Key West, Florida is Warmest Weather City in the United States

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Key West, Florida is a big tourist destination and the warmest weather city in the United States.

The warmest weather city in the United States is Key West, Florida which has an annual average temperature of 77.8 degrees. Key West is a huge resort area and tourist destination in Florida in large part due to its very mild weather temperatures. Even in winter the city has an annual average temperature of 70.6 degrees. For most people in the United States in the middle of winter that temperature reading sounds like a beautiful dream.

Image Source by Tore Sætre

Key West is Southernmost City in Continental USA

Key West is the southernmost city in the Continental United States. There is a very famous concrete buoy statue located at South Street and Whitehead Street that proclaims Key West as the southernmost point. Tourists love to have their pictures taken next to the buoy which is not actually the southernmost point but is close and commemorates the idea.

Image Source by Stefan Kokemüller (Southernmost Point of the United States in Key West, FL)

The Key West area has plenty of hotels, motels, condos and other rental properties available to handle the influx of yearly snowbirds. The tourism industry is the major employer in the city.

Key West is Sunny and Warm All Year Long

The annual average sunshine level in Key West is 76%. That ties Key West with Albuquerque, New Mexico for comparison purposes and is the highest annual sunshine level of any city in Florida.

Image Source (Cruise ships docking at Key West, Florida)

The hottest temperature ever recorded in Key West is 100 degrees which occurred in June, July and August of 1880. Since 1948 the hottest recorded temperature in the city is 98 degrees which occurred most recently on August 12, 1997. The hottest month in the city is a tie between July and August which average 84.5 degrees.

The coldest temperature ever recorded in Key West is 41 degrees which occurred on both January 12, 1886 and January 29, 1991. The coldest month in the city is January with an average daily temperature of 69.6 degrees.

Key West is Breezy and Has Never Had Snow

Key West has an average annual wind speed of 10.9 mph so a breeze is usually blowing. That is good news for anyone who wants to rent or take a sailboat ride in the beautiful waters in the area.

Key West has never had snow and it is believed the city has never even had a case of frost occurring. So anyone who lives in the northern half of the United States and wants a warm sunny place to go in the winter try Key West, Florida the warmest city in the United States.

Image Source by Soeren Rothe (Sunset over Key West, Florida)

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