Our 7 Favorite Minimalist, Trackable Smart Wallets, Compared

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A smart wallet with built-in Bluetooth tracking? Sounds bulky. But these 7 picks keep the minimalistic vibe, while still boasting tons of smart features (like GPS tracking).

Are you intrigued by the many different types of smart wallets there are today, most of which are trackable? 

We certainly are, so we decided to round up some favorites — and we kept it light. Lightweight, that is, since we only included the most minimalist versions of trackable smart wallets we could find. 

Want to see what we found? Hop in and see why we're so impressed with these super minimalist, trackable smart wallets.

7 Minimalist, trackable smart wallets


Our first favorite among the new minimalist smart wallet brands is the Volterman Smart Wallet.

minimalist trackable smart wallets

A trackable wallet, the ultra-slim Volterman brand offers a chic bifold wallet (as well as a travel case, cardholder, and passport holder) with a built-in power bank, distance alarm, thief detection camera, worldwide GPS tracking capability, and global WiFi hotspot.

Volterman products are also waterproof, impact resistant, and offer RFID protection.

minimalist trackable smart wallets

The built-in power bank is able to charge your phone when you're out and about, both wirelessly or with a cable.

minimalist trackable smart wallets

Volterman's Bluetooth Alarm System notifies you when your wallet is outside the proper distance away from your phone — and the GPS tracking helps you find it. It also sends alarm signals when you've forgotten your phone somewhere.

minimalist trackable smart wallets

More about Volterman:

Price: The Bifold is currently $169 (marked down from $238) with an estimated delivery date of October 2018. Volterman also makes a Passport Holder, Cardholder, Travel Case, a set of two Bifolds for $295, and a boxed gift package including the Cardholder, Travel Case, and a Bifold with cables and more for $395. All items are expected to ship in October 2018. 

minimalist trackable smart wallets

You can compare the 3 main Volterman products here:

minimalist trackable smart wallets

You can choose from vegan or genuine leather, a wireless charger is available for $29, and you can get your items engraved for an additional $19. Shipping is free worldwide.

How it works: They are still in Indiegogo mode, so you can make your contribution for the amount of your desired item here. You can reasonably expect them to ship when they specify (October 2018), but there is no guarantee they will ship then - or ever.

Where can I buy this? You can purchase Voltermanproducts on their Indiegogo site here.

What can I fit in it? There's officially room for 8 cards in a Volterman Bifold, but you can fit over 10 in it if you're innovative. 

Extra cool features: If your wallet is set to 'lost mode', the built-in thief-detection camera will snap a picture of the next person to open it - then email the pic to you.

Volterman pros:

  • Useful for those who misplace things often
  • Sleek, modern and minimalist design
  • Can help you find your wallet if lost in your home as well by using locator signal
  • Worldwide WiFi hotspot handy for those who travel a lot
  • So slim you'll forget it's in your pocket

Volterman cons:

  • Still in Indiegogo mode (but they're preparing their second & third batches currently)
  • Some who have received wallets so far have noticed bugs in the system; read updates on the matter here
  • Some have expressed frustration at not receiving their wallets when expected (read comments from backers and updates here)

Bottom line:

These are highly anticipated smart wallets, preparing their second batch in Indiegogo. Read updates on it here. Enjoy a video description and short demo on the Volterman smart wallet here.

You can also find the latest Volterman discount codes here.


minimalist trackable smart wallets

Next up on our smart wallet exploratory is the Everyday Smart Wallet by Walli Wearables. with its dust-proof, splash-proof, genuine leather, minimalist design.

Founded in 2015, the Walli Everyday Smart Wallet is compatible with both iOS and Android.

minimalist trackable smart wallets

The only steps necessary are to download the Walli app to your mobile device, connect the app to your Walli Everyday Smart Wallet, and then personalize your settings as you wish.

minimalist trackable smart wallets

Walli Wearables also makes other compatible smart products, like the Walli keyfinder.

minimalist trackable smart wallets

On sale now, you'll save $30 off your purchase of a Walli Everyday Smart Wallet here.

minimalist trackable smart wallets

Once you're connected, you'll be able to start tracking your cards, wallet, and phone at all times. The app will record the last location where your wallet was connected to your phone so you can begin your tracking there if lost.

