MocoSpace Overview: A Review of Website, a Leading Mobile Social Network in the World

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What is MocoSpace? What are the main differences between MocoSpace and other mobile social network application? What is the history of MocoSpace? How do you use or access MocoSpace? How do you become a MocoSpace user? What are the main features of MocoSpa

Summary of MocoSpace Review

What is MocoSpace? What are the main differences between MocoSpace and other mobile social network application? What is the history of MocoSpace? How do you use or access MocoSpace? How do you become a MocoSpace user? What are the main features of MocoSpace main? You will get all the answers to these questions and many more in this details review of MocoSpace. This work has all the information concerning, the leading mobile social network in the world!

What is MocoSpace? – Introduction to MocoSpace

MocoSpace is a popular ‘mobile social network’ application which is designed to work on mobile devices. From this MocoSpace review you will realize it is much more like other social networks. The only difference between MocoSpace and other social networks is that it is a mobile social network that runs on mainly mobile devices. Just like other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, in MocoSpace you will be able to chat, send instant messages, share you videos, forums as so on.

A critical MocoSpace review reveals that the site targets young single people who are looking for dates as it has the feel of a dating site. A similar review on MocoSpace has also shown that the most of the users share photos more that chatting.

If you joined MocoSpace at today, you can see a list of users who are online, their names, age, sexual orientations, gender, relationship status and proximity of a certain zip code just but to mention.

What Is The Difference Between MocoSpace And Other Mobile Applications? 

Unlike other mobile social network devices which are on deck, meaning that they are featured in start pages of some mobile or cell phone carriers, MocoSpace is an off deck site for mobile phones. This therefore means that it is not featured by any mobile phone carriers start pages but rather a standalone device. Anyone who can access the web via their mobile devices will be able to access, the official website for MocoSpace.

History of MocoSpace – MocoSpace Growth Overview 

So where did MocoSpace mobile social network get developed? The answer is this; MocoSpace It is one of the many Boston startups which focus on developing great mobile phone applications. Currently, in the United States of America alone, MocoSpace has well over 10 million registered users and around 3 billion page view every month. According to Opera and Hitwise report, MocoSpace is the largest mobile social network website in the US. has been in existence for some years now. It was cofounded by Jamie Hall and Justin Siegel. These cofounders had also founded a mobile gaming company called JSmart Technologies a year earlier which they later sold off to SkyZone Entertainment, a company affiliated to the Korean SK group. One thing that has helped to grow quickly is the high funding level that was available for companies that were startup in the mobile space. MocoSpace received a 3 million dollar venture funding in 2007. A year later, it got $ 4 million venture funding. By 2008, MocoSpace had 2 million registered users recording a total of 2billion page views monthly. Like all other social mobile networking services, it uses a business model that is based on giving advertisements to its users.

How to Become a MocoSpace User? MocoSpace Use Overview

Registration to MocoSpace mobile website is very easy. You need to take few painless steps which involve:

  • Visiting the MocoSpace official website at
  • Specifying your email address at this website.
  • Choose your MocoSpace password you need to be using
  • Specify your username which you will be using while you log in to MocoSpace

The moment you give all these details, you will be created and your URL is going to be To some people who will find entering the many forward slashes a trouble, they can just type these subdomain details: This is much easier that using the MocoSpace URL.

To make it convenient for users to access from either their PCs or mobile phone, the powerful MocoSpace website is able to detect your ability of the browser and deliver html page for PCs, WAP2 xhtml-mp or even WAP1 wml. This all depends on the ability of your browser. However, if you want to force mobile output, you will be able to do so using the following two urls

  • for those who want wml
  • for those who want xhtml.

An overview of MocoSpace Pages – MocoSpace website Page Review

If you keenly did a MocoSpace overview of its pages, you will realize it has the following:

1. MocoSpace Home or Main Page – An Overview of MocoSpace Home Page 

The MocoSpace homepage or main page has a place where you could either put your photo or not and the about me page where users can create links to the various fixed pages. In addition to that, it also has a place where some personal information will be shown. Commonly captured information includes name, age, hometown, sex orientation, gender and so on. These details are the standard details you will get in any other mobile social networking site or social network site as a whole.

