Kite-flying Safety: 10 Important Rules

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Fly kites safely by following these rules and using good judgment. Be careful and have fun.

Flying a kite is so much fun you might be tempted to risk it when it is not safe. Don’t! The danger is often very great to you and other people.

1. Never fly kites near power lines. This is the number one danger to which kite-flyers are exposed. Do not fly the kite close to the lines or poles even though you are far away. When the string is dry, it should not transmit electricity, but do not risk it anyway. If it becomes tangled in the power lines, you will lose the kite. Never try to recover it. Kites are cheap. You are not.

2. Never fly kites in stormy weather. Even big, white, puffy clouds can have lightning, and the kite may attract it. Especially if the string is wet, the kite becomes very dangerous because the wet string will transmit electricity.

3. Never use anything but cotton string to fly a kite. Any kind of wire or string with metallic content will transmit electricity. You don’t want to be a receptor of lightning.

4. Keep your kite far from roads and highways. Even a small kite diving at a car may startle a driver and cause a wreck.

5. Check the surroundings before you put your kite in the air. If there are briars or sand burrs you may injure your feet and legs. You need a safe place to launch the kite.

6. If you have a large kite with a lot of lift or a strong wind, wear gloves. The string can cut your fingers and cause infections. Cotton gloves are cheap and handy.

7. Take a thermos of water with you when you go out for an afternoon of flying. The wind will dry your mouth and have you gasping for breath, and your thirst will be severe.

8. Check the ground for fire ant hills. You don’t want to be standing on one. The little buggers will sting you severely.

9. Don’t let you kite fly above people on the ground, especially if it is a stunt kite or a fighter. They are very fast and difficult to control. They can hit people before they have a chance to get out of the way.

10. Pastures where animals like cows and horses roam can be hazardous to you and your kite. They may be startled or they may not like having you invade their space. Make sure you have the owner’s permission to be there and someone who is familiar with the animals for both your sakes.


Have fun and be careful. Come fly with me.