55+ Discounts and Resources To Prepare Your Kids For An Emergency Or Disaster

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When an emergency strikes, your entire family including your children should be prepared. Luckily, there are resources available to help get your entire family ready for when disaster strikes.

The zombie apocalypse might be a thing of science fiction, but with global temperatures rising, political tensions heating up across the globe, and diseases becoming increasingly unmanageable, the possibility that we’ll be faced with a major disaster in the coming years doesn’t seem that far-fetched. If you’re someone with kids, their ability to survive and calmly handle an emergency situation is likely something you’re pretty concerned about.

Thankfully, there are tons of resources out there to help you and your children prepare for all types of disasters. Whether it’s sending your kids to a camp to learn basic survival skills or preparing a bag for them that you can grab in case you need to evacuate, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure that your child is as prepared as they can be for an emergency.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you get yourself and your kids ready for any type of emergency. And, because we know that sticking to your budget is important too, we’ve included tips for saving money on all of your survivalist needs.

Here’s what you’ll get in this guide:

  • A list of 14 great camps and classes for your kids and how to save on each
  • 40+ useful checklists, stores, survival kits, and other resources for kids

Classes and camps for children's disaster prep

The best way to learn is by doing! These camps and classes are suitable for kids, and can help them learn the basic wilderness and survival skills they need:

  • Adventure Out Kids Nature and Survival Camp (Boulder Creek, CA). This four-day camp is offered at the beginning of August. Campers spend four hours each day learning some survivalist basics including starting a fire and building a shelter. Save $30 with Express Pass, a discount program that gets you deals on Adventure Out classes and at outdoor shops in the Santa Cruz area.
  • Alderleaf Wilderness College (Monroe, WA). This wilderness school offers a bunch of courses including weekend classes on foraging, tracking, edible wildlife, and wilderness first-aid. Kids 14 and over can participate unaccompanied, and you can bring kids of all ages with a supervisor (ages 9 and under get a discounted rate). Save 10% by signing up early, registering with a family member or friend, or participating in multiple classes.
  • Bear Grylls Survival Summer Camp (Claryville, NY). This camp is billed as an extreme survival experience where teens ages 13-17 spend six days camping out in the woods while learning skills from trained experts. Contact the registrar’s office at 845-985-2291 or Registrar@FrostValley.org to apply for financial assistance.
  • Black Rock Retreat (Quarryville, PA). Offers classes like this Survival Skills class that’s just $6 per participant. 
  • Earthworks (New England). Has tons of different camps and courses for children on a variety of survivalist topics. Many of their courses are sliding scale so they’re accessible to people of all incomes.
  • Living Afield (Houghton Lake, MI). Provides Wilderness Skills Weekends where you can learn the basics of finding shelter, building fires, and even treating ailments with plant medicine. Children under 15 can attend this workshop for $100, a discount of $130 off the adult price.
  • Mountain Shepherd Survival School (Catawba, VA). This school offers a camp for adults and their children, as well as a series of overnight camps specifically for empowering girls from 6th to 12th grade to learn survival skills called GEMS (Girls Empowered by Mountain Shepherd). They don’t offer specific discounts, but most of the equipment is provided so you don’t need to purchase expensive gear to send your child here.
  • Thomas Coyne Survival Schools (Various locations, CA). Has several camp and course offerings, including an all-ages critical survival skills class. Join their membership program to get unlimited classes for one year, a 20% discount for your friends and family, and a 25% lifetime discount on all classes.
  • Trail Blazer Survival School (Simpsonville, SC). Provides camps for kids ages 10-14 focused on specific subjects such as recon, fishing, hunting and gathering, and backpacking. Although they don’t offer discounts, their 5-day camps are very affordable at just $249.
  • Wilderness Awareness (Duwall, VA). Has day camps and expeditions for kids ages 4-18 focusing on wilderness survival skills. Check out their free online survival resources for kids, plus take their eCourse for free to get a grasp for the basics.
  • WilderSkills (Bay Area, CA). Offers outdoor adventures throughout the year, plus special camps during the summer for kids. Sign up for their Apprenticeship program early and get a 50% discount on monthly fees. The program includes four sessions per month, bonus Friday campouts (parents camp for free, each additional family member pays $75), and free bonus campout.
  • Wolf College (Various locations, WA). Has day camps as well as overnight adventures for kids ages 6-17. They offer discounts for early registration, as well as a $5 discount for each additional week you sign up for, each additional family member, and each new camper you refer. You can also apply for the Max Davis Scholarship which covers fees based on merit and financial need.
  • REI. REI offers classes on outdoor activities including sessions for children like this S.O.S Kids: Wilderness Survival For Kids. Join the REI Co-op to get discounts on classes.
  • US National Whitewater Center (Charlotte, NC). Offers a two-day entry-level course for people ages 10+ to learn the basics of building fires and shelter, signaling, and finding food and water, as well as several summer camps like this Survival Camp. Campers can stick around for free on Friday after camp has ended to enjoy the facilities when you purchase a Friday Parent Pass.

