Miami Weather Facts Averages and Records

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Weather data for Miami, Florida including the hottest and coldest all time temperatures, average annual temperatures as well as average and record rain and snowfall totals.

Presented here are the weather averages and records for the city of Miami, Florida. Included in the data are average and record weather temperatures, rain records and annual averages and snowfall total averages and records for Miami.

Image Source by Averette (Typical sunny day in Miami)

The city is a huge winter retreat for many northerners who escape to the Miami area and fill up the local hotels, motels, restaurants and tourist attractions in south Florida. The weather data presented here for Miami clearly shows why this is so.

Image Source by Miamitom (Villa Vizcaya in Miami)   

The weather data is from the Miami airport and collected by the Southeast Regional Climate Center located at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, NC. The data covers the years 1948 to 2010.

Weather Temperature Data for Miami

Record hottest temperature ever recorded in Miami, Florida is 98 degrees which has been recorded numerous times during the months of June, July and August. That's right Miami has never had a temperature reading of 100 degrees.

Record coldest temperature ever recorded in Miami is 30 degrees which has been recorded in both December (1984) and January (2009). Interestingly the coldest temperature ever recorded in February is 35 degrees but on March 3, 1980 it was 32 degrees in Miami.

The average annual temperature for Miami is a comfortable 76.3 degrees.That makes Miami the 2nd warmest city in the United States behind Key West. Of course 76.3 degrees in January is pleasant but in the summer the temperature is accompanied by very high humidity levels.

The average annual temperature for January is 67.7 degrees and climbs to 69 degrees for February. The hottest month is August with an average temperature of 83.3 degrees with July just behind at 83.1 degrees.

The average annual daily high temperature for Miami is 83.3 degrees.

The average annual daily low temperature for Miami is 69.2 degrees

Rainfall Data for Miami

The average annual rainfall total for Miami is 59.96 inches. That makes Miami the 10th wettest city in the United States.

The rainiest year on record is 1959 with 89.33 inches of rain.

The driest year on record is 1956 with 37.05 inches of rain.

The rainiest month on average is June with 9.33 inches of rain followed closely by September with 9 inches of rain. July with 6.24 inches and August with 7.95 inches are also plenty wet but not that close to June and September.

The driest month on average is January with 1.80 inches of rain followed closely by December with 1.96.

One can see why Miami is a winter hot spot with plenty of sunshine and warmth compared to the rest of the United States. For many northerners an escape to the hotels and motels in Miami Beach during winter is just what the doctor ordered to cure the winter blues.

Image Source by Averette (South Beach, Miami)

Snowfall Totals for Miami

Miami has never had a recorded instance of accumulated snowfall. On January 19, 1977 snow flurries reportedly did occur in Miami though some hotly contest this ever really happened.

Sunshine Totals in Miami

The city of Miami, Florida receives 70% of all its possible sunshine annually. Other cities in the United States at 70% sunshine levels include Abilene, Texas, Dodge City, Kansas and Milford, Utah. Honolulu, Hawaii receives 71% of possible sunshine yearly while Denver, Colorado is at 69%.

Extreme Weather in Miami

Miami has its share if thunderstorms every year and occasionally has been hit by a tornado. Hurricanes are the biggest weather danger in Miami.

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