Most Expensive Guitars

Updated April 16, 2018

Here are some of the most expensive guitars in production today.

1. Martin Jorma Kaukonen Custom Artist model. Designed with the assistance of the former Jefferson Airplane guitarist, this is a breathtaking acoustic with a full dreadnought sized body. An Italian spruce top is complemented by the Indian Rosewood back and sides, and gorgeous colored purfling.

This guitar has a full, balanced and rich sound that will only get better with age, as all Martins are known to. List price $6199.00.

Martin Jorma Kaukonen Custom Artist

2. R Taylor Style 1. A beautiful piece of craftsmanship from Taylor, this acoustic guitar is another Indian rosewood bodied instrument with an American spruce top. Incredibly strong and powerful in sound this guitar is known for sugar sweet tonality. List price $ 7030.00.

3. You can’t name an electric guitarist who hasn’t owned or lusted after a Gibson Les Paul guitar. The Gibson Les Paul Custom Limited Edition is at the top right now at a list price of $6821.00. This version of the legendary solid body guitar comes in limited quantities and special color runs that will never be done again.

A future collector guitar for sure, this Les Paul is equipped with a mahogany body and neck and a pair of “Burst-bucker” humbucking pickups.

4. From Fender Guitars in a partnership with EVH, comes the Eddie Van Halen signature Frankenstein replica guitar. Based on Eddie’s famous custom Stratocaster this red with multi-color taped replica model is listed at $25,000, if you are able to find one for sale, however there are special orders available through EVH Guitars, and some Fender dealers.

5. In the realm of big body jazz guitars, better known as arch-tops, the Collings guitars are highly sought after for their quality if workmanship. The Collings Eastside LC Maple Tobacco Sunburst is a beautiful sunburst finished model with a single cutaway. The flamed maple top is beautifully accented by the ebony tailpiece, and pickguard. This guitar begs to be played and sounds like a dream. At $5400.00 it is quite possibly a bargain.

6. The incredible Briggs guitars are boutique instruments produced in smaller quantities. These are for those who want something different and desirably rare. The Briggs Reserve Stock Apollo is truly a piece of guitar art. A twin pickup arched top with incredible looks, this guitar is certainly a one-of-a–kind design.

This is a playable lighter weight guitar at only 6.5 lbs. The flamed top is Spalted maple, and the mahogany neck has a rosewood fingerboard. The pickups are hand wound humbucking style built by Briggs. List price $9145.00.

Briggs Reserve Stock Apollo

7. Jazz players will recognize the name John D’Angelico. A N.Y. based luthier, he built some of the finest and most desired archtop guitars starting as early as 1905. His legendary guitars are coveted by players world-wide. Today his name is placed on a new line of instruments that includes the New Yorker, designed from a famous “Angelico” model of the past.

This maple beauty is still hand–made and bears the look of a guitar with serious genes. It has an ebony fingerboard and bridge, with gold tail-piece and a floating humbucking pickup, priced at $ $17,000.


8. The Paul Reed Smith Dragon is a hard to find collector model that can bring huge sums on the market. Today you can purchase its sibling, the PRS Private Stock model DC245 for the sum of only $13,900. This guitar has all the features a PRS should sport; highly flamed top made of African mahogany, mother of pearl bird markers on the fret-board and custom wound pickups of unsurpassed tonal quality.

PRS guitars are prized by many well known players, and though pricey they deserve the huge amount of attention that they get.

Now that we have run down the list of some of the most expensive guitars you can buy, how about the most outrageously expensive and craziest design out there today?

9. The Rock Royalty guitars fit the bill perfectly. Their Kaged model guitars are wrapped in exotic animal skins and can fetch near $100,000.

These models also sport options like diamond crusted skulls and 18K gold appointments. Rock Royalty Guitars are not for the faint hearted, or those lighter in the pocketbook. Want attention when you play? A Rock Royalty guitar will get it for you!

While we have shown some of the most expensive guitars out there, the great thing in today’s market for guitars is that there are many, many available for not a lot of money that still sound and look great.

This is thanks to modern computer aided manufacturing methods. Whatever you seek in a guitar, be sure that it is out there somewhere and ready to be played and enjoyed. Keep on picking.

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