MocoSpace gives you a chance to customize your homepage. Some of the things which you could customizer include your background and colors of your texts as well as you can upload a background picture. The only unfortunate thing is that these settings will be show only on you MocoSpace home pages and never on the other pages.

2. MocoSpace Options: 

An Overview of MocoSpace Options; is it a Mobile Dating Site?

The second page that MocoSpace has is the options page which will lead you to the chat room i.e. your personal chat room. Here you can send real time messages and it is a great option if you have unlimited web access and a charged message sending service. To know if you need to use these feature, consider the web access charge as well as the messaging charges. This consideration will inform you if you should use MocoSpace Options or not. In this chat room, you could decide to limit it to your friends only or let it remain default where you can chat to anyone.

The MocoSpace chat rooms for everyone are on topical basis. They are thirteen in total where you could join any you prefer. The chat rooms are based on various topics such as Party, Canada, UK, Romance, Tivia and so on. They are much similar to what other mobile social network sites have.

Is MocoSpace a Mobile Dating Site?

The aspect of MocoSpace mobile social network having a dating feel come here since you will be there is a place where you can declare your status i.e. the MocoSpace Relationship Status. This is not related to the relationship status in your MocoSpace home page and it gives you a chance to say whether you are in a relationship/engaged to another MocoSpace user. You will also get a url link where you could another person could propose to your on the following options:

  1. Marriage
  2. Going Steady
  3. Engagement.

On the MocoSpace options, you could also see the overview of MocoSpace relationships through a provided button. To verify more that MocoSpace is a dating site, you are able to see the newest relationship, recent breakups, and longest breakups and so on.

MocoSpace Friend Comments - An Overview of MocoSpace Comment Page

This is a place where MocoSpace users will be able to see the comments from their friends or anyone. These are mainly comments which target you, comments that have been made on your pages.

3. MocoSpace Photos Section – A Review of MocoSpace Photos

This is a place where photo sharing occurs in MocoSpace. It gives you a chance to upload photos directly from the following.

  • E-mails
  • PCs if you are using PC version
  • SMS

Tough MocoSpace Photo Rules- So as to enforce the MocoSpace strict rules of profanity, nudity, copyrighted materials as well as violence, the photos have to be preassembly approved. The photo approval will take some times, on Sundays for instance; it will take a couple of hours. Features of MocoSpace Photos - Photos uploaded could be up to 300KB and they will be resided to 90px on the longest side of the photo retaining the original dimensions proportionality. While on the mobile, only the resized thumbnails can be seen but if you happen to be accessing from a PC, you could click to see the original size of the photo. The accepted photo formats in include .jpg, gifs and .png.

4. MocoSpace Videos: An Overview of MocoSpace Videos

Though video sharing is very popular in many social website, in MocoSpace, it is not much advance or developed. You can share videos which are in .3gp format and the videos have to be a maximum of 300KB. This means that you can only share very short videos, most of them lasting about 10 seconds in case of CIF videos which are usually 176x144.

5. MocoSpace Blogging- An Overview of MocoSpace Blogging

The blogging part of the MocoSpace is not much developed and it is limited. In terms of formatting, except for preserved newlines, the formation is in plain text. This means very little text formation can be done on your MocoSpace blog. You cannot use bolds, italics, and lists and so on. On your blog, users can leave some comments.

6. MocoSpace Reviews – MocoSpace Rating Overview

On the MocoSpace reviews, anything can be put here. However, by experience, most reviews are about music and movies. The layout is very much similar to the one of MocoSpace blog, the only difference being the MocoSpace reviews have categories and a field for star rating. In addition to that, it also has a flied where you could include a photo. You will be able to see the highest rated pages on MocoSpace. The rating is done depending on the number of votes a certain page has received.

7. MocoSpace Friends: An Overview of MocoSpace Friends

Your MocoSpace friends are a list of people who have left comments on your page. This may be very different from the conventional friends in other social networks. On friends, you could send invites via the SMS or emails.

MocoSpace Favorites: An Overview of MocoSpace Favorites

MocoSpace favorites give you a chance to tag other people’s photos and videos as your favorite and they will appear on your favorite page.

8. MocoSpace Forums: An Overview of MocoSpace Forums

You will also get the forum pages where there are you could join a group of your interest. You can then continually participate with the other participants on Some of the popular forums include Music, TV and Movies, Sports, Mobile Phones and many more.

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