Largest Population Cities in Illinois

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The largest cities in Illinois based upon population. Eight cities in Illinois have populations exceeding 100,000 people and some of these are the fastest growing cities in the country.

When people think of Illinois and cities they automatically think of Chicago but there are eight cities in Illinois with populations in excess of 100,000 people. Obviously the Windy City is the largest and most well known city but many of the smaller cities in the state are growing rapidly and many of them are well ranked as places to live. These are the largest population cities in Illinois.

1) Chicago - 2.9 million

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Chicago is the largest population city in Illinois and 3rd largest population city in the United States. Chicago is one of the great cities in America filled with museums, parks, the Navy Pier, Wrigley Field, impressive skyscrapers and great architecture as well as first class hotels and restaurants. Almost 50 million visitors per year travel to the Windy City on the shores of Lake Michigan.

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2) Aurora - 172,945

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Aurora is the 2nd largest city in Illinois and 134th largest population city in the United States. Aurora is a western suburb city of Chicago that was known as the City of Lights because it was one of the first cities to have electrical lighting probably because there was big money in the city at that time.

3) Rockford - 157,280

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Rockford is the 149th largest city in America. Located in northern Illinois Rockford is probably most famous as home of the Rockford Peaches one of the women's professional baseball teams in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League which was depicted in the Hollywood movie A League of Their Own starring Tom Hanks and Madonna.

4) Joliet - 147,633

Image Source (Ariel view of Joliet, Illinois)

Joliet is the 159th largest population city in the USA with 146,125 people. Joliet is located southwest of Chicago and is the fastest growing city in Illinois as it offers a cheaper alternative to people with jobs in Chicago and has many of the same amenities as the Windy City including some fine hotels and restaurants.

5) Naperville - 143,663

Image Source (Riverwalk in Naperville, Illinois)

Naperville is the 169th largest city in the United States and 5th largest population city in Illinois. Naperville is a western suburb city of Chicago and is located just east of Aurora and boasts the pretty Riverwalk Quarry and Moser Tower that contains the 72 bell Millennium Carillon which a big tourist attraction in the city.

6) Springfield - 118,033

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Springfield is the 212th largest population city in America. Located in central Illinois Springfield is the capital city of the Land of Lincoln State. Abraham Lincoln lived in Springfield for 24 years.

7) Peoria - 115,520

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Peoria is the 219th largest city in the USA. Located along the Illinois River in the central part of the state Peoria is named for a Native American Indian tribe and is famous as the home of Dow Jones Industrial Average component company Caterpillar, Inc which employs almost 100,000 people worldwide.

8) Elgin - 106,330

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Elgin is the 8th largest population city in Illinois and 240th largest city in the United States. Elgin is located northwest of Chicago and is one of the fastest growing cities in the country and is home to many people with jobs in Chicago.

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