More about Walli:

Price: The Everyday Smart Wallet by Walli Wearables is on sale for $89.00, marked down from a regular price of $119.00.

How it works: Connect to the Walli app, follow the instructions and you're good to go!

Where can I buy this? You can preorder one here.

What can I fit in it? There's 6 credit card slots and 2 pockets for cash. (If you need more slots, you can add a Walli Card Holder or Walli Coin Card Holder, which both fit into the Walli Wallet). 

Extra cool features: Double click the back of your wallet and your phone will ring to help you locate it.

Walli pros:

  • Knows when you've removed a card and not replaced it; will alert you
  • Use your phone to find your wallet; use your wallet to find your phone
  • Make the wallet sound an alert if within range
  • Has a small hidden compartment that zips inside
  • Set your own distance from which your phone will alert you that your wallet is out of range

Walli cons:

  • Wallet was a bit thicker upon unboxing than some were hoping for
  • Some reported the app would not connect/stay connected
  • Some reported the keyfinder didn't work

Bottom line:  This is a nifty smart wallet which functions about 90% of expectations, but still has a few bugs to iron out, so not perfect. You'll need the code off the back of the original Walli wallet box to enter for the app to connect - so definitely hold onto that box. For extra help or questions, email: support@mywalli.zendesk.com.

You can also find the latest Walli coupon codes here.


minimalist trackable smart wallets

Our next minimalist trackable smart wallet is the Wocket Smart Wallet. This innovative wallet lets you store all your cards — virtually — onto one device.

minimalist trackable smart wallets

Any card you currently scan can be entered into your Wocket via its card reader. Wocket can hold the following cards, among others:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Gym membership cards
  • Grocery store loyalty cards

When it's time to use one of your cards, you select  it from the options on the face of the Wocket, withdraw the programmed  Wocket NXT-ID card, and voila! 

As a side note, it's still important to continue to carry your State ID or Driver's License with you, and at least one of your credit cards since some retailers won't allow the Wocket NXT-ID to scan in their stores, and the Wocket cannot store a photo ID (yet).

minimalist trackable smart wallets

The Wocket securely stores all of your passwords in one place too, and unlocks with either a PIN or your voice. This feature keeps all of your data fully encrypted.

minimalist trackable smart wallets

You can use your Wocket to pay bills online, too.

minimalist trackable smart wallets

Also, the battery in the Wocket is rechargeable and lasts approximately one year — but fully recharges in about 2.5 hours anyway.

More about Wocket:

Price: $179.00 — but they are currently sold out. Go here for updates on availability. Get accessories here.

How it works: You store your credit cards, bank cards, library/gym cards, etc. virtually on the Wocket. When you want to use one, just select it on the Wocket and it will be scannable next on the Wocket's NXT-ID card. You'll need to enter your personally selected PIN to be able to use any of the cards stored in the Wocket.

Where can I buy this? Normally you could buy it here, but since they're sold out you must go to here to get notified when it's been re-stocked.

What can I fit in it? Every card you use, from your favorite credit cards to your library card, can fit. Really anything with a swipable stripe down the back can fit in it, and even some cards without one can be entered manually, like your voter's registration card.

Extra cool features: It's the first of it's kind in that you don't need to connect it to a phone to use it.

Wocket pros:

  • Streamlines all your transactions with all your cards into one spot
  • Intuitive design
  • Excellent, highly responsive customer service
  • Great ease of use

Wocket cons:

  • Stores like Walmart require a chip card and will not accept the Wocket NXT-ID card
  • Some had trouble entering their info into the Wocket and others had trouble using the NXT-ID for their transactions; wouldn't work

Bottom line:

If you get frustrated carrying a large number of cards around with you, the Wocket Smart Wallet could be perfect for you. Just remember to bring along a photo ID and either some cash or another card in case you run into problems — some stores don't except the NXT-ID.

