Song Review: Michael Jackson's Earth Song

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an article about the song.

"Earth Song" is a song written and composed by Michael J. Jackson. This song is found on Michael Jackson's "History" album which was released in 1995. The song was about conservation of the planet, and had strong anti-violence and anti-animal abuse themes. The song's melody is one of my favorites of Michael Jackson's music. "Earth Song" was also released on "This Is It" soundtrack, Michael created a moving short film that was specially for his concerts before his untimely death on June 25, 2009. "Earth Song" was typical of Michael Jackson's beautiful and touching humanitarian themed inspired art.

The song is a cry for change by the people in this world. Michael Jackson sang and composed many songs like these lyrics. He told the world to look at themselves in individual mirrors in "Man in the Mirror." He told his many audiences of fans to "Heal the World" an to use our power to change the world and the people inside of it. "Earth Song" has had a ressurgence since Michael's death, as this song  is the essence of Michael Jackson as an artist. Singers from pop icons to opera sihgers have been seen covering this song.

The imagery in this song that Michael Jackson created through imagery is very strong and powerful. The lyrics matched with the short films will touch the listener's heart, and their inner soul. Michael Jackson had the unique ability to sound like he was singing with a tear in his voice when he was touched deeply by the subject matter of the song. Michael's own compositions were like special jewels in a sea of typical. The saving and healing of the Earth was a subject that he lived and breathed, so it makes perfect sense that he would bring that awareness to his music, and especially his song writing.

The earth is where we all live and enjoy life. People need to care of the planet as best that they can. This is the center of the "Earth Song" message at its heart. Michael Jackson used to educate while being entertaining and fun.

This song is one of his best and most deeply personal compositions. His children,his large extended family, and millions of fans will have this song to lovingly remember the wonderful man in the mirror.