The 10 Most In-Demand Retirement Jobs, Plus 20+ Job Search Resources For Retirees

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Seniors are more likely than ever to be in the market for retirement jobs. That's why we've put together this list of some of the best retirement jobs and retirement job search resources to help you find the perfect position.

Between an ever-growing population, extended human lifespans, and widening income inequality, the face of retirement has changed drastically over the last several years. If you’ve spent your entire life saving for retirement, you may be facing difficult questions about how to afford your expenses if you live longer than you anticipated and how to navigate an uncertain economy as a senior. 

Because of these factors, seniors like you are more likely than ever to be in the market for retirement jobs, especially retirement jobs that pay well and retirement jobs that can be done from home.

And, the numbers for the US workforce only seem to be getting more grim. A report published just this week by the National Institute for Retirement Savings found that four out of five working age Americans has less than a year’s income saved for retirement while the median savings retirement account balance is $0 — yes, you read that correctly. 

For most people reaching retirement or simply contemplating it, this means that some form of work is likely in the cards during what once would have been considered retirement years. 

There’s also the issue of, well, boredom. People who are relatively financially secure and still able to work may find that having part-time, remote, or freelance work can provide a sense of accomplishment and productivity, particularly if it’s a fun retirement job. 

Thankfully, regardless of your reason for wanting to work during retirement, there are plenty of resources available for retired folks to find work, and there are tons of retirement jobs that are in high demand. That’s why we’ve put together this list of some of the best retirement jobs and retirement job search resources to help you find the perfect position. Here’s what you’ll get in this guide:

  • 10 high-demand retirement jobs and how you can find them
  • 7 of the best job search sites for seniors and retirees
  • 15 ideas for turning your career skills into a part-time, remote, or freelance position in retirement

10 high-demand jobs that are great for retirees (& where to find them)

Personal care & home health aides

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), these are two of the jobs with the highest projected growth from now until 2026, with personal care aide roles increasing by 38.6 percent and home health aide jobs by 47.3 percent, the highest of any occupation. 

Pay for these positions is modest with a median of around $23,000, but can be somewhat flexible in terms of schedule.

Personal care aides do not require any specific training and often perform duties such as cleaning, running errands, and cooking in clients’ homes or in residential facilities. Home health aides perform similar tasks, but may also be required to provide basic health services such as checking vitals, changing linens and bed pans, administering medications, and bathing clients. 

If you’re working as a home health aide through a Medicare or Medicaid program, you will likely be required to go through a training program, and additional certifications are available.

If you’re looking for a role as a personal care or home health aide, check out these sites to find jobs:

Food service

The BLS also anticipates a high demand for food preparation and serving positions, with an expected growth of 16.8 percent for food prep and service and 7 percent for wait staff by 2026. Again, these roles pay quite modestly with a median wage of around $20,000. 

However, you’re likely to be able to find part-time or flexible work in food service that fits your needs and your schedule, and you may even receive cash tips as a part of your wage. Some roles may require prior experience or training, but many positions are entry-level.

If you’re looking for food service work, the best way to start is to check in with your favorite local restaurants, cafes, and fast food joints to see if they have any open positions. You can also check out these sites to see if there are any jobs available near you:


If you’re someone who enjoys driving, there are a number of different options you might consider. Rideshare services have exploded in the past few years completely revolutionized how we get around. 

The market is expected to continue its meteoric rise with Goldman Sach’s estimating that the industry will be worth $285 billion by 2030. Folks who prefer driving objects around more than people can also opt to grab their share of the market by delivering goods and running errands.

Perhaps the best feature of this type of work is that you’re free to work on your own schedule and to work as much or as little as you want, leaving ample time to enjoy your retirement.

These are just a small handful of the companies you could work with if driving is a job you’d like to pursue:

Tax preparer

While the BLS doesn’t have specific job growth rates for tax preparers, it’s safe to say that there will be a demand for folks in this role as long as there are taxes to be prepared. 

Tax preparers earn a mean annual wage of around $45,000, with the top percentile earning closer to $80,000. You might be surprised to learn that the only requirement to prepare taxes is a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) which you can apply for and renew in around 15 minutes online. 

If you’re great at doing your own taxes and good with numbers, you could take on tax prep for individuals and businesses. Plus, it’s a great seasonal position as most of the work will take place in the first few months of each year.

Tax preparation is definitely a role that you can turn into a small business for yourself if you’re willing to put in the work to find clients. However, if you’re looking to find jobs or work for someone, check out these sites:

Teaching assistant

The BLS lists teaching assistant as one of the jobs with the highest projected growth in the upcoming years, predicted to be around eight percent by 2026. 

Teaching assistants (TAs) support main teaching staff, often offering one-on-one or small group tutoring to students, helping set up the classroom, supervising students, and providing administrative support like taking attendance and grading papers. 

Most TAs work in public or private schools and have at least two years of college-level education or an Associate’s degree. The mean salary for a TA is modest at around $26,000, but the role is typically part-time and, like teachers, you’ll have the summer off.

