Importance of Personal Selling

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Importance of personal Selling Personal selling is an important element of promotion mix and an effective promotional tool. Personal Selling offers the following compensation.Despite the above advantages, personal selling suffers from several disadvantag

Importance of personal Selling

Personal selling is an important element of promotion mix and an effective promotional tool. Personal Selling offers the following compensation.

(i) It is a flexible tool: Personal selling involves individual and personal communication as compared to the mass and impersonal communication of advertising and sales promotion. Therefore, personal selling is most flexible in operation. A salesman can tailor his sales presentation to fit the needs, motives and attitudes of individual customers can observe the customer's reaction to a particular sales approach and thus make necessary adjustments right on the spot. Face-to-face contact with customers is the most effective means of communication and persuasion.

(ii) It involves minimum wasted effort: In personal selling, a salesman can select the target market and concentrate on the prospective customers. He need not communicate with the people who are not the real prospects. Therefore, personal selling involves minimum wastage of effort.

(iii) It results in actual sale: Advertising and sales promotion techniques can only attract attention and arouse desire. By themselves they cannot create actual sale. Personal selling in most cases leads to actual sale. A salesman can find prospective buyers, demonstrate the product, explain its operation, and convince customers to buy it, install it at the customer's place and provide after-sale service. No other method of promotion can perform all these functions. Therefore, personal selling does the entire job of selling. Personal Selling is a complete promotional technique of keeping customers satisfied.

(iv) It provides feedback: Personal selling involves two-way flow of communication between the buyer and the seller. It is a useful method of understanding the needs and behavior customers. It provides knowledge about the tastes, habits and attitudes of the prospective customers.

(v) It complements advertising: In most situations, there is a need for explaining the quality uses and price of the product. Salesmen can persuade the prospective customers to buy a product. Advertising attracts customers but their doubts and questions about the product are answered by salesmen. In this way personal selling supports advertising. Salesmen educate the consumers about new products and about new uses of existing products.

(vi) It educates customers: Salesmanship is not simply a tool of convincing people to buy certain products. It assists customers in satisfying their wants. A salesman provides: information, education and guidance to customers. He handles their complaints and assists them in getting value for their money. He can clear their doubts on the spot.

(vii) It assists the society: Salesmen help to increase aggregate sales and production in the country thereby increasing employment opportunities. They help to maintain equilibrium between demand and supply.

Despite the above advantages, personal selling suffers from several disadvantages. Firstly personal selling is the costliest method of promotion. Secondly, it can cover only limited number customers at a time. Thirdly, it is not very effective for creating consumer awareness about a product or service. Fourthly, many consumers are suspicious of personal selling at the retail level and they criticize salesmen for lack of honesty, poor knowledge, strong pressure, etc. Lastly, it is difficult to recruit, train and motivate competent salespersons.

Important Aspects of Personal Selling

It is important to always keep in mind that personal selling is about selling yourself first and then your product. If your audience believes in what you are saying, your audiences will then believe in the product(s) you are selling them.

Learning the proper body language, hand movements and the best way to use words will work wonders for your sales pitch. If you are enthusiastic about the product you are selling, your audience will always listen to all of your words and become enthusiastic about the product you are selling. A positive message is far better than using a negative approach.

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