How to Repair a Cracked Fiberglass Hot Tub or Spa Using Epoxy

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How to to fix a cracked hot tub, there is nothing like a broken hot tub that you cannot use.

Repairing your cracked hot tub is possible. So you own an awesome spa that you enjoy slipping into each night and one evening you have, towel in hand, and suited up ready to go for a dip, when you lift the cover and "THE WATER IS GONE!"  You unplug the hot tub and with a pout on your face; you think to yourself, "My soaking nights are over." Wrong!

Your hot tub can be saved.  Don't hang up the towel just yet. Ha!  I thought that one was a pretty good cheesy joke.  Grab a pencil and paper and write this down. Then get in the car and run down to your local hardware store.  You are going to need:

1)  Soft sanding block

2)  Water proof Marine epoxy

3)  A pair of rubber gloves

4)  Fiberglass mesh

5)  A flashlight

6)  And a pair of scissors

Make sure you buy the epoxy that you have to mix one part to one part.  You may want to pick up a disposable bowl while you are out.  Breathe; we are going to get through this.  When you get home prepare your area for the procedure.  Clean and dry the area with a clean cloth.  If you are having problems seeing the crack from underneath you can just seal the inside, but if you can reach under, seal the inside and the outside.  You may need two people for the job. 

Don't forget to unplug and disconnect the hot tub from electricity.  You might need to lift the spa to find the crack. Just be sure to have enough people to help.  You don't want to drop the spa.  Once you have pinpointed the crack follow the steps below.  If your spa is too badly damaged you may need to hire a professional to complete the task.

First, if you can tip the spa on its side, lay down some cloth and tip the hot tub up on end.  But if you have a spa like mine you are going to do all the work from the underside.  Once you find the crack; drill a small hole, one size larger than the width of the crack, at each end.  This is too prevent the crack from growing. 

Second, you will need to cut five or six pieces of fiberglass mesh, each size slightly large then the last. 

Third, get out your bowl for mixing.  Put your gloves on and mix the epoxy one part to one part making just enough so it doesn't dry out.  Layer after layer, paste the thickening epoxy with a layer of fiberglass mesh in between. 

Fourth, after all the layers are done put a final layer of epoxy on the inside of the spa.  If you are worried about looks you can try and pass on the inside, but I wanted to guarantee my hot tub wouldn't leak so I put looks aside. 

Fifth, if you do decide to give your spa added protection on the inside, get out your sanding block after it dries and sand it smooth.

Sixth, once the epoxy has dried for as long or longer than it says on the box; fill her up.  Now you get to see if your relaxing nights are around to stay.  I sure hope this works for you like it did for me.


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Posted on Jan 21, 2011
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