To find a TA job, check with your local school district or take a look at the Department of Education page for your state or municipality. You can also check regular job search sites or these sites to look for positions:

Government jobs

Federal, state, and local governments have a need for folks with tons of different skill sets in positions ranging from postal workers to park rangers to community servants. The main advantage of finding a government job is that they typically pay fairly well and may even offer benefits including insurance, pension plans, and more. 

The Department of Labor runs a specific program called the Senior Community Service Employment Program which offers part-time employment for low income folks over 55. There are also two programs that hire folks over 55 specifically for part- or full-time work, the EPA’s Senior Environment Employee Program and the USDA’s Agriculture Conservation Experienced Services Program

To find government jobs near you, check out these sites:

Janitors, cleaners, and maintenance workers

Folks who are good at fixing, installing, assembling, cleaning, and repairing things might find a flexible and lucrative career as a janitor or repair person. 

Janitorial roles are high on BLS’s list of strong projected growth jobs with an anticipated growth of around 10 percent by 2026, while maintenance and repair workers also make the list with growth of around eight percent. Landscape and groundskeeper jobs are also in high-demand, with an 11.3 percent projected growth. 

Janitors are most likely to find work at hospitals, schools, and other facilities. As a repair or maintenance person, you might be able to start your own business or find employment with an established company as well.

Check with local schools, hospitals, and businesses to see if they’re in need of a cleaner or maintenance worker. You can also check out these flexible apps that let you pick up cleaning and/or repair work on your schedule:

  • Handy — Home cleaning and handyperson services app.
  • Tidy — Home cleaning services app.
  • ProperlyAirBnb and other rental property cleaning and management gigs.
  • Task Rabbit — Small gigs and tasks in your neighborhood.
  • Takl — Cleaning, housework, lawn mowing, and other small home gigs near you.

Temporary and seasonal work

Temporary work (also known as temp work) has seen growth in recent years — 3.8 percent specifically between March of 2017 and March of 2018 — and is a great option for retirees and seniors as you can choose jobs that fit your schedule. 

Most temporary work comes from agencies which will assign you to a job with one of their affiliates and roles typically last anywhere from a few days up to a month. Temporary work often involves performing administrative duties, but you may also be able to find temp positions in higher ranking roles. 

You can also find seasonal work which may include things like doing retail during the holiday season or doing summer work for agricultural businesses.

These are some great websites to check out if you’re looking to find temporary and seasonal work:

Administrative assistants, receptionists, & secretaries

Most businesses, schools, hospitals, and other institutions have a need for folks who can greet guests, perform administrative tasks, staff telephone lines, and provide other support to help operations run smoothly. 

The BLS reports that medical secretaries will be in high demand in the upcoming years, with a growth of 22.5 percent in the field. Receptionists and information clerk jobs should also see high growth of around nine percent as well. 

The average pay for administrative assistants and secretaries comes in at a respectable $38,000 and most employers won’t require any more than a high school diploma, good organizational skills, and customer service savvy. You may even be able to find remote or virtual assistant positions that will allow you more flexibility with your work.

Check local job listings to find positions in this field or try these sites:


This one might not be one of the highest demand positions out there, but if you’re someone with business savvy and a great model for a product or service you think you can sell, becoming an entrepreneur can help you earn money in retirement on your own terms. 

Perhaps the simplest model these days is to run an online business. You could sell handmade goods or crafts, resell used goods, provide a service that can be done via phone or computer, or even try your hand at affiliate marketing. There are tons of options, and all you really need is one great idea.

Of course, it’s up to you how you want to run your business and whether it will be virtual or have a brick-and-mortar location. For folks looking to do business online, these resources are great:

Job search sites for retirees and seniors

Of course, there are thousands of other jobs you might be interested in pursuing than the ones we’ve listed, and thankfully there are just as many websites out there to help you find the perfect fit. Check out these websites that specifically help seniors and retirees find their dream job:

  • AARP. In addition to their other services, AARP members can access the AARP job board and a job search center with tons of articles on re-entering the workforce, the best careers for folks in retirement, and tips for networking. The AARP Foundation also hosts the Back To Work 50+ program, an initiative that offers training, support, and employment opportunities for folks over 50.
  • Retired Brains. In addition to being a lifestyle site for folks in retirement, Retired Brains links you to an external site with part-time and temporary job postings. Be sure to head over to their blog where they post regular articles on topics relevant to seniors and retirees.
  • Retirement Jobs has job offerings for folks over 50, plus extra resources like their career advice center and their reviews page where you can learn about others’ experiences with a particular employer. Get Premium to get access to free webinars, personalized resumé critiques, and discounts on job search service. They’ve also certified age-friendly employers, so check for the badge to connect with good companies.
  • Seniors 4 Hire. A branch of the popular job search company ZipRecruiter, this site has job listings that are searchable by location, job type, and job category. Job listings are managed through ZipRecruiter which allows you to save jobs, get alerts when new jobs of interest are posted, and easily apply with your digital resumé. 
  • Senior Job Bank. Senior Job Bank connects employers with job seekers over 50. They add new jobs everyday, and you can search by location, job type, job category, and company to find your perfect fit.
  • Snag. Snag A Job is a general job search site, but they also have a section devoted to retirement jobs which includes several relevant job categories and a few articles with advice for retirees.
  • Workforce 50. This site offers job postings for folks over 50 listed state-by-state. You can sign up to get email notifications to your inbox, plus they’ve got a bunch of free career resources, blog posts, and a YouTube channel with useful information for your job search.