Books on emergency preparedness for kids

Getting your child a book on emergency preparedness is not only a great way to ensure they’re ready for an emergency, but is also something that they can keep with them as a guide in case a disaster does occur. Check out these survivalism books for kids:

Outdoor and camping store discounts for kid's emergency supplies

Many popular outdoor and camping stores have the supplies that you need to prepare yourself and your kids in the event of an emergency. Visit these stores to get your children camping gear, outdoor tools, and apparel:

  • Anaconda. This Australian company has an extensive line of camping and outdoor gear as well as kids’ apparel. Sign up for their free Adventure Club for exclusive discounts. They offer a price beat guarantee of 10% on most items, so if you find an item cheaper elsewhere you can get a discount. Check out their Clearance section for discounted items.
  • Backcountry. An outdoor retailer that sells camping gear, kids’ apparel, and equipment for bringing toddlers and small children with you in the outdoors. Get a 15% off coupon when you sign up for their mailing list. You can also get $10 for you and a friend when you refer them to Backcountry.
  • Bass Pro Shops. This outdoor shop focuses mainly on hunting, fishing, and camping. They have a line of kids apparel as well as a selection of survival gear and kits. Earn points towards future purchases when you join their Outdoor Rewards program. Plus, get the Outdoor Rewards Mastercard to earn up to 5% back on purchases and a $20 credit if you spend $100 in the first 90 days.
  • Cabela’s. Check out their selection of kids’ camping equipment here. Sign up for the Cabela’s CLUB Visa and earn 5% cash back on purchases. You’ll also get $20 in Club points for registering and $10 more after you make five purchases. Join the free CLUB REWARDS program to earn 2% back on all purchases.
  • Campmor. This outdoors store has tons of camping gear, plus kids’ apparel and footwear. Save 20% on one full-price item when you use the code: SAVE20. You can also get exclusive discounts when you sign up for their TrailMail member list. 
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods. Check out their wide selection of camping and hiking gear here. They also have an extensive catalog of shoes and apparel for kids. Sign up for their free ScoreCard to get 3% cash back, exclusive offers, and access to insider info on new and exclusive gear. Get twice the points when you sign up for the ScoreRewards credit card.
  • Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS). Has a line of hiking and camping gear for kids. Sign up for EMS Rewards to get 5% back on your purchases plus a 15% off coupon for joining. 
  • Gander Outdoors. Gander focuses mostly on hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities. Members of the Good Sam Club, a roadside assistance and insurance company for RV users, get up to 10% off all Gander orders. Join their mailing list to get a 10% off coupon on your next purchase. 
  • Jay’s Outdoor. Offers a solid selection of survivalist gear, camping supplies, and a selection of kids’ items. Get 200 points when you join their Rewards Program which gives you cash back on purchases. You can also refer a friend to get a 10% discount code for both you and them.
  • JM Cremps. This children’s adventure store has a whole line of camping and survival gear for kids, including flashlights, explorer sets, and tons of books on survivalism suitable for kids. Get 10% off when you sign up for their mailing list. Check out their Sale page for discounted items.
  • REI. A popular camping and outdoors store that has a full line of kids’ camping gear. Check out their kids’ deals section for discounted items. You can also join the REI Co-op to get 10% cash back on all purchases plus access to members-only discounts and special pricing on classes and events. Right now, you can get a $20 gift card when you sign up for the Co-op when you use the code: JOINREI at checkout. Sign up for a Member Co-op Mastercard and get a $100 REI gift card and 5% cash back on all REI purchases.

Survivalist store discounts for kids emergency prep

Outdoor and camping stores will have many of the things you need to get for your kids to be prepared for an emergency, but there are number of retailers who specialize in survivalist gear. Take a look at these sites if you want something more specific or want to build your own bug out bag for your child:

  • Be Prepared. Has a sale section with discount and clearance items. They also offer a price match guarantee on all items.
  • CH Kadels. Offers a selection of everyday buy one get one free items.
  • Earthquake Bags. Stocks bags that you can use in the event of an earthquake, including bags for families of up to five. Get a $10 promo code when you sign up for their mailing list.
  • Family Survival Supply. Sells discount family survival kits for up to five (or even more) people. Get a 5% discount on orders of $50 or more with the code: SAVE5, 10% off orders over $100 with the code: SAVE10, and additional discounts for each extra $100.
  • Live Action Safety. Join their Facebook page to get a 5% coupon on your next order.
  • PFA Supply. Sign up for their mailing list to get exclusive discounts and giveaways, plus get a free PFA tool with orders over $20.
  • Ready to Go Survival. Sells a variety of custom and premade bug out bags. All items in the bags are at a 15-20% discount off retail prices and bags come with a 100-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • The Ready Store. While they don’t have a specific kids bag, they have everything you need to build one. Get a 10% off coupon when you sign up for their mailing list.

