How to Repel Snakes

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Snake repelling ideas in Tarpon Springs. If one lives in a warm climate like Tarpon Springs, Florida, one is accustomed to finding snake skins in ones yard.

If one lives in a warm climate like Tarpon Springs, Florida, one is accustomed to finding snake skins in ones yard.  The fact is that places like Tarpon Springs are a breeding ground for snakes from the black snake that is supposedly non poisonous to the very dangerous rattle snake.  Once you have observed the silvery dash of a rattle snake and heard its sound like wind chimes made from glass, you have come to appreciate the abode that you share with snakes. 

There are a few suggestions that you can have about learning to repel snakes which would make your having to confront a snake less feasible.  Repelling a snake is much better than trying to charm one.  The fact is that snakes are attracted to water.  If you have a garden in Tarpon Springs, you soon learn to keep it weeded and your water hose out of reach of snakes.  If your hose has droplets of water near it if you happen to water in the morning, you can be sure that a rattle snake or a black snake will find it.  I only talk from experience.  You should not be surprised to find rattlesnake eggs near your eggplants.  You should always take care not to enter a palm tree to clean it up or to cut it before you have showered it with water.  Don't be surprised if you see a snake darting out startled by the feel of the water on its skin. 

There are certain areas of the country, and Tarpon Springs is one of them,  and of the world that are known to have a higher population of snakes that have no fear of humans. Most of these snakes are presumed to be deaf, which is why they are not afraid of humans. In these areas, you need to make sure that your home or yard does not attract snakes that have no fear of humans. What attracts snakes? Water attracts snakes. Your yard's sprinkler system will be attractive to snakes since water attracts snakes. Since it is difficult to have a sprinkler system and not attract snakes, you need to be sure that your sprinkler system is followed quickly by hot sun to dry off the moisture on the ground which is what is attracting snakes.

Plan to have your sprinkler come on when you know that it will be a sunny day. If rain is in the forecast, add a device on your sprinkler system that will allow you to turn off your sprinkler when you want. Having an automatic sprinkler system is very convenient but you should also have a manual turn off and on switch since you really can't control the invasion of a snake if it is looking for moisture to cool its skin. Besides controlling the availability of water out side of your home to snakes, you should also keep your grass cut and your trees trimmed.

Most snakes will not go after swimming pools because of the chlorine. Snakes are very sensitive to contaminated water and will avoid those areas. Adding a swimming pool will usually keep snakes away from your area. A snake is looking not to drink water but to cool its skin on the moisture left from water.

There might be other suggestions to repel snakes.  I suggest that you keep a wary out for anacondas that also love the heat of Tarpons Springs and of Anderson Park which is in Tarpon Springs.  Repelling snakes is really a practical reality when living in Tarpon Springs. 


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