Illusia 2: Locations Walkthrough

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This is a locations walkthrough on Illusia 2, popular RPG on Android, Iphone and Ipad. With a thrilling storyline, full of twists and turns, ILLUSIA 2 takes the immersive gameplay of the original masterpiece and embellishes it with more colorful side scro

Release Date: 19 April 2012

Genre: RPG

Platform: Iphone/Ipad/Android

Publisher: Gamevil

Developer: Gamevil

This is a guide or walkthrough on the game: Illusia 2. At the moment right now I'm still trying to write a guide on chapter 6, the last chapter, so, till then, stay tuned.

Disclaimer: This guide is copyright of Noobbgodlike, 2012 and CWX on Knoji, 2013 while Illusia is copyright of Gamevil.Inc. So be sure to obey these copyright rules and if you want to copy any material here, please know that you are defying the copyrights  but if you really want to copy, please email me on Knoji or something and ask for my permission first. bla bla bla...

N.B.: If you do have any questions, feel free to ask on the comments section or google it yourself. I'm sure there's pretty much material out there for you to utilise.

Chapter 1: Turnvill Forest

==Turnvill Chapter Flow==

See an event, get out from your house and talk to Chief. Continue right and talk to Emma, she’ll tell you to gather 3 apples. Gather it on point (1) by destroying the apple tree. Go back to the town and talk to Trina (Trina’s Problem) you’ll finish the quest automatically when talking to her. Talk to the Chief and head back to your house (Bottom-left corner of this town).

Talk to The Chief and then you’ll find that Trina is missing. Go to point (2) to find and help her. Kill karate bears and then go back to the town. You need to go to point (3) to defeat boss of this area but before you do that, you can talk to Ricoto start a side quest. Go to point (3) once you’re ready.

Boss Teddy Bear

Recommended Level: 12

I am using Ares and didn’t even use 1 potion, just press attack button madly. His movement is also slow, I believe if you’re using ranged character then you’ll have no trouble against him.

Turnvill Forest Main Quest

This Side quest based on Ares (Warrior)

NameRewardClientLocationHow to Solve
Chief’s Favor Heatlh Potion;

142 exp;

30 gold



Turnvill Town Talk to Emma
Insomnia 243 exp;

40 Gold;

Newb necklace or ring



Turnvill Town Gather 3 apples
Abnormal Activity 538 exp;

50 gold;

Mana Potion



Turnvill Town automatically obtained after Insomnia quest
Investigation Begins 731 exp;

60 gold;

winter gloves;

Special Forging Stone

(Story) Turnvill Town Go back to your home and then sleep
Ominous Dream 955 exp;

70 gold;

thin cotton boots

Your room


Turnvill Town Talk to Chief and
Trina Disappeared 1210 exp;

90 gold;

Thin Cotton/





Turnvill Town Go to Point (2) on the map rescue Trina from 3 karate bears
Back To town 1811 exp;

wooden shield lvl 10

Trina Turnvill forest (2) Back to  Turnvill town to finihs the quest
Turnvill Forest Investigation 2158 exp;

130 gold

Turnvill Town


Turnvill Town


Go to point (3) to finish the quest
Suspicious Door 2583 exp;

150 gold;

Sharp Stone Sword (lvl 10)

Turnvill forest (3) Turnvill Forest (3) Defeat Teddy Bear boss

Turnvill Forest Side Quest

NameRewardClientLocationHow to Solve
Metal Worker’s Tool 100 EXP;

285 gold;

New necklace or ring

Metal Worker


Turnvill Town Do a tutorial about double jump and jumping down to obtain the treasure chest
Rinco’s Dream 653 exp;

241 gold;

Special Forging stone



Turnvill Town Find Rinco’s Toy at point (2)

Chapter 2: Toy World Derryl

Toy World Chapter Walkthrough

After defeating Teddy bear you’ll arrive at the toy world, continue right until you arrive at the town. Talk to Tori. Continue to talk to Elderly Toy to receive a new quest. Go to point (3) and see an event with mouse. Go back to the town and talk with Tori, he’ll tell you to obtain cheese.

