas (21 stores) and Supercenter (25 stores) names.

14. India (2007) - 5 stores

Walmart operates 5 stores in India under the Best Price name.

Note - Walmart recently acquired 51% of Massmart stores located in South Africa. Massmart operates 288 stores in 14 countries in Southern Africa.

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