Mount Snowdon - Visitor Information

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At 1,085 metres high, Mount Snowdon is Wales' tallest mountain and the second tallest in the United Kingdon.

Located in the National Park that bears it's name - Snowdonia - Mount Snowdon is one of the 3 mountains that make up the National 3 Peaks Challenge, a climbing event that includes the U.K's three highest peaks, along with Scotland's Ben Nevis ( 1,344m ) and England's Scafell Pike ( 978m ).


The name Snowdon is old English for Snow Hill but the mountain is known in Welsh as Eyri, which means highland. The summit is Yr Wyddfa which means tumulus, an ancient word for a raised buriel ground.

The Snowdon massif is made up of several subsidiary summits, ridges and peaks, with the 4 highest being Garnedd Ugain at 1,065m, Crib Goch at 923m, Y lliwedd at 898m and Yr Aran at 747m.


There are several paths giving access to the summit, of which these 8 are the most popular. 

Llanberis Path - The easiest route. Grid reference SH 582 597. Postcode LL55 4TY.

Snowden Ranger Path - Grid reference SH 569. Postcode LL54 6TL .

Rhyd Ddu on the ascent and Snowdonia Ranger path on the descent. Grid reference SH 569. Postcode LL54 6TL..

Watkin Path. - Grid Reference SH 647 556. Postcode LL55 4NY.

Across Y Lliwedd - Grid reference.  SH 622 533.

Pyg Track - Grid reference SH 647 556. Postcode LL55 4NY.

Crib Goch Route - Grid reference SH 624 551.

The Snowdonia Horseshoe - which includes Crib Goch, Garnedd Ugain and Y lliwedd and is the hardest route. Grid reference SH 647 556. Postcode LL55 4NY. 

For more indepth information about Mount Snowdon's access paths and routes, please visit the climbing website shown below.


               Image courtesy of A.M. Hurrel, wikimedia commons. 

                          The Snowdonia Mountain Railway.

For those unable or unwilling to make the climb, the summit is accessed by way of the 115 year old Snowdon Mountain Railway, the only public rack and pinion railway in the U.K, which takes visitors from the station at Llanberis along the 7.6 kilometre track to the summit at Hafod Eyri, in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The train's route starts at Llanberis Station which is at an elevation of 108m. There are 4 more stations on the route as the train makes it's way at a 1 in 50 incline, up to the summit, they are:

Hebron - 326m elevation. Route now takes a 1 in 6 incline.

Halfway - 500m elevation. Cafe and facilities situated here.

Rocky Valley Holt - 500m elevation along a ridge.

Clogwyn - 779m elevation.

Summit - 1,065 elevation. 20 metres below summit. there is a pathway to the summit. 

For timetables and prices of the Snowdonia Mountain Railway, please refer to their website shown below. 

At Hafod Eyri there is a summit complex situated in a granite and glass, RIBA award winning building, that was opened in 2009. The complex, as well as being the terminus for the Snowdonia Mountain Railway, also offers visitors refreshments, toilet facilities and exhibitions of the history of mountaineering on Mount Snowdon.Situated at an elevation of 1,065 metres, the building is the highest in the U.K.  This present building was built to replace a former hotel which had stood at the summit since 1896. 

For more information on the Snowdonia Mountain Railway and the summit complex at Hafod Eyri, please visit the websites shown below.


            Image courtesy of Patrick Mackie, wikimedia commons.

         Hafod Eyri complex on the summit of Mount Snowdon.

It is said that on a very clear day, one can see every country of the British Isles from the summit of Mount Snowden - England, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Wales - and the Isle of Man, but as the area around the Snowdonia National Park is classified as the wettest part of the United Kingdom, with around 4,500 millimetres of precipitation per annum, this would be a rare phenonema indeed. 


         image courtesy of Patrick Mackie, wikimedia commons 

             View from the summit of Mount Snowdon.   


                                                   MAP OF SNOWDONIA NATIONAL PARK


                                                             MORE VISITOR INFORMATION        

                                                  Mount Snowdon - Grid reference SH 609 544.  

                                                                Snowdonia National Park  

Postcode - LL48 6LF.

Telephone - 01766 770 274.

Website - 

                                           Llanberis Station -  Snowdonia Mountain Railway 

Postcode - LL55 4TY. 

Telephone -  0844 493 8120.

Website - 

                                                  OTHER WEBSITES YOU MAY FIND OF INTEREST.

The Snowdonia Society -

Llanberis Mountain Rescue - 

Snowdonia Mountain Paths - 


The Hafod Eyri Story -


                         Image courtesy of Richard Outram, wikimedia commons.


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