JCPenney Vs Kohl's Vs Dillards: Department Stores Compared

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JCP has great shipping plans and decent deals which means larger savings. They also have a great site to store shipping program. Kohl's is all about the rewards, and it is unlikely that you will find a better rewards program anywhere else. It's simple and

Not all department stores are created equal in terms of online service, customer service, and so on.  You can usually find a department store that will cater to what you need among these three options though, so take a look at each store’s offerings carefully.


JCPenney is up to 1100 stores now, which is no small number.  They also have their online presence at as well, so that you have a huge selection of choices both online and in person. You can get free site to store shipping by spending just 25 dollars, which is pretty low as far as shipping costs go. They are one of the best in terms of apparel and home furnishing retailers.


  • Gift Cards
  • Easy store Locator
  • Registry-Want to make it easy for people to get you wedding/baby gifts? You can register for free and list all of the stuff you need so people can buy it for you hassle-free.
  • 25% Off $200 or more-This deal is only available online and only during certain deal periods.
  • Free Shipping to stores over $25
  • Free Shipping Anywhere Over $99
  • Regular Coupons - You can sign up for text and email offers constantly so that you can jump on them when they happen. Some of them are only for online, and some are only for in-store, so make sure that you pay attention to which is which.
  • Constant Rennovations-JCpenney is focusing on remodeling all of their old stores in order to keep them competitive.

 JCP is a great palce to go for wedding or baby registry ideas.


Kohl’s has a reputation for focusing on rewards as well as charity drives. You can call about charge card information at 855-564-5748 all the way from 7 am to 10 pm central time. There are also a large number of stores across the country where you can inquire as well.


  • Free Shipping with $50-This only works if you don’t use any promo codes though.
  • Kohl’s Cash- Kohl’s does different versions of this at different times, but the current one is that you can spend $50 and get $10 Kohl’s cash coupon that will let you take that off your purchase price at the store. You can either take it to a Kohl’s store or redeem it online.
  • My Kohl’s Charge-This gives you extra discounts 12 times a year.
  • “Dream Receipt” Free Shopping Receipt Sweepstakes-For the first 4 hours of Black Friday, one winner is announced for every Kohl’s store, and online.
  • Kohl’s Cares-The store has frequent fund raisers including for fights against Breast Cancer, Health and Education iniatives, Environmental solutions, Associates and Action, and so on.

Jump on your Kohl's Cash deals when you can because they are huge.


Dillard’s started in 1938, and now they are up to 330 stores nationwide. They have a wide range of products including handbags, lingerie, Men’s, children’s and so on. Call 1-800-345-5273 (1-800-Dillard) for customer service with any problems. They are open until 10PM CST Monday to Saturday, and until 6 on Sunday.


  • Rewards Program-You can get two different ones, including an American Express or a store only. You only get 2 points per dollar spent though. Plus you only get a 10% off coupon after you get through some 1500 points.
  • Pay online-You can pay for all purchases online after signing up. This includes eGift cards, Wish lists, and order tracking.
  • Continual Savings Events of 25% off or More-
  • Search online store based on color-You can even search for “multi/hue” which is a bit of a unique thing.

Head to Head

Shipping-When it comes to shipping; department stores often have some pretty huge items. This is why getting free shipping on orders of only $25 is so useful, because otherwise you’d spend a pretty penny on it. JCpenney really delivers in this area. Kohl’s also has free shipping but only if you pay $50 so it’s not as good.


JCP has a reward system that’s still pretty young, whereas Kohl’s periodically has programs like spend 50 and get 10 back, which is just about as good as you’ll find anywhere. Dillard’s, in contrast, has one of the least impressive programs.


Dillard’s has good selection both in store and off, and they have sales pretty often. Kohl’s tends to focus a bit more on their rewards program for producing sales, and while JCP has sales, Dillard’s may do the best in this department.

Here's a great video comparing JCP and Kohl's from local news programs.