Go right to Toy Mountain (it’s locked before). You’ll see an event about red treasure box. Go to the right part of the screen and push the brown box until it hits the red button. Hop into new platform so you can reach another red button on this area.

You will obtain fairy after finishing this quest. Continue to point (5), there is a treasure chest on this area. Press the switch first to activate the moving platform so you can reach the treasure. Continue to point (6) to obtain the cheese, after obtaining it you can go back to the town.

Tips: You can use portal at point (7) to return quickly. Push the box until it located below the portal and then use it as a pedestal to reach the portal.

Talk to Tori and he’ll help you to capture the mouse. Go to point (3) and defeat the mouse. Continue to Boss area.

BOSS: Derryl

Toy World BossHe deals about 300 damage per hit. You can use brute tactics (just attack him without dodging any of his attacks, but you need to buy a lot of moderate potions that heal about 500 damage). Attack Pattern:

[0] Rocket Rain: Easy to dodge, just avaoid standing on red blinking area.

[0] Rocket Rain: Easy to dodge, just avoid standing on red blinking area.

[0] Tri shot: You can avoid this one by running to the left and jump when the gap between the bullets enlarge.

[0] Homing rocket: 2 homing rockets will chase you, run to the left and jump through them. Stand on the left part of the screen after dodging this attack because

[0] Mortars: throw 3 mortars avoid this by running toward or away from him (depends the mortar’s angle)

[0] Laser: He’ll use it after homing rocket attack, just stand on the left part of the screen.

If you’re using Angela then use summon fire dragon and let the dragon stand in front of you before you begin any attacks. The dragon absorbs almost all of his attack (homing rockets, tri-shot, etc) which makes this battle very easy for Angela.

Toy World Main Quest

NameRewardClientLocationHow to Solve
Dream World 3382 exp;

190 gold;

Trainee necklace or ring;

Special Forging Stone

Story Toy Town Talk to to Tori at Toy Town
Guardian’s Presence 3851 exp;

220 gold

Elderly Toy Toy Town Meet the mouse at point (3)
Dealing With The mouse 4351 exp;

240 gold;

Rush Mode Ticket

Finish Guardian Presence Point (3) Talk to Tori at the toy town
To Cheese 4882 exp;

270 gold;

gloves level 16

Finish Mouse Quest Toy Town Talk to Tori;

Go right to “Toy mountain”

Shiny Box 5443 exp;

300 gold;


Go to Toy Mountain (4) Toy Mountain Push 2 boxes on the right part of this area;

Open the treasure box

To Cheese Again 6053 exp;

330 Gold;

Hat lvl 16

Toy Mountain(4) point (6) go to point (6)
Collect Cheese 6658 exp;

360 gold;

Shield Lvl 20/

Sicket creation tool lvl 1

Point (6) Point (6) Take the cheese on the upper part of point (6);

Go back to town and talk to Tori

Luring Mouse 7311 exp;

390 gold;

Armor lvlv 22/



Tow Town Point (3) Go back to point (3) and defeat the mouse
Derryl the Guardian 7995 exp;

420 Gold;

Origin of Life

Boss Boss Go to the boss area
Battle against the Guardian 8710 exp;

460 gold;

Weapon Lvl 20

Boss Boss Defeat Derryl

Toy World Side Quest

NameRewardClientLocationHow to Solve
Rinco’s Spring 903 exp;

256 gold

Ami Toy Town Talk to Elderly Toy
Mission Impossible 1153 exp;

264 gold;

Trainee Ring or necklace

Finish Rinco’s spirng

side quest

Toy Town Find Dream Powder by killing enemy at point (1) and then tal to Elderly toy
Dream made by Ami 1403 exp;

272 gold;