You can also find the latest Wocket promo codes here.


minimalist trackable smart wallets

Today's next trackable smart wallet review will focus on the ultra-slim Ekster wallet

The Ekster is one of the best trackable wallets we've encountered, and it's also one of the few smart wallets we found on Amazon.

minimalist trackable smart wallets

Ekster smart wallets vary in size and feature, but each Ekster wallet is sure to slide easily into any pocket. The Quick Card Access button fans cards out the top of the wallet for super fast selection, and RFID Blocking offers protection from wireless skimming.

minimalist trackable smart wallets

minimalist trackable smart wallets

More about Ekster:

Price: Ranges from $69 - $99, You can also just buy the tracker alone for $49.

How it works: Created by the Dutch, Ekster smart wallets connect solar-powered  built-in trackers through the TrackR app to a Crowd-GPS network of over  five million users. This substantial network ensures you'll be able to  track your wallet, even when it's out of your personal range.

Where can I buy this? You can get it on the Ekster website or on Amazon.

What can I fit in it?  Eskster's Senate wallet can fit 7 or more cards, has a cash strap and pocket strap. The Parliament is bigger, fitting up to 9 cards and/or cash in its card pocket, as well as a multi-purpose strap.  Add a tracker to either for $20 extra. (Note: some reviews said that if your cards have raised lettering on them, you can fit fewer into the wallet, i.e. appx 4 instead of 7)

Extra cool features: Trackers are solar-powered. If you leave them in the sun outside for 3 hours, you can charge them for up to a month (fyi, do not place them into excessive heat).

Ekster pros:

  • Superbly compact, sleek, and minimalist, these wallets force users to consolidate and only carry a few cards and a little cash
  • Most love the tracking features
  • Some feel it's fun and innovative, and reported "feeling like James Bond" when triggering the cards to come out

Ekster cons:

  • Some reported the card trigger button malfunctioned on theirs
  • Some wished the cards came out a little further

Bottom line:

Ekster wallets are a great choice if you're looking for a minimalist, trackable smart wallet. Keep in mind that if you purchase through a third party seller, you'll need to abide by their warranties and refund policies over Ekster's.

You can also find the latest Ekster discount codes here. Ekster Wallets Support Promo Codes and Offer Codes on their Website. 


minimalist trackable smart wallets

Ogon trackable wallets come in several varieties designed for both men and women. Another of the best smart wallets we've found for sale on Amazon as well as on the company's original site, Swedish-born Ogon Designs has been creating unique smart wallets since they invented the concept in 2004.

minimalist trackable smart wallets

Aluminum wallets premiered with Ogon's Stockholm model, with the Stockholm card case swiftly following up and becoming a best seller.

minimalist trackable smart wallets

Since aluminum resists rust and is both recyclable and lightweight, Ogon Designs saw it as preferable to leather.

minimalist trackable smart wallets

Ogon bans harmful chemical materials in their production and vows to  produce as much as possible locally within their eco-friendly company.

minimalist trackable smart wallets

Since 2015, Ogon has made products in France and assembled them in Normandy (also part of France).

minimalist trackable smart wallets

According to their site, Ogon's aluminum covers stop magnetic waves, protecting against demagnetization, and prevent unauthorized scanning or access via their blocking of radio waves, making them RFID safe. This, in a nutshell, means you're protected from hackers stealing your credit card info. Watch this video demonstrating the durability of Ogon wallets.

minimalist trackable smart wallets

More about Ogon:

Price: Varying by type and collection, ranges from $29.90 to $219.00. Free worldwide shipping is offered on U.S. orders over $90.

How it works: Basically, Ogon's aluminum covers prevent scanning and demagnetization, making them naturally RFID safe. 

Where can I buy this? You can buy them on the Ogon site here or on Amazon here.

What can I fit in it? Depends upon the style you buy. The Stockholm V2 unit can hold up to 10 cards and a few bills. The Quilted Button wallet holds the same. The Quilted Passport holds a passport, up to 15 cards and a handful of coins. 

The Euro Coin Dispenser, shown below, holds up to 20 Euros in coins, easily organized and stacked within its anodized aluminum and polycarbonate shell.

minimalist trackable smart wallets

Extra cool features:  We think the aluminum covers are cool enough, especially the large quilted zipper units which function just like RFID safe, aluminum purses. 

