How to Write a Great Restaurant Review

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Writing a great restaurant review requires writing as well the positive points as the negative points of the restaurant in order to give readers information what they can expect at the restaurant.

A restaurant review is an useful resource for travelers searching for a good restaurant nearby the location where they are staying. It is also helpful for people who want to enjoy a delicious meal which fits their budget.

Writing a great restaurant review requires writing about both the negative and positive points of the restaurant in order to give readers information about what they can expect at the restaurant.

Prior to writing the restaurant review it is a good idea to visit the restaurant several times. One visit to a restaurant will not give a clear enough picture of the restaurant because no restaurant is perfect and it may be possible you were there when some unexpected problems occurred, for example illness of some waiters, technological problems, fire in the restaurant etc.

Here are some tips to consider when writing a great restaurant review:

*Relevant information

You don’t need to write if you like the food or not. You need to give them relevant information which may be important for visitors of the restaurant. They are not interested in your personal tastes but want to have an idea of which kind of food they serve, prices, service and hospitality.

*Location and relevant details of the restaurant you are reviewing

The address, phone number, email of the restaurant are essential in your restaurant review but it is helpful to list whether or not the restaurant is easily found. It is helpful to describe in your restaurant review the opening hours of the restaurant and how long in advance you need to make reservations. It is also best to mention if the restaurant has a terrace or not. It may also be wise to mention if the restaurant has a Michelin star or not. A little bit history of the restaurant might be useful and it is also wise to mention if it is still the same restaurant owner since the start.

*The kind of food

You need to describe what kind of restaurant you are reviewing. Is it a restaurant where they serve all kind of dishes or if they only serve Italian, Chinese, Thai or any other kind of food. Readers have to know if they can order all kind of dishes or just one kind of cuisine. Describe the menu; you don’t have to list all food in their menu but you best describe which kind of courses they have, for example appetizers, snacks, main course fish/meat/, pasta, vegetarian food, desserts. Do they offer “plat du jour”, “menu of the week or month”, suggestions or some other creative meal ideas?

*The quality of food and prices

It is necessary to talk about the quality of food which is served. You need to mention good and bad points. For instance, do they use fresh vegetables, do they grill/ and or cook meat, how do they cook fish, or which types of sauces are available. Mention prices of a variety of food items which can be ordered in the restaurant.

You don’t need to mention all the prices of the food but the reader of the review needs to have an idea about the prices charged for their food. Do they offer only expensive dishes or can you also order dishes on a budget? It may be useful to write if you get small or large proportions on your dish. It is best you describe what the price include (service, taxes, and if you have to pay extra for the sauces, French fries, rice, croquettes, potatoes or puree). It is helpful to readers if you discuss how the price compares to the quality of food received. Customers are not going to be interested in purchasing overpriced food that is low quality.

*Describe the service

You have to describe the service from the beginning to the end. It is best to start when you make your reservation. Are they friendly on the phone? How do they welcome their guests? Do they want to push you to order your dish? Are the restaurant servers friendly and do they make recommendations? Can they explain how the food is prepared?

*Describe the atmosphere

Is there enough light in the restaurant or is it too dark? Can you eat without distraction? Is the restaurant child friendly? Describe the décor of the restaurant and how many places are available. It is best you also mention if there are tables with two/four or even more seats. Write a little bit about the interior (antique, ultra modern, English style, Chinese style etc.). Does the interior fits with the meals they serve? It may be useful to take pictures of the restaurant and insert them in your restaurant review.

*A conclusion

You best end your restaurant review with an overall conclusion and mention whether or not you were satisfied. If you visited the restaurant more times; you can inform readers if the service and quality was comparable. You may give a short summary of the good and bad points and if you should return or not. It is wise to mention for which kind of people you should recommend this restaurant and maybe you best include an overall rating.

Writing a great restaurant review is not an easy job. Every little detail can be important for the readers of your review to make the final decision to visit this restaurant or not. It is necessary to write without grammar and spelling mistakes and you need to keep the reader’s attention. You don't want your review to be boring, instead you should write it in such a way where it is engaging and interesting. Everyone has different preferences of food and you may never write a certain dish is bad if you simply don’t like that kind of food. These dishes may be excellent for other visitors.

It is important to be honest and objective in every detail you write. If you keep these rules in mind, you can write an effective restaurant review which may help readers to visit the restaurant or not.


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