Rush Mode Ticket

Finish Mission Impossible Toy Town Give dream powder to Ami
Elderly Toy’s Sword 1653 exp;

280 gold;

weapon lvl 15

Elderly Toy Toy Town Find the sword by killing the enmy at point (2);

you may need to push the brown box on the upper right of this area first

Play Soldiers 1903 exp;

288 gold;


Yellow Star

Soldier Toy Town Kill 5 Strong Tigara (Pig Monsters on point (5))

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Dream Castle Town

Check the wish board and see an event with Toto. Go right to dumpster area (1), use dash attack to destroy the garbage. Open the treasure that you find on this area and give it to Toto. The guard will come and tell you to meet with the queen. Go left to point (2) to meet with the queen. She’ll tell you about guardian, backtrackto previous area and talk to Tori. Enter the portal that leads to

Chapter 3: Food World

Food World

Go right to see an event, use stamp attack to meet on the wooden platform to meet with Caged Dreamians (Steam Bunny). Continue right to the town.

Tips: If you fall to the pit again, go left to find portal to get out from the pit.

Take some side quest at the town or you can just go to point (7) to meet with Grandma poking. Defeat Her (it’s easy). Enter the portal on the middle part of this area

Tips: Do all Side quests before facing this boss because they’re easy to do and can easily boost your level which makes upcoming boss battle a lot easier.

BOSS: Ezel

Recommended Level: 36

Buy a lot of potion especially if you’re melee attacker (about 20-30). Range character should face no trouble against this boss; just keep maintaining your distance. He can inflict many bad statuses on your character so it’s good idea to bring status healing potion. Make sure your melee character can survive 2-3 hits (about 200-300 damage per hit) when you’re attacking him and your potion can be used immediately after that. Attack Patterns:

[0] Fried Chicken: homing Chickens chase you, they’re not hard to avoid and will disappear quickly so you can just run to the opposite side of the chickens. It can seal your character’s skill for a short period time.

[0] Cheese: Easy to avoid, he’ll fires when he’s on the upper platform. It may inflict poison.

[0] Quick Delivery: Stand on your ground until you see red target on the ground, RUN AWAY TO ANY DIRECTION IMMEDIATELLY to avoid this attack. It may cause confusion when hit you.

Now go back to Queen’s room on Dream Castle and talk to Punise at point (2). Go right to talk with Tori and see an event. Enter the upper left portal (to the temple) to end this chapter.

Main Quest List

NameRewardClientLocationHow to Solve
Queen’s invite 9455 exp;

500 gold

Story Dream castle town Check the wish board
Toto’s wishboard 10231 exp;

540 gold;

Wish Book

Toto Dream castle town Clear the garbages by using dash attack;

return the treasure to Toto

To Queen’s Room 11038 exp;

580 gold;

Special forging stone/

Yellow star

Story Dream castle town Finish Toto’s wishboard quest;

Meet Queen at point (2)

Repelling Darkness 11875 exp;

620 gold;

Health or Mana Potion

Queen Dream Castle (2) Talk to Tori at the area before Queen’s Room
Guardian’s Whereabouts 12743 exp;

660 gold

Tori Food World Go to point (1) at food world
Caged Dreamians 13642 exp;

710 gold;

rush mode ticket

Story Food World Use stamp attack on the wooden platform
Grandma pooking 14751 exp;

750 gold;

Two way portal/

Yellow Star

Story Food World Reach point (7)
Grandma pooking’s secret 19414 exp;

1000 gold;

Hat lvl 34

Story Point (7) Defeat Grandma Pooking
Ezel The guardian 20652 exp;

1060 gold

Story Boss area Reach boss area
Miss 21928 exp;

1120 gold;

Weapon lvl 30

Story Boss Area Defeat Ezel
In the Queen’s Room 23244 exp;

1190 gold;

Health or Mana potion

Story Dream Castle (2) Talk to Punise
The 3rd World 24597 exp;

