How to Sell My Dog's Litter of Puppies

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If your dog has recently had a litter of puppies you may be wondering when to sell the puppies, how much to sell the puppies for, and how to sell the puppies.  This information is provided to help you to sell a litter of puppies, it is not considered a guide for becoming a professional breeder.  Becoming a professional dog breeder involves going to shows and having genetic health tests done on the parent dogs.  This information is for people who have found themselves with a litter of pups they need to sell.

Hold Old Should Puppies be Before Selling?

In some areas there are laws that puppies cannot be sold before 8 weeks of age.  Generally speaking 8 weeks of age is best, and smaller breeds might be left until they are 10 weeks of age.  Puppies should definitely not be sold any younger than six weeks of age.

The puppies should be eating dry food on their own and be robust and healthy in appearance.  Smaller puppies might be left with the mother longer than the larger pups.  Many buyers will want to take the smaller pups first but they should be told that these pups need more time with the mother.  You are risking a puppies life by taking it too soon if it is not big and ready to go.  The act of removing pups from their mother is called weaning.

What Price to Sell Puppies For?

This is tough thing for most sellers to accept but; your puppies are not worth a cent if they are not vaccinated, wormed, vet checked, or registered.  Registration is only possible if both parents are registered dogs of the same breed, and you would have to provide the buyer with registration papers. 

Puppy buyers are warned to never pay for a puppy that is not vaccinated, wormed, or vet checked.  Registration papers do not mean quality, only that the dog is purebred.  Many buyers will also want a written health guarantee if you are asking a high price. 

As such if your pups have had nothing done to them, they are worth nothing.  If you have taken them to a veterinarian to have them checked, wormed, and vaccinated you can charge more than the cost of the vet visit.  Depending on demand for the type of pups you are selling you may be able to ask for a few dollars more, to double the cost.  In most areas it is the smaller breeds of dogs that are worth more than the larger ones.  Additionally non-shedding, or rare breeds, tend to be worth more than common breeds, and dogs that shed.

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How to Sell Puppies!

Ideally puppies should be vaccinated 2-3 days before they are to leave the house, this allows for the vaccination to become effective.

You may wish to write out sales contracts which should have your name, the buyers name, the description of the puppy, any guarantees you are offering (such as a 10 day health guarantee), and any specifications as to care it should receive (must have fenced yard, must be spayed or neutered, not to be used for a bait animal, not to be resold to research lab, and so forth).

You may advertise "Puppies for Sale" in your newspaper or with signs on bulletin boards.  You may advertise before the puppies are ready to go, taking names and phone numbers of interested people, but you should not let them come into your home to see the puppies until the pups are vaccinated, as people can bring diseases such as parvo into your home on their shoes.

You should ask questions to be sure the person is going to be a good owner and that the pup will have a good home.  This is something most sellers struggle with, they are too eager to get rid of the litter and many pups end up neglected, or abused because they are sold to people who did not know what they were getting into when buying a puppy.

What if My Puppies Don't All Sell?

Sadly many puppies will not sell.  This is because more pups are born than there are homes for and the demand for certain pets is low.  In the case where you are left with a pup, or several pups you cannot get rid of the best option is to take them to your local animal shelter and surrender them.  The shelter may ask for a relinquishment fee.  If your pups are vaccinated they have a better chance of getting put for adoption than ones that are not.

At this time, if your dog is not a registered dog, going to shows to prove she is worth breeding, you should consider getting your dog spayed.

More information

If you are buying a puppy, be sure to understand the tell-tale signs that the breeder you're talking to as actually a puppy mill. Puppy mills cause harm to many dogs each year, so its good to be aware of them and avoid buying a puppy from one of them. 


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