Kaspersky vs BitDefender vs McAfee: Anti-Virus Software Reviewed

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Bit defender is the most thorough cleaning software of the bunch. If you have thoroughly infected computer, Bit Defender will clean it up at all costs. Kaspersky is for those who want specific feautres like hybrid cloud protection. Mcafee will make sure c

There are few things more frustrating than having one of your devices totally screwed up by a virus or other kind of malware. There are about as many malicious programs out there as there are stars in the sky. That’s why it’s pretty important that you trust your antivirus program to handle anything that might be thrown your way before your computer’s safety is compromised.

Bit Defender

Bit Defender has been one of the best on the Internet for a while now. It’s one PCmag.com’s “Best Antivirus” award at least 5 times, including in 2013. PCmag wrote “Bitdefender will suit you perfectly.”


Free Online Virus Scan- Bitdefender lets you try out the program on a smaller scale without even downloading anything. All you have to do is visit the site and click on the scanner button there and you’ll get a report about malware on your computer in under 60 seconds. It does this through a plugin for your browser.

-$39.95-7$4.95 for full package-This includes e-banking and e-shopping protection, as well as parental controls and antispam packages. The cost can fluctuate based on current deals.

-5 Time Winner of Pcmag Best Antivirus

-“No Impact” Technology protects your computer without slowing it down: The software even works on older PCs, and it makes sure that you don’t get any stutters when the scan starts like you do with a lot of other software. It does this by skipping known clean files, and only activating when the system is idle. You won’t be bothered with every decision, only when a threat is found that requires you to make a choice.

-Full Remote Management

-Secure Browser Option for Financial Transactions

-Best protection for anti-phishing, anti-malware and cleaning up malware. This is the case according to Pcmag. It also has great protection for Facebook and Twitter.

Click the "Scan" button to scan your computer right from the website.


-Full cleaning can take quite a while.-Some people report that Bit Defender was a bit overzealous and caused file damages but only with very extensive cleaning.

Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Labs have some unique features in their software. But at the same time, they also include a lot of the basic stuff like anti-theft, anti-spam and real time protection for viruses, as well as cleaning services that are at the top of the pile in terms of effectiveness.


-Malware “rollback” ability: Certain versions of the software allow you to roll back any damage that was done due to a malware attack to the way it was like before that happened.

-Real Time Protection

-Hybrid Protection-This feature uses both software and the cloud to protect your computer two different ways.

-24/7 Online Support with phone and email

-$39.95-Basic software always around the same cost.


-Unnecessary Purchases-The site will try to get you to buy 3 licenses by default, when you really only need 1 for your computer, which makes the price much cheaper. This isn’t a problem as long as you pay attention, but it is a bit deceptive.


Mcafee is known for being a fantastic guard for your PC, keeping all threats on the outside out in different ways including with their Site Advisor approach, as well as top notch real time monitoring. The program tends to struggle more when it comes to removing viruses though.


-$34.95 Cheapest of Bunch-The basic

-Site Advisor Guards Your Browsing-Mcafee Site advisor is easily one of the best features of its kind. It automatically warns you whenever you’re about to go to a site that might damage your computer by getting you to install Trojans. It’s constantly updated as well, so your protection stays up to date.

-File Shredder

-Interactive Map-This lists all devices on the network and allows you to customize it so you know who’s on the network at all times. It also allows you to set up a “trust link” that lets you monitor the system health of other machines on the network.

-Free Trials of all Software-You can try out all of their software for the most part, and not just the basic anti-virus package.

McaFee has some of the cheapest prices for software around.


-Trouble with already-infected machines

Head to Head

Each of these programs are ideal for different activities. SO it will depend on what you want the most.

-Protected by the Cloud-Kaspersky maintains the best connection with their home base, so it tends to have great up to the minute protection.

-Iron Shield-Mcafee uses Site Advisor and other means to keep your computer from getting infected in the first place.

-Kill Viruses Dead-Bit Defender is the best at wiping your system completely clean after it becomes infected and it will go to great lengths to make sure this gets done.


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