1250 gold

Story Dream Castle Talk to Tori

Side Quest List

NameRewardClientLocationHow to Solve
Wish Star Tutorial 2403 exp;

550 gold;

yellow star

Toto Dream Castle Town Buy and give Toto Health Potion L
Special Officer 2653 exp;

563 gold;

Blue star

Toto Dream Castle Town Finish Wish star tutorial and then meet special officer
Enjoy Rush Mode 2903 exp;

576 gold;

red star

Special Officer Dream Castle Town Enter Rush mode
Enjoy Mission mode   Special Officer Dream Castle Town Enter mission mode;

I haven’t been able to clear this mission because the enemies are too strong

Mr. Baker 5153 exp;

657 gold;


Margarine Food Town Obtain 5 hamburgers;

Can be obtained by killing cheap burger at point (3)

Finding Mr. Baker 5403 exp;

671 gold

Margarine Food Town Talk to Mr. Baker at point (6)
Collecting Darkness Powder 5853 exp;

686 gold;


Mr. Baker Food world point (6) Obtain 5 darkness powder;

Dropped by dark Skewer at point(5)

Mr. Baker’s Favor 5903 exp;

700 gold

Mr. Baker Food world point (6) Talk to Margarine at Food town
Ingredient Breadcrumb 3653 exp;

576 gold

Hot Bunny Food Town Obtain 5 breadcrumb;

kill cookie woman at point (2)

Ingredient Sugar 3903 exp;

589 gold;

yellow star

Hot Bunny Food Town obtain 5 sugars;

can be obtained from healthy pudding at point (4)

Ingredient Flour 4153 exp;

602 gold;

rainbow star

Hot Bunny Food Town Obtain 5 flour;

dropped by cookie man at point(5)

legendary Dish name of a Dish Bunny Food Town Talk to Elderly Toy;

Talk to portal Manager to change town

Name of a Dish 4650 exp;

630 gold;

Shield lvl 25;



Elderly Toy Toy Town Obtain 5 radish juice;

dropped by chef radish at point(6)

Dream Soup 4903 exp;

643 gold;


Elderly Toy Toy Town Talk to Red Bean Bunny on the Food Town

Chapter 4: Adventure World

A very short chapter, Go to the new world

Adventure world

Tips: You can get the treasure chest at point (1), use stamp on 3rd wooden platform from the left.

Go right until you meet with Laker at point (1). Defeat all sandmen and talk to him. Enter the town and talk to him, now go left and talk to Huker to ask information about guardian. He’ll tell you to find his pocket watch first at point (2). So go there and defeat Tick Tock Gator until you get the watch.

Go back to the town and then give the watch to Huker. He’ll tell you about wailing sound from the cave. Go left to point(4) to see an event. Continue to boss area and.

BOSS: Shiape

Recommended level: 46

You can’t attack him while he’s hiding his star. Just wait on the edge of the area until he opens it. This battle is very easy if you’re warrior because you have a lot of HP, for mage and assassin you must evade his attack carefully and make sure always have potion that can be used anytime, it’s best to keep away when your potion is on cooling down. Attack Patterns:

[0] Fireworks: It’s a little hard to evade this one, just let it hits you because it deals small amount of damage anyway.

[0] That Little Brat: Be careful when He says this.Run away to either left or right edge and wait until the shockwave come and then jump through it.

[0] I am not backing down: Same as that little brat, evade the lightning by jumping through it. The lightning won’t do any damage only the sparks on the ground that will deal the damage.

After you have destroyed his upper arms, he only uses “That little Brat” and “I am not backing down”. so its easy to predict his next attack.

Go back to Adventure town and you’ll meet with Laker at point (5). Now use portal manager to come back to dream castle, talk to Tori and Erisard. Continue to portal room and head to Bizarre Town Front to go to Nightmare World.