Kids' survival kit checklists

Now that you know where to shop if you want to build your own bag, take a look at these checklists that will tell you everything you need to stock your child’s kit:

  • FEMA’s Emergency Checklist for Kids. This is the government’s checklist of all of the things you and your child should have prepared in case of an emergency.
  • How To Create The Perfect Family Survival Kit. This post is from the team at Ready To Go Survival and includes a comprehensive list of things that you’ll need for infants and children of all ages.
  • How To Make Your Family Bug Out Bag. From The Bug Out Bag Guide, this blog post offers a list of things you should pack and tips for preparing kids of all ages. Sign up for their mailing list to get their ultimate prepper checklist.
  • Kids’ Bug Out Bag. Happy Preppers created this comprehensive guide with tons of suggestions for making a bug out bag for your kids and smart tips for keeping you and your kids safe in an emergency.
  • What’s Usually Forgotten In Kids’ Survival Kits. The Ready Store made this useful post which includes some things you might not think of when it comes to building a survival kit for your kids. They suggest including some stuff to help manage stress like coloring supplies, books, and a family photo album.

Pre-made survival kits for kids

Several companies make pre-stocked survival kits so you don’t have to make your own. Check out these kits specifically designed for your kids:

  • Buddy Packs. This company exclusively sells survival bags and gear for kids. Check out their original Buddy Pack for 4-12 year olds which has especially useful gear that can help if you and your child get separated for $39.95. Join their mailing list for tips and exclusive discounts.
  • Guardian Deluxe Children’s Survival Kit. EmergencyGoBags sells this bag for kids ages 11 and under. It contains food and water, lights, tools to build shelter, and an activity book to help your kiddo de-stress in emergency situations. Sign up for their mailing list to get exclusive coupons and a free emergency preparedness plan.
  • Kids 911 Survival Kit. This kit includes food, water with a five year shelf life, camping items, and a stuffed dog to keep kids comforted and safe in an emergency. It’s available at a $25 discount on Homefront Emergency.
  • Stealth Angel. Has a selection of three different 72-hour bags specifically for kids. Get a 10% discount when you use the code: SAS10.
  • 3 Day Kids Survival Kit. From More Prepared, this kit contains enough food, water, and essential supplies for three days. They offer discounts for wholesale orders if you want to buy in bulk.

Other resources for children's emergency preparedness

The prepper and survivalist communities are incredibly knowledgeable, and there are tons of bloggers out there sharing useful information and resources. These are some blogs and articles you should check out to prepare yourself and your kids for an emergency situation:

  • Mom With A Prep. This blog was started by a mom dedicated to promoting preparedness for families in the event of emergency. Check out her kids and teens section for information on prepping with your kids, plus get a free family emergency binder starter kit when you sign up to receive emails.
  • Ready.gov. The US government encourages folks to be prepared for emergencies, particularly on their Ready.gov website. Check out the Kids section of the website for an emergency checklist, information on how to cope as a parent, and games that your kids can play online to test their knowledge.
  • Survival School for Kids. Survival School’s blog and video series on teaching young children the basics they need to know in a survival situation.
  • The Survival Mom. Lisa Bedford created this site to give survivalist information from the perspective of a mother. Check out her 32 Survival Skills Your Child Should Know And Be Able To Do ASAP! for some really useful information.
  • 5 Simple Survival Skills To Teach Your Kids. From BeSurvival, this list offers five simple, actionable things that you can teach your kids when it comes to surviving in the wild.
  • Student Tools for Emergency Preparedness (STEP). This program was created by FEMA and has several resources including a student activity book, curriculum for teaching fourth and fifth graders about emergency preparedness, and a one-page overview of disaster preparedness you can share with your kids.
  • Survival Skills for Kids: Outdoor Survival Games. Be Prepared helps you make learning survival skills fun with this list of games you can teach your kids to build their survivalism knowledge.

Preparing your kids for a disaster is the best way to ensure that they’ll know what to do in the event of an emergency. With these discounts and a little bit of know-how, you can have your entire family ready to tackle any situation while sticking to your budget. 

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