Retiree job search sites that incorporate your previous experience

One of the smartest ways to make money as a retiree is to continue working in your career field in a part-time, freelance, remote, or consulting capacity. Here are some great resources to help turn your old job into your new business:

Consulting and coaching

You’ve spent a lifetime honing your career skills, and you’ve got a wealth of knowledge and experience. Consulting is a great way to work for yourself while capitalizing on your talents. Plus, there are tons of businesses and organizations out there looking for advice from folks like you. Here are a few ideas to get you started as a consultant:

  • Clarity. This site connects new startups with industry experts. You can post your services for free, choose your per-minute rate, and when clients come to you, you’ll offer mentoring and advice over the phone.
  • Consulting firms. If running your own consulting business seems daunting, look into joining a consulting firm. For example, the New York-based firm Business Talent Group lets approved consultants work on projects that interest them and offers support, professional development opportunities and more.
  • LinkedIn. The most popular career networking site on the web, LinkedIn is a great place to look for potential consulting clients. You can market yourself as a consultant on your own page, plus you can directly message folks you think might be interested in your services. If you’re a new member, you can get a free one-month trial of their Premium plan.
  • Measure Match. This site offers on-demand experts in Data, Analytics, and Technology. You’ll need to meet their criteria, but once you’re signed up, you can search for relevant projects or get offers from potential clients.
  • TalMix. TalMix is a great site for independent consultants with anywhere from three to 40 years of career experience in over 100 different fields. On this site, you can search for projects that work with your experience, send proposals to potential clients, and manage your invoicing and payments for clients.
  • Your Encore. Your Encore hosts a network of senior talent that businesses can hire for projects, consulting, and advice. They mostly work with talent in the medical, consumer health, food and nutrition, pet, and biotech industries. You can sign up to become an Expert here.


Over the course of your life, you’ve likely developed one or more skill sets that you can teach to others. These sites can help you find teach work at a local college, university, or high school, or assist you in developing and marketing an online course in your field:

  • HigherEd Jobs. This general job search site for positions in higher education offers an extensive listing of adjunct, part-time, and temp positions in higher ed. Adjunct positions typically don’t require a PhD and the positions, while not always the most high-paying, are fairly flexible.
  • Skillshare. With Skillshare, you can develop and film an online course and earn revenue for every student who takes your class. Courses can be in a wide variety of different subjects and typically include video lessons totaling around 30-40 minutes and a class project.
  • Udemy. A popular, simple online platform that allows you to easily create and monetize your own video course.

Freelance, remote, and part-time job search sites for seniors or retirees

Getting a freelance, remote, or part-time job can allow you to continue to earn income while maintaining a flexible schedule. These sites can connect you to freelance work, and many of them allow you to take on projects whenever you want:

  • Fiverr. Fiverr lets you offer a specific gig or service in a variety of different categories to businesses that need help. You can earn $100 for yourself and a friend when you refer them to Fiverr. 
  • FlexJobs. FlexJobs offers a listing of vetted and curated remote, part-time, and freelance positions for professionals from entry-level to executives. You do need to pay to get access, but you can save up to 72% by paying for an annual subscription over a monthly or quarterly one.
  • Local Solo. Although you’ll need to apply to join this site, they offer free profile listings, a job board with listings by city, and discounts with several freelance-related companies.
  • Moonlighting. Create a free business profile on Moonlighting or grab their premium subscription for $9.99 per month to get access to free digital payments, unlimited job proposals, and more. You can search for jobs or wait to get matched with relevant opportunities.
  • People Per Hour. This site connects you with freelance and contract jobs. Search for jobs in your field or entry-level work, send a proposal to your potential client, get offers directly through your profile page, and manage your work stream and payments all in one place.
  • Upwork. Upwork provides a wide range of freelance, part-time, and contract job listings. When you join, you’ll get your own profile where clients can find you. Most of your employment opportunities will come from direct responses to job postings in which you’ll answer questions about yourself and bid with your rate for the project.

Retirement may be changing, but there are plenty of ways for you to earn some extra cash while continuing to enjoy your retirement years to the fullest. Check out the resources we’ve listed here for inspiration and pop over to this article The 60+ Most Lucrative Ways For Seniors To Earn Money Online on our partner site Dealspotr for more great ideas.

If you want more useful information on budgeting, employment, and a variety of other topics, be sure to keep up with the Knoji blog — we have new posts up frequently! And, while you’re here, take a look at the Knoji homepage where you’ll find thousands of answers to questions about how to get discounts and savings at all your favorite retailers.


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