Main Quest

NameRewardClientLocationHow to Solve
Suspicious Person 25988 exp;

1320 gold;

Two-way Portal/

Yellow Star

Story Adventure World Meet with Laker (1)
Suspicious Person’s Identity 27418 exp;

1400 gold;




Story Adventure Town Defeat Sandman and then talk to Laker (1)
Laker the Knight 28887 exp;

1470 gold

Story Adventure Town Talk to Laker at the adventure town
Guardian’s Information 30394 exp;

1540 gold;

Health or Mana

Story Adventure Town Talk to Huker
Huker’s Treasure 31983 exp;

1620 gold

Story Adventure Town Reach Point (2) and see Tick Tock Gator
Ridding Tick Tock Gator 33522 exp;

1700 gold;

Socket Creation Tool

Story Adventure Town Obtain 1 Pocket Watch;

Dropped by Tick Tock Gator;

Talk to  Huker at adventure town

Wail of a Cave 35144 exp;

1780 gold;

white gold necklace/

White Gold Ring

Story Adventure Town Go to Point (4)
Shiape the Guardian 36604 exp;

1870 gold;

Weapon level 48/


Story Adventure Town Defeat Shiape at boss area
Contorted 38520 exp;

1950 gold;

Recovery Potion

Story Adventure Town Meet Laker at point (5) after defeating Shiape;

Talk to Tori at Dream Castle

Truth Awaits 40238 exp;

2040 gold

Story Dream Castle Talk to Erisard (Queen’s Room)

Side Quest

NameRewardClientLocationHow to Solve
Peter’s Adventure 6403 exp;

885 gold

Peter Adventure Town Find Peter at point (3)
Peter’s Demand 6653 exp;

902 gold

Peter Adventure world point (3) Obtain 1 Scorpion Pincer;

Can be obtained by killing scorpion enemy on the very same area

Tinky’s Favor 6903 exp;

919 gold

Tinky Adventure Town Talk to Shmi
Master’s Scroll 7153 exp;

936 gold

Shmi Adventure Town Find suspicious scroll at point (3)from treasure chest
master’s Lab  – Shmi Adventure Town can’t be solved on this chapter

Chapter 5: Nightmare World

Tips: Make sure you have a lot of potion before continue further because you can’t access nightmare town at the beginning and you need to fight mini boss.

Nightmare World

Head right to point (1) and then talk to Jack Frost. Enter the portal nearby (Grave Sideway 1). Keep moving left until you reach Mini boss area.


[0] The enemies give you a lot of exp, so it’s better idea to level up before face upcoming boss

[0] Just ignore locked path from now, you can’t enter them anyway.

BOSS Laker

Recommended Level: 52

Ranged Character will find this battle very easy… Just keep jumping forward and backward while you’re attacking him with your magic. For melee attacker, you just need to jump like range character and wait until his body shines (using skill), after that counter him immediately using all of your skill, jumping backward/forward again and then repeat the process.

Jumping is really useful on this battle because his most powerful attack is dash & thrust which can be evaded by jumping. That attack can deal about 1000 damage and make your character stunned. Always have your HP full (above 1000) and have potion that can be used immediately just in case you’re getting hit by dash & thrust.

You can go to nightmare town now. Talk to Jack Frost to learn about the guardian’s location. Now go to boss’s location.

Area 4 and 5 are quite tricky,

For area 4

Just enter the portal nearby (3 times) until you arrive at upper level. There are 2 portals over there,

 Go right to grab treasure chest (recovery small);

Go left to enter nearby portal and head right and take treasure chest which contains skill point. Go left and take the leftmost portal to go to the next area.

For area 5

Go to lowest level on this area; enter the 3rd portal from the left. And enter the rightmost portal to get 2 way-portals. To continue to the next area you only to take 4th portal from the left (rightmost portal) and keep continue until you reach the upper left portal.

