How to Write a Good Factoid

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How to write a good and effective Factoid. An experienced writer shares the how of it.

It is a special privilege to be a Factoidz writer. You get name, fame, and income. In addition, you have a professional platform where you can demonstrate your skill of writing and communication which can bring additional assignments to you. The question now is, how to write Factoidz that will attract readers like honeybees.

Discover What They Are Looking For: Most people come to Factoidz looking for "facts". Not a bunch of unrelated facts, but about facts related to single subjects such as the home remedy for a running nose, the best tourist attraction in India, or how to invest in gold. If you analyze sufficient numbers of Factoidz you will also notice that people tend to look more for facts on some subjects than others. The subjects they are looking for would therefore attract more visitors than what most are not looking for. You might be an expert on How To Carve Ivory At Home but such a Factoid might be if nobody is interested in that topic. Go for topics that people are asking form.  Keep this in mind when you chose the subjects to write upon. At the same time, do not totally ignore special topics on which only you can write, but do maintain a healthy proportion between the two.

Have A Discernible Outline: You are using your Factoid to inform and educate people. Therefore it should have a discernible outline the way a good roadmap has. In a good roadmap the direction to take is clear once the starting point is identified. In the same way, your Factoid should have a clear starting point, and it should automatically lead to the conclusion.

The best method is to use an introduction, a body with  interesting facts, and a fitting conclusion. The introduction should tell the reader in two to three sentences what he can expect in your Factoid. Then in three to five paragraphs you should introduce the essential facts about your subject. Remember to make this portion effective and remember also to make it concise. While your Facroid should have a minimum of 400 words, it does not mean that people would read through 40,000 words. On the contrary, most popular Factoidz range between 400 to 1000 words.

Your conclusion should reinforce what you said before. If you wrote about a home remedy, then the conclusion should motivate them to try it. If you wrote about financial investment, the conclusion should challenge them to begin doing it immediately. If you wrote about developing a new discipline in life, say time management, then the conclusion should challenge them to jump into it immediately. The more your Factoid touches them, the more you will achieve your goals as a writer.

Use Meaningful Subheadings:  The Factoid software gives you some options to use a subheading. I use bold letters to designate them. You might want to try italic, or bold italics. Subheadings help your potential read to scan through the write-up and decide if he wants to continue reading. This means that strategically placed subheadings have the power to convert "scanners" into "readers".  Look through the subheadings of the most popular Factoid writers and you will be able to pick up a clue or two.

In conclusion, choose subjects in great demand, think through, plan the outline, write a 400 to 1000 word summary in a clearly discernible progression from introduction to conclusion. Use subheadings as markers that would tell people what they can expect from your Factoid. You are on your way to becoming a success Factoid writer. Write on!

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