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As soon as you begin the quest to obtain a website, and become an online entrepreneur you have also embarked on a quest to make money. What I liked most about ipowerweb.com was that they instantly offered ways to make money outside of what I had planned to do with my site.

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Reseller Features:

Basically, this means that you can offer hosting services. You do all the creative work. You close the deal with the client. iPowerweb.com offers all the tools and support that you need to resell their services and put your own brand on it. The best part is that they are responsible for doing all that work on the servers, and managing the operation to provide the promised 99.99% up-time. 

The Starter Plan will get you on your way. It includes: 5 GB drive space and 250 GB Transfer / Band width. You are allowed one personalized domain name, and this costs $9.95 per year. You will get to use a Web site creator called CM4all (the limited version). It has the capability to handle International domains. Do you know hat else is really cool about the starter plan? I like that you get a $50.00 AdWords credit and a $25.00 Yahoo search marketing credit. Now with the monthly price of $3.95 you have to pay for your domain registration and a set up fee of $10.00. That is unless you sign up for 24 months. The three month and six month sign ups are a bit more per month. Like most other plans, the more months you commit to, the more money per month you save. Compared to other starter plans from companies like HostGator, StartLogic, JustHost, EasyCGI, and BlueHost - iPowerWeb compares favorably.
This is the most popular plan. I can see why. They call it "Unlimited" because unlike the Starter Plan, you don't have any limitations on the amount of storage or bandwidth needed to operate your site. The Website creator is called Website Creator by CM4all...This one is the unlimited version. You will get nine creator pages and 100 templates to choose from. They include some excellent commerce features that will set you up to be able to sell fifteen products. 
What is $11.95 per month? Not a lot! What do you get for that? A lot! You'll get everything the pro plan offers except instead of one domain name you get three. Instead of 100 templates, you get 220. To get all this for $11.95 per month you need to make a 24 month commitment. Oh, and as far as the commerce benefits are concerned, you will get up to 50 products to offer.
To boil this down even further, and mind you, I left out much dry, technical info that would just make most people's eyes gloss over with boredom, let me just tell you what I would do if I were you:
The Starter Plan - Go with this plan if you are just starting a small site or a blog. If you are not selling any products, and you are not expecting a ton of hits per day, this plan will suffice.
The Unlimited Pro Plan - If your aspirations dictate that this site will be about more than what The starter plan can handle, then the Unlimited Pro Plan is for you. This plan truly is the best value. if you don't have that many products to sell, and you don't want to register that many domain names.
The Pro Plus Plan - If you are sure that the other two plans won't cut it, then you probably don't even need my advice! You probably even understand all that dry boring info that I left out. So, knock yourself out and get the works!
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With the above, somewhat boiler-plate info regarding my review of iPowerWeb.com out of the way, I want to finish by going a bit in depth about this company's claim of green:
We're being told that 100% of the energy used to power this company is derived from clean, beautiful, windmills. Now I say "beauitiful windmills" for two reasons. The primary reason is that I'm not like some blue blood, Cape Cod Masshole who would much rather live in and breath in invisible pollution than God forbid, have to look upon the remedy for it. Secondly, I'm a guy who would excel at building windmills. I've been working twice as hard making half the money I was four years ago, before the housing market crash. I voted for Obama because he promised Green Jobs as a remedy to unemployment and a dirty, polluted environment. It would also redistribute some wealth from people who suck liquid dirt out of the ground and sell it by the billions to the world; turning some over to people who actually build things. Big, graceful, beautiful machines that can make all our little machines like the computer you are reading this on, light up and work! Wind energy does this without harming the environment in any way.
You may picture this website hosting company out on a prairie amidst giant windmills and meadow flowers. Not so. The company doesn't produce it's own energy. It does it through renewable energy certificates. But the end result is that carbon emission are reduced to the scale of taking over 500 cars of the road.
I know I spent a lot of words on this aspect of the company that they are quick to downplay by saying:
"Our employees and our customers are the driving forces behind our decision to go green. This initiative isn't a marketing ploy. Our staff members encourage responsible environmental practices inside the office and practice them outside the office. And, we know that many of our customers feel just as strongly."
"Reduce your carbon footprint by hosting your site on servers powered by 100% wind energy."  

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