Warning: Finish all side quests first!! Because you can’t do those on the next chapter

BOSS: Desayer

He’s hard!!!! Make sure you have latest potion (heals 1500 point). He’s very easy when his HP still above 2 bars. His attack patterns:

[0] Spread Dark ball: It’s very easy to dodge just stand on the place where you won’t get hit. It may cause Seal skill.

[0] 2 Fireball: run to the left and then jump to dodge them. Double jump to evade this.

[0] ground dasher: this si very easy to avoid, you only need to jump when the wave close to your position.

He’ll use these attack patterns (below) after his HP at 2 bar:

[0] rotating fire: this attack will chase you and it’ll take a long time before it will disappears, just let it hit you and heal immediately heal using potion.

[0] Rotating dark mist, run to the opposite side and it’ll disappear.

Use all your skill when you got the chance to hit him (forget normal attack), just use your skill and then back off to wait another opportunity. Warrior and assassin will find this battle quite hard but for mage this battle should be a little easier than previous 2 jobs because she can use dragon to absorbs the damage.

See an event; end of this chapter.

Main Quest Flow

NameRewardClientLocationHow to Solve
Nightmare World 42014 exp;

2130 gold;

Yellow Star

Story Nightmare World point (1) Talk to Jackfrost at point (1)
The pass 43827;

2220 gold;

Gloves lvl 52

Jack Frost Nightmare World point (1) Reach Mini Boss Area
Fight against Laker 45678 exp;

2310 gold;

Special Forging Stone

Story Mini Boss Area Defeat Laker
To the Nightmare Town 47568 exp;

2400 gold;

Recovery Potion

Story Mini Boss Area Talk to Jack Frost
Meeting Desayer 49497 exp;

2500 gold;

Origin of Life/

Yellow Star

Story Mini Boss Area Go to Boss area
The Last Guardian Star 51464 exp;

2600 gold;

weapon/hat/armor lvl 60

Story Boss area Defeat Desayer

Side Quest

NameRewardClientLocationHow to Solve
Master’s Lab 7403 exp;

953 gold;

Opal/ Ruby/ Emerald

Previous Chapter   Talk to Pumpkin at nightmare world
Getting the Key 18561 exp;

1077 gold;

Nightmare Key

Pumpkin Nightmare Town Collect 2 skeleton Bones from Point(2)
Sword Grave 10282 exp;

982 gold

Metal Worker Nightmare Town Go to Sword grave;

You can go to sword grave by goind to food world (4) and enter the secret entrance

Weapon Master 1 26583 exp;

1151 gold

Blacksmith Sword grave talk to the sword
Weapon Master 2 23416 exp;

1170 gold

Blacksmith Sword grave talk to the sword
Weapon Master 3 24906 exp;

1189 gold;



Blacksmith Room of Test Defeat 3 nightmare golem and then talk to the sword
Weapon Master 4 26443 exp;

1209 gold;

weapon level 56

Blacksmith Room of Test Talk to Blacksmith
5 star restaurant 10832 exp;

998 gold

Merchant Nightmare Town Go to 5-star restaurant;

You can find the portal to the area at adventure world point (3)

Culinary Master 28834 exp;

1228 gold;

Dream Soup

King Chef Adventure World Go to point (2)at adventure world and destroy the tree until you obtain 3 century fruits
Dream Soup Delivery 3128 exp;

1248 gold;

Socket Creation Tool

King Chef Adventure World Go to Food world and talk to Red Bean Bunny
Verne’s Doll 1 20817 exp;

1095 gold;

Recovery potion/

Yellow Star

Verne Nightmare Town Defeat the enemies on point (2)nightmare world
Verne’s Doll 2 22392 exp;

1114 gold;




Verne Nightmare Town Defeat the enemies on point (5)nightmare world
Secret Research Center 11397 exp;

1014 gold

Item merchant Nightmare Town Go to secret research center and meet with alchemist (secret area at point (3))
Vial Master 34815 exp;

1287 gold

Alchemist Secret research Center Collect 5 nightmare shard;

You can get it by killing Nightmare envoy at point (5)

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