Ogon pros:

  • Innovative, attractive design
  • Protects from card skimming; also protects soft contents and papers, etc. from being frayed and destroyed in softer wallets
  • Perfect for those who sweat or get wet a lot at work and need to carry a wallet on them
  • Keeps cards from being scratched

Ogon cons:

  • Some wished the model they purchased were larger or could hold more cash as well as cards
  • Some reported their wallet's clasp wore out after a few months
  • No tracking capability

Bottom line:

Although they aren't trackers, the innovation and eco-friendliness of Ogon smart wallets keeps them in our top minimalist smart wallets. They are smartly designed, stylish and modern, perfect for protecting cards and information and keeping contents dry and scratch/rip-free. Nice prices as well.

You can also find the latest Ogon coupon codes here.


minimalist trackable smart wallets

Another of the best (although also not trackable) smart wallets we've found are Tribe Wallets. Made with Aerospace-grade materials, Tribe Wallets are designed to last a lifetime, offering the best of RFID protection to keep your wallet's contents data, cards, and identity safe from card-skimming.

Supremely minimalist (they're even slimmer than a centimeter), Tribe Wallets allow users to simply push and pinch to access cards easier and faster than with any other wallet. 

minimalist trackable smart wallets

minimalist trackable smart wallets

More about Tribe Wallets:

Price: $79-$99.

How it works:  The Aerospace-grade construction materials allows these wallets to naturally block RFID skimmers, offering the strongest protection against breakage as well as identity or card theft.

Where can I buy this? You may purchase these wallets on the Tribe site here or on Amazon here.

What can I fit in it?  These work with up to 10 cards and a few bills, too.

Extra cool features:  These are fine to drop, and will retain their structure and keep cards intact.

Tribe pros:

  • Superbly minimalist, modern design
  • Lighter and about 1/4 the size of 'traditional' wallets
  • Many like being able to carry it in front pocket
  • Arrives in timely fashion
  • Many are given compliments on these wallets

Tribe cons:

  • Some expressed difficulty removing/replacing cards which aren't on the top or bottom of the stack - some have had all their cards burst out onto the ground while attempting this
  • Some felt the price was too high
  • Some felt the edges were too pointy/sharp

Bottom line:

Tribe Wallets are top of the line minimalist, and smart in that they provide their own inherent protection for your cards in their care. They're not trackable, however, so it's hard to call them a bonafide 'smart wallet. However, they are high quality, attractive, and liked by many. Here's a demo on how to use them.

You can also find the latest Tribe promo codes here. Tribe Wallets Supports Promo codes and Offer Codes on their Website. 


Last on our list the the Woolet smart wallet. 

minimalist trackable smart wallets

All you'll need to do for this one is download their app, and you'll be able to control many features of your wallet. You'll be able to see your wallet's location, switch on/off the alarm, get notifications if your wallet isn't within your grasp, and a few other features.

While most of Woolet's products are leather, they also do have this Vegan option for those who are more animal-friendly.

minimalist trackable smart wallets

More about Woolet:

Price: $119. Sign up to get updates from the Woolet community and get 10% off your first order.

minimalist trackable smart wallets

How it works: The Woolet smart wallet has a selfie remote that takes a picture of wherever your phone is so you can find it. You can mark the parking space you just parked in at the concert and the wallet/app will help you find your way back. Press a button to start recording on the wallet. Can connect to several locations at the same time, and there's a button to turn on a LED light in the wallet. More features here — on the Woof app.

Where can I buy this? On the Woolet site here.

What can I fit in it? It can fit between 4-11 cards and there's a cool magic coin slot.

Extra cool features:  They offer some wallets that are made of vegan leather.

Woolet pros:

  • Excellent minimalist design
  • Easy to use
  • App works great
  • Superb customer service
  • Community of app users will help you find your phone if missing

Woolet cons:

  • Some felt it was too small for their needs (not very minimalist of them!)

Bottom line:

This is a great find, especially if you can get in on the 10% introductory discount. This multi-featured innovative Woolet trackable minimalist wallet is perfect for the most stylish tech nerds you know.

You can also find the latest Woolet discount codes here. Woolet supports Promo Codes and Offer Codes on their Websites.